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  2. Trixie Tabby says hello

    Hello and welcome!
  3. Lophophora williamsii

    Those pups look big enough to graft to a torch cactus or other grafting cactus or succulent, too big for Pereskiopsis. I would practice grafting with cactus seedlings on Pereskiopsis first until you get the hang of it before trying to graft those pups. It would suck to lose any of them! You can also plant them into their own pots if you want, you might get more pups that pop up after you do that. Very nice gift! With the right light, temp and watering schedule you shoud see hairs growing from each of those white dots and the mother should flower and produce seeds once or twice a year.
  4. Looks like it's about ready for a shake. That's pretty fast for MS, it usually takes me 2 weeks before I shake my grain bags using LC.
  5. panaeolus cyanescens - shotgun style

    Looking good! You might wanna point a fan directly at your bag for high fae. If it doesn't fruit you can also cut the bag at the sub level, case it and put it in the GH. Hoping to see some pan fruits soon!
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  7. Not bad considering it can take two weeks to see any growth
  8. Just wondering how you would rate the colonizing speed for my rye qt jars, from MS syringes, in a constant 78 degree incubation closet? Slow, normal, above average? Today is 2 weeks. Black outline was made about 30 hours ago.
  9. First ever edible grow log

    One of my real logs decided to finally sprout some pearl oyster. Blues will be coming soon, bags starting to pin!
  10. Hi community! I’m new here

    Actually it was your instructions for PF Tek! I substituted the BRF for WBS, and used tyvek instead. I’m not sure why exactly... I just liked those ideas. Anyway, thanks so much for your post and all the great info! Everything I’ve read on cultivation has been on this site.
  11. Hi community! I’m new here

    Welcome to ology, nikkogrows!!! What was the recipe for your cakes?
  12. Hi community! I’m new here

    I know I know. You’ve gotta be patient... really patient in this hobby. In the meantime, keep reading up on all you can around here. Get your plans for your fruiting chamber in order. And keep your hands off you jars !!! Lol
  13. Hi community! I’m new here

    Hello and welcome Nikkogrows! I look forward to seeing your grow as it progresses. I like seeing outdoor finds as well! Enjoy the community, as you see there's tons of help and info just around the corner!
  14. Hi community! I’m new here

    Nice ! A word to the wise...Do your best to leave them alone while they incubate. Condensation will develop in your jars with changes in temperature and wreak havoc on your cakes if you move them in and out of incubation too often. Ive seen too many guys pull their jars out for their daily photo shoot. Then they wonder why they develop Wet Spot bacteria,or other contamination, and lose everything Give em a quick eyeball every 4-5 days or so.Thats it. They will really do a lot better the less you bother them
  15. Hi community! I’m new here

    PES Hawaiian. I’m doing WBS cakes. I just nocked them Thursday and I see mycelium development! So excited!
  16. Hello! I’ve always thought mushrooms were cool. They’re like flowers almost! Recently, I’ve been reading everything I can get ahold of and doing lots of hunting and identifying. I’m interested in the medicinal uses of mushrooms and in psilocybin mushrooms. I’ve never tripped, but I have a grow in progress! I can’t wait to learn from everyone here and share what I learn!
  17. panaeolus cyanescens - shotgun style

    Thanks for the advice! If these don’t go, I have more incubating right now and I’ll run for two fulls weeks. The myc looked better in person than in the pics. With six pans and a bag attempting to fruit, even if I get a 20% success rate on this I’ll consider it a huge success. Life complications have kind of made this project a little...rushed. But, if I get to spawn the next round, I’ll have the time to dial it in a little better.
  18. First ever grow

    Im using a sab it’s been pretty efficient thus far
  19. panaeolus cyanescens - shotgun style

    Dam bud. I wish I would've seen this earlier when you were asking. You should spawn run for a minimum of 10 days, IMO. I always do 14... weekend to weekend. Good luck, Brody. They look like they could've used more time, but the myc looks solid
  20. Lophophora williamsii

    I need to wait until my cacti skills are good enough for those lol nice plants
  21. What do they look like when they just start to pin inside the jar?
  22. you are supposed to wait until you see pins inside of the jar before you birth it to dunk and roll, according to the original PF tek. other teks that people wrote after the original pf tek skip that and advise to wait for 1 week after it looks 100% to birth them
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