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  2. Aaaaaahhhhwwww shheeeiiit... look what I found 👀
  3. Fungi is right man. From what I have seen so far in this thread I can tell you haven't done your homework. Because of this you are missing very very important steps. Go to the tek section of the forum and read the dub tub tek, the z-tub tek, monotub tek and really any other tek that you see from MushZombie. Specifically you need to read the 6qt dubtub tek it's the most in depth and thorough tek that teaches everything from start to finish. Even if you don't plan on actually doing a 6qt dubtub you still need to read this tek. I'm sure me and fungi both probably read this tek like 10 times. And of course once you get into the reading, pick a tek and stick to it 100% for your first several grows. My recommendation is to not try the Monotub. I tried it as one of my first ones and it failed miserably, hell I'm almost a year in and only have 50% chance with monotubs. So to summarize, do your homework from what has been written specifically for new growers doing so will help you dramatically.
  4. I don't trip on shrooms anymore

    Did you say your doing them 2 and 3 times a week? If so thats the issue. The body builds up a tolerance to shrooms after just one dose and it takes 7-14 days for that tolerance to reset.
  5. Boooo-rrrriiiinggg.. lol so you think it’s not worth the trouble huh? I picked up wbs and jiffy today too, I got a 23 qt presto coming to my door tomorrow and myco bags coming on Sunday. So yea, I’m switching earlier than I thought I would.. I’m all in baby!! So even for penis envy you think it’s better just to fruit them as cakes?
  6. Just fruit the cakes as cakes. Spawn grain spawn to bulk sub.
  7. So I did all of my research on multiple sites and kept finding myself back here on shroomology.org. Love this site. I decided to start with the pf tek from this sight and researched, researched, and researched some more. I got all of my stuff together and used two different sponsors from this site for spore syringes. I started my cakes 9 days ago inoculation and all. Today, two of them are completely white and the other 4 are almost there; 2-3 days from it. I have been enjoying myself giving these beautiful fungi a place to grow and work their magic and thanks to all of you who have helped me get started in this journey. When I birth I will take pics and upload.
  8. I don't trip on shrooms anymore

    No medications?
  9. If your having issues finding the oyster shells like I did, you can go to any pet store that sells salt water fish and typically find bags of crushed coral. I've used it since day 1 and although I can't speak from experience it seems to work just as well. You might wanna just start with the 50/50 jiffy tek, the jiffy mix has the moss and is p.h corrected.
  10. I’ve got 2 half pint cakes, a brick of coir, and a whole lotta verm.. how do I do this? Lol I’m a little confused with the ratios.. my total of one pint of spawn should be mixed with a total of one pint of verm/coir mix? So half pint verm half pint coir? I’ve seen people debating whether pasteurization is necessary.. what is the easiest way to prep this stuff? My tray is a 2 1/2” deep Tupperware container.. is that deep enough? I don’t even know where to start guys
  11. I don't trip on shrooms anymore

  12. I don't trip on shrooms anymore

    Do you take or do any other drugs?
  13. My first time doing it i had the most greatest experaince on it. I was seeing multi universes, it was intense. I only did an eighth. Now on my 5th time I don't trip anymore, not even color enhancment. I get the same batch my friends get and they always trip every single time except for me. I would eat them every 2 or 3x a week, always a full eighth. One time I ate two eighth and absoulty nothing, I tried one tab of acid one time and that didn't do anything to me but my friends tripped balls on just one tab. What s going on with me? I know it can't be the shrooms because my friends trip intensely on same batch we eat.
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  15. Contamination

    Mycelium will eat competitor spores before they germinate, so again, after pressure cooking substrate, as long as the substrate is mostly colonized before they germinate (4-5 days), it doesn't really matter. Otherwise you would not be able to spawn in open air.
  16. Contamination

