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  2. Oh yes! other alks in it, I stick my bud in it to smoke it lol
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  4. Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for all of your advice.
  5. Went hiking with a old friend and found like 20 typles of different mushys in the forests. I will also give my first cost a Rica print to who can name each type in the pictures according to my field guide.
  6. is the brown stuff good too ? had a tiny bit of that after scraping, probably 10mg at most, just chucked it cause it was super sticky and didnt have a smell that i could notice ;p
  7. I suppose that ahoud be done in very sterile condition,right??? I now sclerotia is relatively easy to grow but getting the fruits is not so much. Poslano sa mog SM-A300FU koristeći Tapatalk
  8. Your vermiculite has to be field capacity before you add the grain spawn to it. You can not just add x amount of water. You need to add water...test it in your hand, then either add more water or more vermiculite until it is perfect. The whole process pretty much hinges on having perfect field capacity. The more off you are in either direction, wet or dry, the more complications you may have with your grow. In this tek, under the substrate video, you will learn how to get field capacity. This specificly starts around 3:50 in the video. After you put the foil on you leave the lid on the container. DO NOT OPEN for 10 days under any circumstances. You are trying to trap the Carbon Dioxide in to promote your spawn to run the substrate. Fresh Oxygen at this stage will cause problems. Once the time is up you remove the foil and then move it into fruiting conditions.
  9. It's grain I believe, after crumbling case it? Thanks mm! appreciate the info. verm good enough casing?
  10. Is the bag just colonized grain? Or did you spawn grain to a bulk substrate? If it's just a bag of grain, you can crumble the grain and pick out the stones, if you want fruits also just put the grain into shallow dishes and case. Put into fruiting conditions and you will get fruits.
  11. So to get field capacity vermiculite to add to my spawn to mix, before I mix could I add alittle water to the vermiculite bag that's not mixed with the spawn until it's at field capacity and then mix that with the spawn? also for the incubation of the Rez effect, when I mix it all into the tubaware container and put he foil on and wait for 10 days. Do I keep the lid on or off the container?
  12. Any bottled water will work too. Before I got an RO machine for my house I would fill up a 5 gallon jug with drinking water at those water machines usually in front of gas stations or grocery stores. They are $0.25/gallon.
  13. I think your right, guess I should throw a truffle in a new spawn bag and see what happens. Yeah man, I need to make an lc for sure lol I *think* you leave the truffles in while you fruit, like cubes. 100% myc coverage, but have to put a thin layer of casing and put into FC, fruit as normal. Got this bag from a bro and he isn't saying lol. About time to harvest the bag, butcherin time lol!
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  15. Looks good. You should have a nice harvest.
  16. I wanna now that also because i will start my P. Atlantis in a fue days.After harvest of sclerotia how can i go for fruits? What grains did u use for truffles? Poslano sa mog SM-A300FU koristeći Tapatalk
  17. I have never did them, nor have I looked up how. I am guessing that once you get them the substrate is spent. Does not really seem like something you could get multi flush very easily. However, I would try to break them out of the substrate the best I can without completely crumbling it. Perhaps after you get them out you can lightly squish it all back together. Give it some healing days and maybe you would get a 2nd flush or something. If you get nothing you lost nothing but your attempt to get a second flush. Another alternative is to get new substrate and try and use your old substrate to colonize it. I think starting with a new direct spawn would work better then substrate to substate though. If you got those successfully then I would not really be worried about losing the cost of the substate...just do it again with fresh new stuff.
  18. You have to destroy the sub. Please someone tell me a better way but destroying is what I've done
  19. Damn man , just now seeing this...that case is next level shit !!!
  20. Thanks man. Definitely enough to test , SWIM just doesnt have a device to test it with at the moment. Might try and make a machine sometime tomorrow. Any other recommendations with common household items SWIM could use ?
  21. All that misting and fanning......you should have just put some holes and turned it into a monotub. Then you would not have to mist/fan at all. I really am not sure what makes that happens. I have had it happen to some of mine. I believe it happens because there is just not enough Fresh Air exchange in the tub. Try fanning it once in between the mists also, so your fanning 4 times, and misting twice to see if it makes a difference. Either way....That particular problem seems to just be cosmetic....the mushrooms are looking good.
  22. Nice EC! enough for SWIM to test it out? Rock on! The second pull usually yields more in my experience, good stuff!
  23. Heya! This is my second attempt at sclerotia making myc with success finally! Nocced it up 3 1/2 months ago and the sub is rounding in the bag and big black sclerotias' are sticking out everywhere! My question is.. HTF do I harvest and keep the sub intact? or do I have to destroy the sub to get the truffles out? The bag is about to bust! lol Thanks!
  24. Its fine. The myc is just on top of cap too .
  25. Yes you can just add water right out of the bag. Or cook it in the oven or pc which I recommend.
  26. Hey guys ! This thread is to document SWIMs MHRB extract. These first pictures are of the first pull of a small test run but mind you a few mistakes were made. Hoping the rest will yield a higher concentration of goodies Big thanks to Mushinist for answering all of my noobie questions , its much appreciated !! As more pulls are made ill get some photos of the goodies Thanks for viewing ! ^^^^^^^^^ These were the floaters , which honestly is kind of prefer ... makes for nice fluffy shards without the oil that drys to the bottom(if there is any present) ^^^^^^^^^^^^ This was the result of scraping the bottom , it was more tan than yellow. Seems a little sticky but still crumbles...Will it dry more and powder ?
  27. Hello I have a 68qt megadubtub and of course the myc ate the casing like my last three tubs. Anyway I notice there is what looks like white frost on some of the caps. I can wipe it away with my finger, but I'm wondering what causes this? Is it mold? I notice the walls of the tub are always saturated with moister. I still mist it two times a day and fan it. At first I fanned the shit out of it because it was very wet in there so now I must to keep it from drying out. Probably why the myc ate up the casing. Anyway I'm afraid the white frost is mold. I hope not. Can anyone give me some advise please?
  28. It means "field capacity" or when you squeeze a handful of it the water barely squeezes out through your fingers in barely visible drops. Or basically dry enough that you have to squeeze hard to force moisture out of it.
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