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  2. Large Incubator.

    I use a closet for my incubator with a small space heater. here is a pic. not the same closet i use now but you get the idea.
  3. Cambodian monotubs, first timer

    Pretty crappy quality pic, but, everything was white. Started GT spores on agar here 6 days ago. Took pic in still air box, may be contaminated now but who knows, I'll find out soon enough. Cut into 6 pieces. 1 went into a jar of LC, 5 went into WBS jars. Going to be doing another round of WBS and 1 LC in the next week or two, whenever my PES hawaiin spores get here from different vendor.
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  5. First Try

    Beautiful! Congrats 👏
  6. I'm back. Nd yeah absent thoughts i got a super nice pinset going now no casing layer! on 3rd flush, also made a super clean LC. Strain is PF CLASSIC. I did make a print from the GT i doubt the sterility of it though so im not wasting any time with that yet.. Things are moving along
  7. Start growing MJ

    Parts per million and electrical current of the water. Measured before you feed and after(after is measured through runoff). You can buy a meter to test water with nutrient solution. Although there is a K.I.S.S. method that wirks fine amd you dont need meters and a lot of water testing. Just get Maxibloom and weigh out 7 grams per gallon of water, or use flora Nova bloom as directed. With a ppm/EC meter you can fine tune exactly how much nutes your plants are getting for perfect dosage of the nutrients if you will.
  8. Start growing MJ

    Dude myco, those things are pretty af! Quick question though, you said " PPM/ec (Going in and out) " idk what you're talking about here, PPM parts per million? of what?
  9. Start growing MJ

    nice color, very happy ladies!
  10. Large Incubator.

    Needed an incubator for large Mono tub's here where I'm headed. So If wanted one could do 6 64qt mono tubs with a fan to circulate still to come. And a plastic rap.. whichwill be done tomorrow.
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  12. Start growing MJ

    The girls are coming along nicely. Had to give em' a good flush and recharge. 1300 PPM runoff, 5.4 pH. 🤯
  13. Not sure of any issues with that setup, I have baseboard heaters in my home also, and I know that they just turn on or off based on the temp at the thermost at for whatever room they're in, so they're basically on high heat until thermostat tells them to turn off. But double layer trash bags should provide insulated air pockets to prevent extreme temperature changes. Have you tried harbor freight for a laser thermometer? They're about $20. I can tell you that I'm incubating my wbs and LC jars on the floor in my closet with a tower heater in there and I'm getting really inconsistent temperatures on different jars, some are at 75 while the others are at 80, growth showing in all of them though. However I'm wishing I spent the extra money on the tub in tub with aquarium heater, that way I'd get a more consistent exact temperature and most likely shorten the incubation period as well. In short your tek will work, but it most likely will not be as efficient as the tek for tit or incubation chambers shown here. I'm learning this now and will be changing things when I have the time.
  14. Rez Effect Contamination

    Na bro, that looks like a little blue bruising bro. Keep on queefin on and remember, always stretch before you sketch.
  15. I've never heard of being able to use a giant terrarium, will be interested in seeing progress on this because I have a 100 gallon fish tank I'm no longer using. I do believe it would be easier to just use a bunch of large monotubs stacked on top of eachother though? I like the idea though. You can try taping cardboard on the back of the PC fan, partially covering it to regulate it's input, you could also hook it up to a voltage regulator to perfectly dial in fan speed.
  16. It is nature. When the cap expands enough to break the veil spores release the most. You can't put a time table on it. They do what they do and we have to watch.
  17. Best time to pick shroom for Printing

    Thank you! I'm new to printing. I've always just kept clones on agar. But I'd like to start the cycle fresh since my clones are getting some age to em ! I was reading if you let a clone go to long it can get weaker or something/shrug
  18. Cambodian monotubs, first timer

    Figured I'd update with some pics since it's been a few days. LC at 5 days, looks like the smaller pieces chained together. I'm under the assumption the dark parts are clusters of spores One of 5 wbs jars, also 5 days. Chunk at top left held together by myc. Hard to see, tough to get good pics without investing in a better camera. Another fuzzy piece in a different jar, looks like there's larger pieces in there too. Everything above is the cambodian spores. I also started some golden teacher on agar from a spore print using pre mixed malt extract agar powder from another random mycology webpage. It does appear some white fuzziness is growing on it, very tough to look inside the pint jars though and I haven't built a flow hood yet so no way to take pics of it until I transfer to a wbs or LC jar. I used a glovebox and just cleaned my knife with rubbing alcohol and scraped across the print and cut through the agar a few times, wasn't expecting anything to be growing in the agar yet as I think it's only been 3 days, made it on the 13th, put in fridge until it solidified then transferred the spores while it was still a little warm to the touch in the middle. Just wondering on the agar, as long as it's only white fuzziness growing I'm good? Once I give it a few more days it will be easier to see what's on it I guess. Going to prep some more wbs and LC soon as I have more spores incoming, will update when I can.
  19. Rez Effect Contamination

