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  2. Sounds to me like you guys have the right vision. Good luck in business and advancing the field!
  3. Thanks! Hoping it will be. Something they can take with em too. Its a good time for advancing electronics, which will mean more teks needed as a job niche.
  4. Seems like it might be an interesting job. Good luck filling the spot.
  5. Electric Shaman equips offices and homes with current US & American made medical equipment in light, sound, plasma, frequency, emf and electrochem modalities. We have some systems that are better assembled and inspected by somebody with a call sign, who can read a schematic. Access to our medicine and equipment is a perk and we have all manuals and specs for convenience. If these systems continue to gain popularity, it could end up being a line. Ok! 420 friendly and used to people like FloydShaman and don juan types a plus. More fun than work if interested in photoelectric
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  7. You too man! Glad to see you’re still growing.
  8. Nice to see you around again mm!
  9. Moonphase


    Finally tried these. Counted out 50 of the dried medium small ones which weighed just shy of 6 grams. Yes I graded them according to size. I did a really good job on these. Very bright and vibrant and not much body load.
  10. Should be able to send messages
  11. I’ll enable your private messenger tomorrow to exchange details.
  12. Well I’ll take them for sure if you don’t need them 😃 Thanks!! I used to use those wide mouth jars too, I don’t know where they all went. I need to have like dozens of dishes noc’d at once though and don’t have the room for a bunch of the jars lol
  13. Maybe so. Time gets muddled in memory. Or memory gets muddled in time? lol
  14. I'm pretty sure you were the one that turned me onto those, I think in chat one night maybe.
  15. A man of my own heart lol I love the elite series!!
  16. Well I have 16 glass, I think 100mm, and a sleeve of 20 tri split plastic ones, same size. Yours if you want them, I dont use them anymore, i like using those ball elite 1/4 pint jars.
  17. Glad to hear you’re doing well!
  18. I’ve been good man, how about you? Thanks bud, I’ll check that site out.
  19. How's everything, mm? I've used these a few times... https://www.labdepotinc.com/nsearch/?q=Patri+dishes
  20. Let me check later, I may have some glass and plastic ones I can send ya. Glad to see you around bud and hope to see you more active here!
  21. Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve checked in, I hope y’all have been well. I got back into this hobby again full blast and got my FH up and running, and I need to do a bunch of agar work as soon as possible. I was just wondering where you guys get your petri dishes online in bulk. I probably need a sleeve of 50-100 dishes, if you have a good source for quality dishes at a good price I’d love to know!! Thank you in advance 😃👍🧫🍄
  22. It's always possible to get a little more from bark that may be loaded. As I have mentioned before, that all depends on many factors concerning bark quality and ones own extraction efficiency. 4% is unheard of and I'm curious to see if tomentose can get close to it honestly.
  23. I agree. Over the years I've seen many people try to get more by using different techniques or times or... But around 2% is still the best I've seen.
  24. Your bark only holds so much. This is one reason I use pre powdered. It's already broke down so that when I put it in the basic solution it just turns to a almost mucous consistency, at this point the deems is in freebase form, all of it, I use excess naps on a few pulls and it's done. I've let the soup sit for months to try to squeeze more out later, it's always just lipids. I dont have time for many small extractions. Curious to see your experiment outcome though!
  25. Do it. It’s worth a try.
  26. That would not be around the same outcome. Do you have more bark to try it? What was the outcome of your last extraction?
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