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  2. Welcome to The New America! This is going out to Idiot America!!
  3. This JAMS so well!! Love it! These cats are dope af! la la la la..
  4. Today
  5. ott kills it every time !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I'm planning on doing a Large set of 32 oz bottle tek . what is best nukes wise and quicker when mixing with straw wbs whole or if I grid the same seed into flour?
  7. A variety of purposes. It can be used as a local anesthetic, a pick-me-up, or a badass hotsauce. Mostly to play jokes on people though lmao
  8. Cambo for sure! Awesome!
  9. Yesterday
  10. What do you use that Carolina Reaper alc for? Do you cook with it?
  11. Lol, I won't even boof the deems, let alone coffee or aloe vera
  12. I can send you a cambo or a GT
  13. That's so bad ass. I wish I could find an environmental job. I'm just being wasted...I'm about ready to say fuck it and start my own zoo. That was my dream...own a Wildlife refuge type place or zoo.... I still have some hope. Its the damn benefits and 401k that are keeping me at slavery. Well some family ties to. I'll prolly never really get to see or enjoy something like the The Venus Project or a Resource Based Economony. The monetary system has put this earth in shambles...
  14. No. Specifically the crying over the word dumbass. But some people may have needed some coffee and aloe vera up their butts for the burn lol
  15. Hmm. I'll have to google that, lol.
  16. Lysergics no not LSD. Each is unique... with similarities. It has been since college since I've seen real LSD-25...
  17. Those are all LSD?
  18. You're talking about the coffee up the butt, right?
  19. About 4 or 5 versions of it are going around....All are still legal! Get in before trump campaign or reddit users fucking destroy your access to it.
  20. Sounds like it would be easy but.... My only thing is your going to get very very small fruits. I run 6qt cakes in a sgfc. Iv rarely have a fruit that dont stick above the tub.I been experimenting with z-tubs and iv had fruits bottom out on the top tub. If u have a lid on a 6qt your nver going to get a fruit over 3 inchs
  21. I pluck all at once. That way I can give the sub a heavy misting.
  22. Lol at all the butthurt in this thread The correct answer was given. It's long been known smoking shrooms is pointless. Since before indoor cultivation was even possible.
  23. If their still growing leave them, if they stop they have aborted. I pick as they are ready. Really up to you I guess
  24. Yep more updates. New first flush. Pictures
  25. Hi everyone. After a disaster with midwest grow and their stupid 5 grain bags I did costa riccan in grain jars to hpoo/choir/verm and I think it turned out great. There are a lot of different sized mushrooms in the first flush. Is it best to pick them all, or just the ones that are done? Do I leave the pins or get them out of there for the next flush? Thank you!
  26. Not much harder. They are dung lovers, so this is a necessity in their substrate for healthy growth and good fruitings, and they are a little fussier with their environmental requirements, and require more fresh air exchange than P. cubensis to thrive. With a little thought regarding grow set up though this isn't hard to account for. This is the guide I used to grow P. cubensis and then Pan cyan shortly afterwards so I can personally vouch for it. Yields are much lower for Pan cyan than P. cubensis, but whay they lack in quantity they make up for in quality, and these days I'm more interested in the latter than the former. http://www.en.psilosophy.info/pdf/the_cultivation_of_copelandia_cyanescens_(psilosophy.info).pdf
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