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  2. Don_Shadow

    Myceliated Grain TEK

    Given the very positive attention that Lion's Mane has been receiving lately, it's worth mentioning that this TEK is equally effective for cultivating Lion's Mane mycelium on rice. According to Paul Stamets, the mushroom mycelia is actually more abundant with hericenones and erinacines than the fruitbodies, so one could easily dehydrate inoculated rice and grind it up to add to smoothies etc. I eat it almost every day personally. I just inoculate jars of rice, break up the spawn and cook the fresh rice spawn up with eggs and vegetables for breakfast, or add to soups, smoothies etc. It's easy to make large quantities, it tastes great and it costs only a fraction of the price of mass-produced product.
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  4. Freshfish

    My first failed jar...

    ...looks like this. My first failed jar is green, disgusting and yet in some annoying, strange way kinda cool. Weird, but this actually feels like a relief. I knew this was coming. Since I have made 3 successful grows as a noob by now (30 jars total) and has been lucky so far, I knew that I was gonna get some failed jars soon. Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this post.
  5. So hilarious fact I had surgery and have been unable to get it into fruiting but I went to move it today and I had massive pinning mostly in the side but they are looking good so I guess it was a fool proof deal it had little to no air movement and in 80+ degree temps guess it was just time to go pretty crazy but looks like it will be a huge batch
  6. I've long suspected that there is more to mushrooms than just psilocybin...this study provides solid scientific evidence that this is the case, and hints at why different species may vary in character or experiential qualities. Study: Blei et al. (2019) Simultaneous Production of Psilocybin and a Cocktail of β‐Carboline Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors in 'Magic' Mushrooms. Chemistry - A European Journal, In Press. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1002/chem.201904363
  7. Also do it in the right order incubate for ten days and then case
  8. Holy smokes. Next time take the tub out of the Inc, case it and start Fanning the by Jesus out of it.
  9. rastakess304

    Browning/Metabolic Monotubs

    50/50 verm peat. 10 days in trash bag. Consumed casing by like day 8
  10. It sure did eat that casing up. What casing tec did you use? You don't want the myc to eat the casing. Sometimes it happens and there's nothing you can do about it, but you don't want to do anything to exacerbate the situation, like putting it back in the Inc.
  11. rastakess304

    Browning/Metabolic Monotubs

    I decided against using a casing after they came out of the spawn run- but I cased them BEFORE the spawn run- the myc consumed the casing though. Next time I will case then after they come out of the trash bag/spawn run
  12. Did you use a good casing? If not, the top of the colony got too dry and slicked over. If this is the case, you'll get very minimal mush from it.
  13. What’s up guys. After a little hiatus I decided to do a couple more tubs. Both of the tubs, after five days in fruit and conditions, have this look to them. They are being fanned and misted twice a day. Last time around, this happened as well and did not seem to be a problem. The tubs fruited for almost 2 months with no contamination before eventually putting off such small flushes (5th, 6th flush!) that I decided it was time to get rid of them. Basically my question is- is this normal? Am I stressing the tubs more than I should? Again, I’m not particularly worried, but it does seem that the tubs are producing metabolites which would (maybe) indicate they are fighting off infection or something. @El_Piraña @Mush Zombie @mushmouth There is still tape over some of the holes- I usually wait to rip it off until I see pins
  14. darkvoyager

    updating the family.

    thank you thank you very much I try.. haha
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  16. Mycomeso

    Is my harvest healthy???

    My opinion it looks like the cake needed bit more fanning and RH. I think it would of ignifcantly boosted yield.
  17. rastakess304

    Spore solution to agar 😮

    @El_Piraña @MagicalCriminal So I was able to isolate some really rhizo growth from that spore plate. After I had cleaned it up via like literally 20 plates, I took a fully colonized plate and cut it into four pieces and directly inoculated four grain jars from one plate. Bearing in mind that there was no visible contamination on the agar, I was astonished to find that two of the four jars had a single green grain in them (trich). Because of the fact there was no visible contamination on the plates, could it be most likely that the contamination was picked up during the transfer? The other two jars seem to be fine. I’m basically just wondering because if there is trichoderma on a plate that looks clean, then maybe I’m not doing the agar-tek right. The plate looked like the cleanest, most beautiful rhizomorphic growth. I’m just really hoping that there wasnt “invisible” trichoderma on my seemingly clean plate.
  18. Skydoggy

    shiitake tek

    Thanks @mushmouth for passing this on. I need to start using the Google search engine for finding stuff on this site. After reading @phish tek it looks like I probably should make a flow hood. They seem to be useful for most aspects of mushroom cultivation. I’ve already made an incubation chamber out of an old kitchen cupboard because my jars were taking for ever to colonize. I’ll take a swing at the Shiitake tek once my current run has finished and perhaps I’ll document it and post. Tomorrow will be day 10 of my first spawn run using the 6 quart tub method and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something good has happened under that aluminum foil.
  19. Hey dude, Yeah same as my LC jar lids. I did have vacuum/pressure issues when extracting mycelium in the past but it has become a persistent issue I've had enough of. And yeah that is the theory, but for whatever reason they aren't working out for me...I'm hoping that switching to using a small section of synthetic filter disc material will allow for more gas exchange and make extracting LC easier...I will make sure not to fill the jars more than 3/4 full so I can swirl them without wetting the filter. I've heard from peeps this is definitely a viable lid for an LC jar as long as the filter is kept dry. I use 18 gauge needles with my syringes. Thanks dude, I will checkout MZ's guide. That's an interesting approach, but I'd like to come out with a longer term fix if I can, to make the LC extraction process as quick and stress free as possible. I think I'm going to amend my LC jar lid design to swap syringe filters for a small section of synthetic filter disc and see how I get on.
  20. BRF for knowledge, WBS for the weight.Just depends where your at in your development as a grower.
  21. So just quick question, legality sits just fine all the way up until the mycelia knots started containing psilocybin?As pertaining to Stateside when does research become illegal?
  22. I just realized I never even responded to this. I was like holy shnikies that's now! And scampered away. I appreciate very much. Thank you.
  23. Duuuuddddeeeeee I feel your pain on this bruh!!!Just ate 12 nice sized shrooms other day and wasn’t much to behold from it...☹️ Just gonna get some diff spores an give her another go tho.This hobby keeps me hella busy. Don’t look at it like a bust tho, least you got fruits now you just got to work on making them more active 😂
  24. Mushinist

    updating the family.

    Very nice darkvoyager!
  25. i defintely read the cactus but here i didnt know acaria controllng ants, cordyoceps do the same. plants especially smart plants with psycoactive chems/alkoloid contents. just some food for thought Herbivores, both large and small, use plants as food and actively chew them. Plants have developed a variety of strategies to discourage or kill attackers. Mechanical Defenses The first line of defense in plants is an intact and impenetrable barrier composed of bark and a waxy cuticle. Both protect plants against herbivores. Other adaptations against herbivores include hard shells, thorns (modified branches), and spines (modified leaves). They discourage animals by causing physical damage or by inducing rashes and allergic reactions. Some Acacia tree species have developed mutualistic relationships with ant colonies: they offer the ants shelter in their hollow thorns in exchange for the ants’ defense of the tree’s leaves. https://courses.lumenlearning.com/boundless-biology/chapter/plant-defense-mechanisms/ https://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/8316161
  26. Producing psilocybin through evolution and producing psilocybin as they grow, are two very different things.
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