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  2. When to pick

    Darn it. Case your tubs, guys.
  3. When to pick

    assuming there the same tubs from this thread there not cased .
  4. Trichoderma: green mold contamination

    Fast colonization of the cakes in the inc. Keep temp around 78* f.
  5. Trichoderma: green mold contamination

    Anyone got any advice on avoiding molds on my cakes? It's my first time growing and i started with 7 cakes and now I'm down to 5 because of had to throw sum out due to this green mold. Just wondering if there's any tips on how to avoid it
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  7. When to pick

    They aren't cased? That will make a big difference for sure. Why didn't he case them?
  8. When to pick

    Don’t think he cased them @mushmouth will that not make the diffrence with flush’s considering there is only lime in the casing ? i have prety much the same setup but case my tubs and see three to four flushes from them .
  9. I hope for you it's only metabolites of mushroom fighting bacterial contamination. This is why I'll continue to sterilize my freaking substrate everytime instead of bucket tek or pasteurizing. To know for sure, you need a discerning eye and a working microscope. Good luck You would look for the conidia of mycogyne on your slides. And keep us posted, if this blows up, i wanna see it!
  10. Uneven sudstrate

    Thought it was ok. My other 2 tubs don't seem to be having any trouble with too much moisture. It was all the same batch of coir verm that went into all three. Maybe there was moisture content at bottom of bucket. I dumped the water out of tub initially because it was pretty bad. All that is left is like an 1/8 of an inch. Hope the remaining will dissipate.
  11. Uneven sudstrate

    I don't see it but standing water is usually a bad thing. Just squeeze harder next time. Do you remember what your sub looked like before you put it in the inc?
  12. When to pick

    For sure if you hydrate them well enough.
  13. Uneven sudstrate

    Thanks for your input. These are my first. Loving the process. Did you guys have an opinion on the small amount of standing water at bottom of tub in fruiting chamber? It is the 2nd image down.
  14. When to pick

    Will I get multiple flushes with this tek?
  15. new but well read

    Can you see the member grow log forum?
  16. Hello Shroomology!

    Nice! Thank you! I Definitely want to have all my ducks in a row before starting anything. I’m just waiting on my spore syringe now!
  17. new but well read

    is there an easy way to move this thread to grow log forum so I don't have to start over
  18. new but well read

    Welcome to the mycoward.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Uneven sudstrate

    Don't fill in the low spots. Just go with it.
  21. Uneven sudstrate

    Hey Davo, the way you can go about it would be to prepare some more substrate, and then you just sort of "patch" the dips and vallies in until its level enough for you. its really not required however, it will make for a more even evaporation and more consistent fresh air at the surface; thus creating the ideal micro-climate. It will also be a help when its time to harvest. Good Luck friend!
  22. Uneven sudstrate

    Woah. That is really uneven. It doesn't look like you'll be able to level that one.
  23. new but well read

  24. new but well read

    Welcome to ology, ed61874!!!
  25. new but well read

    I'm new to this hobbies. I have wanted to try this for yrs decide why not you can only read so much before you just have try and do it . I have a plan and I have put it into action . I have college level training in the lab so I deiced I would go for plates to grains to shoeboxes in a 90qt fc . I have read a lot of deferent teks and have put to gatherer what I think will work for my particular situation . so I'm honing as I go so I will lean on you guys for ids and help as I work out the ticks. I'm going to start a grow long so you guys can come along with me on this new adventure. I'm open to new ideas and constructive criticism. so feel free to post on my line . the first 4 pics are the first 3 plates done with a spore syringe of golden teacher . incubated at 81 to 82 degrees for 5 days the next set is of the same plates at day 8 the last one is a control plate that I exposed to the air in my sab for the same amount of time as the inoculated plates.
  26. Hello Shroomology!

    I'm new to this hobby but I have to agree it is cheap to get clean water with out added chemicals . I go to Walmart and use the pure machines there you can take your own jugs and get them for .59 all the chemicals are removed and it is UV sterilized . I have done other projects where I need clean water and had no issues with it.
  27. Uneven sudstrate

    I am growing in a tote. The substrate is colonizing and is about nine days into it. The substrate however is uneven. Can I even the substrate out if it is 50% colonized. Like move it around or will it be ok? Also i have another tote I have just today put into fruiting. It had water pooling in the bottom of tub and I poured most of it out but there is still a little water at bottom. I put a small fan in its direction to dry it out a little. Any suggestions on any of this. We play our babies lots of soul music....Mayer Hawthorne, Budos Band, Bill Withers etc....and the Eels
  28. Thank you for the info!! Wow! I never heard of this.
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