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  2. Holy shit Tomentose I think I just stoke out watching that
  3. Post your. 16 second in I held out my chair.
  4. Ordering spores from S.O.S.

    This is good news.. I get mine from spore Depot but I really wanna try someone new.. thank you!
  5. My ACRB extraction

    Yes. I am just getting into extraction and I am excited to be engaged in the smell first hand. One of the most memorable things about the experience is the smell it leaves in my mind and mouth!
  6. Microdosing?

    I been doing some reading and listening, I think if you had a proper plan or meditative focus or practice while engaged with the medicine you can try to rewire your neural network or whatever to help connect your response/reactions with different mental expressions. I am basing this all on speculative observation and personal experience. I also think these plus Lions mane can help repair and stimulate neurons that may need to be reactivated... again I am trying to remember what I read and heard, this is not verbatim. I micro dose .2 - .5 once a week and 5g once a month and 3 g in between that and I have notice amazing mental clarity and emotional stability. I feel its all intuitive, this self therapy for now.
  7. My understanding is pan cyan and p.cyanescens are both short for panaeolus cyanescens...
  8. Pan Cyan and Pan Cambo

    Thanks for the response @magicman. I do have a SHIP on my LCs and grain jars. I used the LC tek on the site to create the lids using a ship and poly-stuff airway, so tilting the jar to get to the myc could get messy. I’ve had good results in creating agar dishes in my pos pressure box so I decided to open the LC jars to pull myc in the box. I did not open the grain jars, just the LC. I pulled the LC and nocced the jars in the box. I did run alcohol through the syringe and flame the needle before putting in the box. Forgot to mention that. I’m a little reluctant to use a lighter in the box. Alcohol and air flow in a semi-closed environment just sounds like a bad day waiting to happen. I could accept defeat and a slap on the wrist if I saw tam in the grain jars or the LC, but the LC looks clean and clear and I see nothing in the jars. I know that doesn’t mean anything and I probably screwed it up. But to know how much myc LC I put into those jars and to see nothing is crazy. I can take pics and post tomorrow. I’m going to take some grain to agar when I spawn the other jars this weekend. See what happens. Its probably me but could it be the LC? It was from a MS syringe from another vendor and my first attempts with both pan strains failed. There was speculation that there was a bacterial infection, but Inwould think that would show up in the LC. No? At what point would you cry uncle and move on?
  9. Ordering spores from S.O.S.

    That's a nice example.
  10. I meant most Panaeolus strains do alright on wood .
  11. Pan Cyan and Pan Cambo

    You don't have a SHIP on your LC jars? There may have been tams that got in your syringe, you should always flame the needle in between jars, or at least before you suck up the LC. I never advise opening up a LC jar, it's better to suck it out with a SHIP. If you didn't flame your needle at all there's a good chance some tams snuck in
  12. Ordering spores from S.O.S.

    Thanks for the positive advice about S.O.S. and sorry to hear about any health issues that have put a stop to the Source. I do feel better about the situation and I'm forward to seeing the different genetics from Albino strain and the stain I have working on agar from last spring. When then time comes around... Hopefully soon this is fruiting season for me round here. A picture from last from last Spring that I decided to make into an l.c. and put into agar 3 days ago. White mycelium clumps which is nice. 3 out of 6 agar jar are looking healthier everyday.
  13. I think I keep mixing up pan cyan and p.cyanscenes pan = poop loving and p.= wood loving right? I freaking hate Latin.
  14. Most wood lovers do great on them except azure doesn't like them for some reason. If you using a sub mix I also recommend Shitakes. But for actives if you hate besides outsides beds you could use in mix for stone production. Pans can be on adjust and water adjusted with aspen buts real waste ful
  15. As long as it's a wood eater it will, chips are better, as it gives the myce more food to eat. But shavings are colonized quicker. Another thing that can be done is untreated, cut dowel rods, sterilized and put into sub/cake. Shitakies grow well like that. My wavys loved the mix of shavings and chips. Pennington heat pellets work well too, there compressed sawdust
  16. Pan Cyan and Pan Cambo

    Ten days ago, I nocced another round of jars of the same strains so I had a backup coming in right behind in case this round failed. I spawned 6 jars each from LC. Out of 12 jars, only four are showing any growth. Two are doing ok, they’re going slower than they should but look fine, two are barely showing anything and the others show no growth at all. There’s not even a sign of tam. I don’t know why. The LC jars I pulled from are clear and the myc looks healthy - it’s recovered and is still growing. I opened the LC jars in a pos pressure glovebox, stuck the needle right in the midddle of the myc cloud and pulled from there. The syringe was all cloudy and I could see the myc in the syringe. I nocced all jars with at least 2cc. Two I even did 3cc. The only thing I can think is that I forgot sterile syringe/needles so I improvised by pulling 70% alcohol through the needle/syringe between strains. I only did it once before each strain, not between jars. I can’t imagine that would be enough to kill off all the myc like that tho. Anyone have any other ideas??
  17. Yesterday
  18. Pan Cyan and Pan Cambo

    Update and a few questions. This will be a long post. Soaked straw (actually Timothy hay) in lime water almost 24 hours. Strained off and squeezed out excess water. Leftover water looked radioactive - Heroes in a half shell! Added quite a bit of CMC to try and bring it to field cap. Wound up adding to qts verm to get it there. I like the look and feel so we’ll see how it does. *Cutting up straw sucks. If I decide I like it I’m going to have find a better way to do it that doesn’t include a weed whacker. Jars are looking good, still some bare spots, and there are pockets of stronger myc, but most of it is light and wispy. The millet jars clearly colonized stronger than the milo. I will be doing a higher spawn:sub ratio to compensate. Here’s a pic of the straw/cmc/verm before PCing. Let me know what you think.
  19. I use this shaved aspen bedding in my python tanks and it's time to change it. I Google using it to grow mushies and the general consensus seems to be "nope" for actives. And "yup" for some edibles. What say you guys? @Tump I'll ask you directly on this one because if anything you seem good with strain info and sub materials. It seems like pan cyans will grow on it but don't like it. Had to go back a few years but I found this. @Twotailshow did this work? And will pan jam grow in it?
  20. Agar twerk

    @GRayt_ray Well the print I chose and the section I took noced up a few half pints I didn't let them grow out tho I just wanted the myc. It was mainly tomentose growth so that's what I isolated, it looks real good for only one round of isolation to me. So far none of it has Tammed but I pitched the other jars b-4 they finished. Let me know if you want a print back after I fruit a full canopy of these weirdos, and show you what's up.
  21. VICE Magic Mushroom Super Grow Room

    I feel like if I had the room and no job I could do something like it. But fuck that lol
  22. Agar twerk

    Awesome I was worried it would be dirty cause my first time ect ect. Excited to see how it does, will be mad if you get a great flush lol
  23. Ordering spores from S.O.S.

    I have another vendor I am also trying out, but I did my first grow with SOS syringes and ALL 12 jars I nocced produced. And I have to say, after taking the same amount of the stuff that I made with SOS compared to "off the street", these were SIGNIFICANTLY stronger. Lastly, I was in a similar situation as you are now, the owner wound up in the hospital and it took a while to get my order, but IMO it was fully worth the wait and as long as SOS is open and supplying I will continue to buy from them.
  24. Agar twerk

    @Tump why "poor p.b" man? Iv still got the o.g print that Gave me that weird grow. Maybe I can repeat it.
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