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  2. Thanks for the kind words EC! This extraction that I do stems from the lazy man's tek, its all about simplicity and getting results without the hoopla of making it overly complicated. Our friend Mushmouth has done just that with his easy stb tek for mhrb, and here I'm just demonstrating that it also works just as well on acrb, I just did it on a larger scale. I've done this many times so its second nature, with that said, the conversion to fumerates will be a first for me. I encourage you to check his tek out! Yeah, it really is that easy! If you do want to try this we are here to help!
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  4. Ok thanks. Yeah that website was really uninformative and looked like it was from 2005. The brightness also hurt my eyes. Thank you for your response! Im just really happy that there is such a good website like shroomology on the web.
  5. No , they are not the same. Shroomery blows imo. Arrogant assholes abound over there, to an extent I've never seen before. This is Shroomology, the most helpful ,informative mush growing site on the planet. Hands down. SFFS
  6. Sometimes, glass seriously isn't the best - and even when you do have a lab partner.
  7. Thanks, EC, MagicMan, and MoxieShroom!
  8. Thank you guys for the suggestions. I'll be looking into localbitcoin and also libertyx.
  9. Hi all. Im new here and I was searching for ways to grow mushrooms and I was on shroomology last night. But this morning when I got up, I went to shroomery because I thought that they were the same wesbite (I dont have a good memory) so my question is; is shroomery the old version of shroomology?
  10. Not looking for a bulk grow right now, but really have no desire to fuck with brf cakes so plan to spawn to a z tub. Of course I am doing edibles and trying to produce them in bulk eventually.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Understand completely, the sediment would clog it up super fast, in magics case though I think it should work fine if he's careful while sucking up the brew. A whole jar, , I would've smashed it to a million pieces first!
  13. You're on your own how you get the spores and all the shit. But once you do that we got you
  14. man i got so fucking frustrated trying to use a sep funnel on the whole jar with the rb still in it. just wont work lol even with powdered bark.
  15. Ah , alright. Thanks for the heads up.
  16. Sorry bud. We're not supporting any spore vendors right now.
  17. Appreciate the kind gesture, magicman !
  18. @Moxie3000 If you dont mind me asking, where were you planning on buying spores with btc ? Im also interested to know of a trusted source that accepts that as payment. Thanks !
  19. Hell yea! Those are sweet looking.
  20. Beautiful thread and end result...cant wait to see the fumarate. Is there a step by step process youre following for this(posted online) , or just based off your own knowledge through trial and error ? Definitely interested in learning as much as possible about this, from fellow members preferably. The last picture of xtals you posted put such a big smile on my face...Great job man
  21. Hopefully earthwalker doesn't mind me sharing his pic from the nexus, he said this is the only time he got this result. He evaporated the solvent quickly by a fan after the defat and got these results. You never know what you're going to get, lol.
  22. Ok. Cool. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I'll put it in the freezer now.
  23. Very excited to see the results of this experiment Keep us up-to-date !!
  24. As little solvent as possible on the re-xtal, you can use as much as you want for pulls from WB, but it would still need to be evaporated down for best results before freezing. You have some nice clumps going on there! Sucks about that hotplate, never fails when you're in the middle of something, awesome it was still under warranty though. I've never evaporated straight from the WB before, mine was after the defat because of the acacia reasons. Can't wait to see what's left over.
  25. Yes that would work just fine
  26. Looking good brother!
  27. I was thinking I would suck up the small amount of naps I couldn't get from the jars after I'm done with all my pulls, and some WB will come with but not a lot and no sidiment hopefully. Then I was gonna put that into the sep funnel and let it sit for a day, then drain the WB out the bottom. Does that sound right?
  28. That's the coolest GB I've ever seen! Good stuff Moxie
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