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That Beautiful Moment When...

The Upper Decker Yesterday, 10:47 PM
You drop your favorite shot glass and it bounces on the floor and doesn't break and is all like "fuck yo floor!" For real, I almost shit a brick as I watched it fall in slow motion. Had this one for like 5 years now.
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Trying A New Agar

The Upper Decker Yesterday, 01:55 AM
So mya hasn't been working out the best for me so thought I'd try a new recipe. I'm trying a PDA recipe I discovered. Basically I didn't do potato liquid cause it didn't fit my want to try something different, but what I did do was shred about 6 peeled potatoes and run them through cheese cloth a...
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Lc Lid Contam Update + Question

Contamination 03 Jul 2015
Hey guys,    I posted about my lid mishap a bit ago and now I have a question. All the othe LCs have stayed white and clear but this one jar has turned. The liquid isn't cloudy but the cloud of myc has turned dark. Is this just overgrowth or contam or can I still use it to noc?   I...
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How to grow mushrooms

Shroomology provides accurate, up to date information about mushrooms, especially mushroom cultivation techniques, and an active community for anyone who loves mushrooms, or just wants to expand their minds, and have a place to chat with other free thinkers.


There is a lot of misinformation regarding shrooms on the internet. We help to dissolve the frivolous and extremist views that plague our society. It is important to obtain correct information so that people can make educated decisions about what they consume.

Magic Mushrooms
The so called magic mushrooms have been used by humans since prehistorical times, as a means of self awakening, enlightenment, and exploring the realms of subconscious thought.

Medicinal Mushrooms
There are many mushrooms that have been used for just as long as the magic mushrooms for healing illness. Mushrooms provide alternative treatments to common ailments, even cancer, and are being proven to be effective at doing so by science every year.

Bioremediation is the use of micro-organism metabolism to remove pollutants from our earth and atmosphere. Many mushrooms have the ability to biodegrade motor oil, plastics, and other pollutants. There is not a better time or place to learn how you can help our current situation regarding pollution, and recycle what has been wasted.

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