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Just An Idea I Read Somewhere

General Mushroom Cultivation Today, 11:49 AM
So what if I made up 6 quarts of wbs and mixed my sub into a bag PC it then innoculate it with say 10 cc of a liquid culture or g2g a whole quart of spawn into it...would it colonate correctly? Then could I dump into tub and case? Just curious if you guys thought it may work I might try it just...
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Myco Store

General Mushroom Cultivation Today, 07:08 AM
If I remember right one of the members was thinking about opening a myco sponser store is that still in the works I could use some syringes to make my own
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Pe Bag

General Mushroom Cultivation Today, 03:43 AM
I have a PE bag that's been in fruiting for over a month, and while the myc looks healthy and there's no sour smell, it just won't pin for the life of me. Not sure what to do but drink a tall glass of go fuck yourself, and wait some more...
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How to grow mushrooms

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Magic Mushrooms
The so called magic mushrooms have been used by humans since prehistorical times, as a means of self awakening, enlightenment, and exploring the realms of subconscious thought.

Medicinal Mushrooms
There are many mushrooms that have been used for just as long as the magic mushrooms for healing illness. Mushrooms provide alternative treatments to common ailments, even cancer, and are being proven to be effective at doing so by science every year.

Bioremediation is the use of micro-organism metabolism to remove pollutants from our earth and atmosphere. Many mushrooms have the ability to biodegrade motor oil, plastics, and other pollutants. There is not a better time or place to learn how you can help our current situation regarding pollution, and recycle what has been wasted.

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