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  2. First grow and grow log

    That's Normal and a good sign ! U can do a wet salt test to see if your hygrometer.that will let u know if it's off.
  3. 3m more plastic typle for jars and paper typle of monos
  4. Today
  5. Hey gents, quick question. I was wondering if I can get some clarification on which micropore tape we are supposed to be using. I need to buy some more, but I remember seeing a post from someone saying that there is for sure a difference between brands and kinds but I don't remember what it said and I can't find the post again. So any help is appreciated.
  6. First grow and grow log

    starting to see tiny spots of myc poking thru casing. Normal? Do I need more fae? Temp stays in low 70s around 70 degrees.
  7. Monotub attempt #2

  8. monotub

    Unmodified monos do great. Just til the lids and bam huge fae all the time. Being lazy sure saves a lot of work in short your fine. Go with it
  9. Hello to all

    Welcome to shroomology Mewman! I too have been trekking the woods since I could walk, I like seeing the fungi seasons, it seems every couple of weeks a few new kinds pop out. Its like a surprise every time I go. Anyways again welcome back and look forward to you sticking around! Peace
  10. Light Bulb Here

    Only if u get lucky fungi
  11. Yeah I had 4 looking like shit before the shake and was worried too. They will work man just give it time. I gotta let 2 catch up but the other 5 are damn near good to go
  12. Already done. Everything but the cambo got a shake on Tuesday. Some are colonizing evenly and some aren't. Just concerned about the WBS looking dry in spots. I checked out your post. Your jars are looking sweet!
  13. Psilocybe Galindoi grow for prints

    Another hour of hand filing , don't look like much has been done but it actually has. I need to go pic up a new file. Something that will eat away the material faster. Ok so now it's about time to get back at the galindoi. Maybe by this weekend I will have everything set up and post plenty of pics. I am not gonna rush myself though , I haven't been taking time to just relax and enjoy life for about the past five or more years , so forgive me if I'm a little slow about getting things done. I gotta remember who I am and how to enjoy that. Here are so.me pics of the pipe and my new baby echinopsis cactus, she will bloom a white bloom with possibly pink edges at base in spring or summer, I am going to buy her a few little friends and set them all on the window seal at kitchen sink. They should get enough sun and heat there to promote blooming As for garden Giants I will try to remember and post pics of the garden giant patch today, just checked it yesterday and it's doing amazing. Growing so fast and loving the leaf litter with sticks and twigs mixed in.
  14. Hello to all

    Welcome to the best site. Remember to always post a grow log when trying something new it helps in keeping your own record in order. I must ask what medical things you want to grow.
  15. Sleepy

    It's the Tryptamine alkaloid in psilocybin that creates the yawns. Sometimes it's all I do for the entire time.Similar to Tryptophan in turkey on Thanksgiving Day
  16. Hello to all

    Welcome back Mewman2. I love the pic of the laser bird
  17. Hello to all

    Welcome to shroomology
  18. Sleepy

    Makes me feel a little tired too. Sometimes I get the yawns, sometimes I don't. This is pretty much just with cubes though.
  19. Sleepy

    Same thing happens to me. I can actually gauge how intense the trip will be by how much my eye lids droop.
  20. monotub

    I also like zombie tubs. ;-) Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  21. Golden teachers take Go to school

    Why ? . sorry buddy if i am wrong with the question.[emoji120] [emoji120] Sent from my Lenovo A2020a40 using Tapatalk
  22. New Here

    Welcome. Im a 420L-SD myself. I couldnt help myself.
  23. New Here

    11B-1PB4 myself
  24. Code Orange

    Outstanding bro
  25. Maza Log

    Case, lol please case.
  26. Might sound stupid.

    Don't buy a cheap dehydrator that doesn't have a fan in it. Nesco dehydrators work great, until they don't. I run mine a lot, and I don't think that I have had a Nesco last more than a year. And of course they always have quit working when I had a shit load of shrooms to be dried. Now I have a 9 tray Excalibur Deluxe that is real work horse. I usually set mine at 125F.
  27. Pink Buffalo-PF jars/WBS spawn

    It's a killer variety.
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