    Followed the Rez Effect Bulk Tek. I started noticing discoloration after the incubation of the tub. No sign of contaminates in the jars or the tub right after incubation. After a couple days in fruiting is when it started showing up. 1. Salvageable or toss them? 2. Thoughts as to the cause? Should I have boiled the vermiculite before I added it to the colonized WBS? I have a batch about to come out of the incubation stage and would like to not mess this one up. Thanks in advance.
  20. SO! Long time grower, first time poster. Here is my plan: Prep 1: Deep clean and sterilize the 75 gal. Aquarium (done) 2: Make a 10qt (ball park) mix of 70% verm 30% coco coir w/ 2 shots glasses of gypsum. (done) 3: Soak 8qt (ball park) of perlite in water. (done) 4: Bake both of these in there own pasta pot in the oven @200' for 2 hrs. (done) 5: Crush up some activated charcoal till I have. Put it in a pyrex pan and soak it. 6: Cut a piece of window screen to one half inch larger than the 75 gal aquarium. Setup 1: Put a .5"-1.0" layer of active charcoal across the bottom of the fish tank. 2: Lay the mesh screen down on top. 3: Spray down with H2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) 4: Put the perlite in the tank hopefully making a 1.5"-2" layer across the top of the screen. Mist with H2o2. 5: Cover this layer of perlite with as little vermiculite as needed. 6: Put 10 colonized jars in the tank. 7: Put 50% of the remaining verm. 8: Another 10 jars. 9: Remaining verm. on top. Ventilation 1: Remove computer fan from busted PC. (done) 2: Mount the fan to a piece of cardboard for easy mounting. Construct a filter patch from left over Kirby HEPA filter vacuum bag. Mount humidity strips to the corners of the tank. (done n done n done) 3: Cut plastic to 1 inch larger than tank. Tape magnets inside the tank half an inch from the top with clear tape. 4: In the far corner cut out a 3"x3" square. 5: Opposite corner of the fan cut another 3"x3" hole. 6: Mount the fan and filter patches in the cut holes. 7: For emergencies have ultrasonic humidifier on stand by. Doubt it will be needed. Lab Specs: -One MH bulb running for 7 lucky hrs a day. It is a 600 watt ballast running at 50%. -Oscillating fan runs whenever I feel like it. I typically sterilize the entire lab with 10% bleach solution and then a 50% isopropyl. Then open all my bins, stand behind the fan and FINE MIST a 5% iso 95% distilled h2o across all the bins at once. I do this 2-3 times a day. Safe to say I will be able to keep an eye on the tank. -Space heater keeps it above 65' over night. The soil retains heat from the lamps. So nice and cozy. My hope is to be able to add distilled water to the tank and the active charcoal will help to remove any bacteria or toxins. Allowing for a ong humid multipile flush grow cycle for these mushies. The mesh net prevents anything from filter down into the charcoal other wise it would end up soaked and full of verm and do nothing for the tank. Anyone who know closed terrariums knows what I am going for here. I do wonder i Ultimately this is the result of me having WAY too many jars and not enough bin space. The tank was just sitting there looking sad. Photos to come. My thoughts... Should I put mesh over the perlite and the charcoal? Or just the charcoal? Is there a better wat to ensure 100% sterility of perlite? I don't have to sterilize charcoal right? Cuz I mean, then wtf 's the point of using it in closed terrariums yea? Will I be able to run the PC fan non stop or will it be too much? If so can I regulate its output by making a tighter seal? I think yes. What are your thoughts??
  21. Lid and LC questions

    I like to use the brass insert with polyfill. That's what I've always done and I've always had good success. Good choice you've made with malt/karo. About 10 days, yep. In the fridge they will last for 2+ years. I've used them after just sitting in a closet for 6+ months and forgetting about them. Honestly they can probably last years that way too but fridge is best for long term storage IMO.
  22. What @Borgfer4542 said. Me personally, I like to use a good sized fruit that has spores already on it's veil when it begins to tear. Just like the picture he posted - that is perfect.
  23. Two unlabeled syringes

    I’ve had this happen and they were fine
  24. Two unlabeled syringes

    Very nice, I can only hope mine come out lookin that good.
  25. Two unlabeled syringes

    Champagne of Beers, atta boy! Nice cake bud
  26. Best time to pick shroom for Printing

    WAIT...until they are almost flat. This can be a time consuming process. Mushroom caps expand and release in a matter of hours. If you can keep a keen eye on them you'll be able to capture all the spores you want. It's science.
  27. Start growing MJ

    Pictures... Show pictures. we love pictures.
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