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  2. Delay fruiting

    Not sure what your problem is but I am sorry u feel that way!!!
  3. Delay fruiting

    Bullshit. One of your questions was, "Does spores have magic in them also which makes them stronger?" Not to mention your inability to comprehend many replies.
  4. Lmao i will do that! The other tub is cased.. Just waiting for it to fruit!!! I got a huge ass mono that is almost colonized, im gonna put wax paper on top of the sub so i dont get plastic and what not and use a hot can and melt some holes and use tyvek double maybe triple tyvek unless i can get time n get polyfill or you guys think i can just leave the lid ofd centered and gapped? I can mist and fan if i have to... I will keep y'all posted lmk wat ya think They do look bare without a casing.... Oh well
  5. Delay fruiting

    Serious about what? I just wondered why they were stronger before the veil breaks. Trying to put things together. I guess it was a stupid question. Sorry
  6. And I stand corrected on the generic Tyvek too Bro ! Lol Forgive the dumb question that I have to ask. You do have a one-hole lid, rubber side down, underneath those Tyvek lids right ?
  7. Here are some very old ones... Still using them today.
  8. Just to clarify: I traced the the inner lid not the outer ring. When I cut out my circles I obviously had two and I only used one. Curious to see how your guys’ turn out next time, but like I said, if there is a way to screw the pooch I’m definitely hold my beer kind a guy
  9. Yea, bud. That sure does say Tyvek. Not sure how they're shrinking. I need to get some new envelopes, so I'll post you a pic tomorrow of the exact ones I get.
  10. Ahh. I see now. You're trying a bunch of things. After flushing that fatty, go ahead and case that tub
  11. I cut around my traced circle same as you described. Mushinist gave me another route gonna try, thx for chiming in though, no idea why didn’t work, but if there’s chance for FU I rarely miss it
  12. No casing! Im stoked i can actually see a fruit. I had 2 tubs th3 same this 1 and another i fruited the other 1 too soon and cased it, this 1 was already pinning when i checked it after 10 days!! So im trying to give this lots of fae and rh all that lol 😆 waiting for the other projects to catch up
  13. Yeah those sure aren’t USPS Tyvek envelope material. Some kind of plastic embedded in there which made them warp and shrink I bet . At least it looks that way to me. I use a lid to trace out my Tyvek circles. Never once had a problem either. And my SHIP’s are always lined up perfectly that way. I’ve used some many many times
  14. Do those envelopes say, "Tyvek" on them?. Mine never shrink even a little bit.
  15. No casing bud!?!? He's a fatty.
  16. Yeah Mag, congrats on the new gig 😎🤙
  17. Eggshell instead of oyster?

    Just go without it bud.
  18. Delay fruiting

    Wow! Are you serious with this?
  19. Make sure to squeeze fairly tightly. He obviously wasn't very good at practicing sterile technique, which isn't very hard. You would need to at least construct a glove box or a simple still air box if you plan on doing this hobby for any amount of time. Purchase a pressure cooker as well. No we don't recommend pre made kits from mycology supply vendors, when you order things like that you are at the mercy of whomever prepared that kit and whether they did everything right. I understand wanting to go the simple route, but its not always best. A lot of the fun in this hobby is starting from scratch and following through to the end. Everything you need, information wise, for growing is right here within the forums on shroomology, have a look around!
  20. Thank you for taking the time to reply. It’s probably a dumb question in general. I’ll do the squeezing thing later and see. So if I do that and no water runs down does that mean I’m ok to go ahead with it? Also, the reason I didn’t do jars and stuff was because my friend that has done this before said it was insane hard to keep it all sterile and all that. Im not exactly clear on the rules of recommending products but is there any all in one bag systems you can recommend? Or if you or anyone can point me towards the best info for growing in jars?
  21. Yesterday
  22. Forget magic in spores, it’s irrelevant and doesn’t apply. Simply... pick your fruits when the veils start to break and tear for maximum potency.You’ll know it when you see it. If you want to make a spore print, let that mushroom cap flatten out before you pick it. They drop spores at about that time. Youre hoping that your cakes have enough moisture in them to provide a good flush, where all your fruits on that cake mature and break veil. They may not all do that and you’ll notice that they seem to stop growing. At that point, just pick everything and soak and submerge the cake in distilled water in the fridge for 24 hours . Reroll in Vermiculite and place in your FC to fruit again. Mist your sides of your fc, finely mist your cakes from overhead and fan like hell following. Do not soak your cakes though. Evaporation from the cake surface is what you want to achieve .It’s best to ease up on misting your cakes when pins appear. Don't overthink this. It’s easy peasy but does requires PATIENCE And you do want to keep fanning 3 times a day at least . A couple minutes is all it takes , as long as your cakes aren’t saturated from overmisting
  23. Crap I did a dozen jars per the tek. OK thanks, I'll start over.
  24. Hi!

    yeah the articles where referencing a published paper, might have to dust off that old Leyden jar and use it as a fruiting chamber().; Improvement of Edible Mushroom Yield by Electric Stimulations https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/ce32/e38222ea3a934f42d374e0ec4ddea01d3de3.pdf
  25. Delay fruiting

    When the veil breaks that is when they release their spores? How long after the veil breaks do u get the messy spores all over the place. I should check it before they release their spores. Does spores have magic in them also which makes them stronger? So u are consuming the spores also which makes them stronger? I appreciate all your help and now I understand about what to do. Thank u so much. Did u see my post with my pics with the little blue on one of my cakes. Do u mist the cakes directly or just the fruiting chamber and perlite? It has been two weeks since I birthed and still no pins. Could u help answer that question as well!!!
  26. Building a MMJ Flower Room

    Congrats on the new job! So does the 11/13 light cycle speed things up a bit? It looks good, and I know what you mean as far as pic quality goes, I have just quit trying to take pics of bud close up because it does it no justice.
  27. Building a MMJ Flower Room

    I harvested the flower room 2 weeks ago again. One tray was a SCROG grow, about a dozen larger plants that were tucked under the trellising as they grew to make a canopy. The second tray had 30 plants SOG style, all came out super fire. I finally set up a proper cure room which really made a HUGE difference in quality. It was kept at 60*F and 60% rh for about 2 weeks. Today I will bag them up and start trimming them up to get ready for sale. I should have been curing this way all along. Better late than never though. Just in time as I just got a dispensary job as a grower Here is the next round, just transplanted the clones into 2 and 3 gallon pots into straight coco and chunky perlite. I’ll veg them for 2-3 weeks and then flip them into flower. I do 11/13 during flower (11 hours lights on). I don’t know why my camera can’t get a decent pic of a nug, but here is some White Rhino that turned out sooo bomb and frosty, it looks 10 times better in person.
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