    The process of making those bricks damn near sterilize them. That's a totally unneeded step and a waste of time, your gonna p.c it after its hydrated and mixed anyhow.
  17. It's cool that alot of us are into critters, I guess it's the type of Ppl we are. I'm down to a few herps (a spider x jungle morph ball python, coral bright morph ball and a Argentine tegu) and my mantis egg cases for the green house this spring. All my life I've collected and raised critters. I think I'm immune to the hairs I hardly ever get a reaction.
  18. You can get it down in less than a year. I had a few mush from my first grow after joining ology. Each grow will teach you more and more I only joined last summer and I've learned enough to keep most of them tam free past the 3rd flush and all my tubs produce. Since joining I've went from failing miserably at bulk to p.f tek to 6qt dubs and zs to mini monos to regular monos. You gotta take your time and read tons of threads the more you read the more you learn how it works and you will notice patterns in the advice given. Pay particular attention to advice that's repeated over and over and over. There are a handful of members that have been here a long time they are mods and admins mainly but a few are just members. They will start dumping info and advice on you once you show your reading, studying and starting to comprehend.
  19. Can you focus to play video games on shrooms?

    I have never been able to on more complicated games. Have tried with Fallout, The Witcher, Skyrim etc, Never worked out well. When I used to play golf games I was able to with them, somemwhat. I never have time to hardly play anything anymore though...I really wish I did. As for VR I have yet to even experience it, but man I'm dieng to... Its nice to see some Tarantula enthusiast here! I've always kept a few around. Those and snakes. Used to have double digit numbers and breed! Have sold almost everything off except my B. smithi, N. chromantus, and N. coloratovillosus , Only have a Corn, Carpet Python, and some box turtles as of now on the reptile side of things. Would like to get back into breeding but man I hardly have the time for that either. I have a huge picture thread here you guys might can dig up, if anyone is interested in tarantula Eye candy. Usumbara mating vid included...They are some of the most awesome T's. Super aggressive like stated above but actually some of the easiest to breed. Males can even cohabitat for a few days with the females. They truly are some of nature's most psychedelic creatures. I guess my favorite was the Cobalt Blue, H.lividum which you see in my avatar pic. I used to spend hours in my old animal romm when I'd trip. I'd feed them and just sit and observe them for hours, while smoking the ganja lmao. As for the urticating hair thing, they aren't as horrible as you'd think, well atleast for me and I've been urticated throughout my life quite a bit lmao. Pretyy much itchy spots that last a few days. For sum reasons I always get them between my fingers the worst. Like down by knuckles. But that goes away in a few days. I think I've become somewhat immune over the years.
  20. haha right on; wbs it is in the video you demonstrated; how many of those jars would you use to spawn your monotub?
  21. spawn is spawn. there are fanboys for every kind of spawn that will defend their choice in spawn with extreme religiosity. use what is available to you, they all do the same thing.
  22. oh easy as that; awesome also the spawn question; is WBS fine or do you have a particular spawn you prefer works better for the monotub design
  23. you dont need any of that for inoculating through a ship. all you have to do is wipe down your hands, the syringe, jar/ship, and flame sterilize your needle.
  24. awesome just watched; i dont have that big fan but i have a room i can use and completely scrub down if that would work also? was also wondering what you use to spawn with; ive only ever used wbs thank you by the way!! for everything youve shown me so far if i start to get annoying with questions let me know
  25. i reuploaded the video, because fuck them, although the quality is much lower than before. oh well, i got to make a bunch of new videos anyway.
  26. Contamination

    copy thanks. fingers crossed! well, i know nobody does this but i Pressure cooked my coir. even though it was exposed to open air and rehydrated after being pressure cooked my hope was that it would lower the likely hood of contamination just in case the coir got some nasties on it. I bought a huge block by mistake. should have gotten a little brick. the blocks packaging is torn open and it has sat exposed for months.
  27. Contamination

    all of that really doesnt matter as long as the substrate is mostly colonized within 4-5 days. i dont even use gloves.
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