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  2. Um ok guys, wtf

    Definatly, hoping for a good season outside too
  3. Hi I’ve recently just joined and I’m looking to start up growing some golden teachers I’m first off getting the grow kits but they seem abit to simple so after that I want to move on to something abit more complex and I just had a question, can you innoculate steralised grain bags and use a expandable twin chamber mushroom growing system? I understand they come with jars but I hear that it’s easy to contaminate and you don’t get a good enough yield so I was hoping to find a way to you the sterilised grain bags and to use the twin chamber but I’m unsure on how this could work and I can’t see anything on YouTube about it
  4. Um ok guys, wtf

    Sometimes its nice when a little surprise pops out of the soil,
  5. Um ok guys, wtf

    Oh awsome man! This has to be one of the coolest mushrooms I've ever seen out of a pot. Looks so yellow and fake I thought someone was playing a joke on me.
  6. Um ok guys, wtf

    Leucocoprinus birnbaumii Yellow house plant mushroom
  7. Is this cobweb?

    Looks like myc to me. This is a prime example of cobweb, notice the thickness of the individual hairs and the grayish tint. This example is also a few days old, it spreads extremely fast. I know its not pf cake but I'm sure it would look the same.
  8. Um ok guys, wtf

    That's what I was thinking, wanted to know if anyone has come across it, maby I'll print it regardless? Looks really florecent yellow with dark yellow/orange scales like I see on some others, pretty scales.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Um ok guys, wtf

    A nice symbiosis going on there!
  11. Um ok guys, wtf

    Uh, I'm not asking for anyone to ID this, but if you know what it is, or any idea, would be appriciated. Wait until you see it. The cactus is Eves Pin, Austrocylindropuntia subulata
  12. Is this cobweb?

    It's the 3rd day in the terrarium and I'm not sure what I'm seeing. The fuzzy bits around the edges?
  13. teacher first grow

    well I lost one to contamination that tub has not acted right from the get go I think tric and bacteria but 6 out of 8 is not bad for a first grow going to bury the bad one out side it has pins so see if they make it or not
  14. teacher first grow

    I super excited I got pins my first ever you guys where right I was looking at them last night nothing. was getting a little worried thought some thing might be wrong been like 10 days with little change then today I look and pooof I have pins. I will post pics in a little while
  15. I will fruit in bags this time around, and then try your dub-tub tek after i've made some success. i appreciate your advice guys! im sure you'll be hearing from me again lol.
  16. Exactly what i needed to hear, thanks! and why is gypsum not supposed to be in my sub? did i F it up by doing that? downside?
  17. If you fruit in the bag, keep fruiting in the bag. I think you have made the right choice not to spawn all your bags into one tub. That's very risky, and until you know what you're doing, you should play it safe. I've been preaching this for years, pushing my 6qt dub tub mist and fan Tek at noobs, but most don't listen. They go right for the monotub, fail, and blame it on the Tek.
  18. First off, welcome to Shroomology. Second , I’m a bit confused. It seems like you have a “cake” style substrate recipe( except for the gypsum which shouldn’t be there), half-pint cakes in bags instead of jars.Seems like a combination of cake and bulk grow formulas. Based only on what I can gather here, you could birth and fruit them , PF Tek style, if they get to that point. Or you could fold the top of your bags down to the top of your cakes, apply a casing and fruit them from the top. You could also maybe take 3 of your little cakes and try to make a 6 qt dubtub -Rezz effect style with just vermiculite. By no means would I try to make a bulk tub after a first flush. It doesn’t work that way after the fruiting process takes place. But I suppose it could possibly work, I don’t think I’ve seen it attempted.Hope this helps 🙄
  19. Long time visitor, first time poster. I am starting my first grow this week with 20cc of Alacabenzi's (From the SoS of course) and six sterile 8oz BRF/multigrain flour/Verm/gypsum substrate bags. I've purchased everything for a 48l monotub but am now hesitant to combine and commit all my spawns to a tub. I'm thinking of fruiting all 6 in their bags for the 1st flush and then making a bulk substrate (verm/coir+late casing) for the tub after. Is it a good idea to mix spawns to a bulk after they've fruited once? I am concerned of contaminating a tub on my first go and wasting it. Going with bags seems like less risk of contam. 6 seperate bags gives me 6 opportunities of success/failure rather than just 1 with a tub and allows me to make my $60 investment back. What would you do? Play it safe or Go Big or Go Home? also, I'm aware i don't need to mix all my spawns to my bulk but wouldn't there be an increased speed of colonization? Having a heavier myc -to- non-colonized sub ratio and all..? thanks in advance for any input!
  20. help with my sgfc

    Unless you like small mushrooms
  21. SGFC on their own have too much FAE. A fan will only make it worse.
  22. Last week
  23. contamination ?

    I've put a fan directly on it to increase FAE and taken off the tinfoil so it hopefully dries a bit
  24. contamination ?

    Maybe leave the lid off for a day and then increase FAE?
  25. Lighting between 5000-6500Kelvin is best for cultivating shrooms. Light is a secondary pinning trigger behind full colonization of substrate, fresh air exchange and evaporation. I use a 6000k light clamped to the top of my greenhouse about 12 inches above the FC. Light doesn't tell mushrooms which way to grow, gravity does that. Light cues the mycelium it's reached the surface of the substrate and initiates pinning if the other triggers are also present.
  26. Hi I'm new looking to grow oyster mushrooms

    Oysters are super easy to grow, it's the cloning of a wild mushroom that is more difficult. Gotta crawl before you walk, joo naw? Good luck man.
  27. contamination ?

    Okay.. What is your thoughts About what went wrong ? And do you have a suggestion to something else then an oven bag to pc the substrate? The sides broke open for me at one point when I was filling the tub(i stopped when it did) Another thing. If I take of the lid and let it air our about 30 second, the weird smell disappears and it starts to smell like mushroom and dirt more and more the longer it airs. So don't know if the bad smell is just because it's build-up inside the tub and there's been minimum ventilation and I'm not use to it ? Btw what do you do with your tubs when u incubate. I know that you have boxes the same size as the tub and so on, but do you let it seal complety so isn't really any fae or what so you do ?
  28. Update on me first TEK

    Magic - Thanks for the info and more so for the kind words of encouragement! I'll follow your advice and post more w/ new developments.
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