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  2. Ph over 8

    That's good to know! Was sure I was going to have to trash two bricks of coir. Glad I put them into the freezer for later use. Thank you MZ.
  3. The shack

    Is that a seedling heat mat under the tin full of water? I have two, but only used them for inc, before I dropped temp for fruiting.
  4. Ph over 8

    I've used pH 10. It doesn't do anything bad. Optimal is actually 7.5- 8. Bacteria doesn't do well in alkaline conditions for the most part. But I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary when I've added too much lime.
  5. Grow Log #3

    Three A+ jars were definitely 100% colonized. Shook up the jars and mixed each jar of mycelium with 3 jars of field capacity substrate balanced to 7.75 Ph consisting of coir and spent coffee grounds PC'd for 90 minutes last night. Paid attention to get a good mix into the corners and edges then leveled the surface as best I could. Put the three 6 qt. tubs into the IC (Incubation Closet) and will try and maintain 78-80F for the next 10 days. I will add a casing and put them into fruiting conditions on 5 May to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. This will be my only chance for shrooms in May. Starting another grow this weekend for June.
  6. Yesterday
  7. So yah, I went shopping...in the cheapest place. Alibaba you failed again. Past experience has shown me that some third world countries are competing with tech from ...more advanced countries when it comes to tech. Don't get me wrong. I had a Hyundai luxury car xl500g IIRC. Fantastic car! Loved it. AC worked before you left the driveway in 110*. Heated seats for the cold desert morning, power everything. 🤩 But I let it go when too many things went sideways. Ended up being a battery. I know what you are thinking. Useless mechanic , can't fix his own car. Well when is the last time you were in a plumbers house and didn't have to jiggle the handle or a roofers house with a good roof? Anyway since I am not a scientist I was unsure of all parameter concerning a flowhood but went shopping and found the gold mine for budding mycologists. H14 24x24 filters for $52 each. Shipping set you back further but still at a total cost savings. I almost hit buy then did more research. 70 mm thick. IOW not much more filter power than the 3m filtrete we know works. I wanted a true laminar flow. The sellers swore up and down their filters provided that. 70 mm vs 11.5 in. You do the math. The kicker is that with shipping, the other(thin) filters were slightly more expensive than the one recommended by multiple commercial growers. I did not make the mistake. Moral of the story is make damn sure you know what you need to save both money, time and heartache after failure.
  8. Grow Log #3

    Sorry Mp, my phone is off it's axis. Just saw your question. You wait until pH stops changing. I know that isn't very helpful, but adding more of acid or base until you have a stable reading will cause you to overshoot which is what I think happened to peg your meter.
  9. The shack

    I used a cool midt many, many, ah hell too long ago to count, on cakes. I didn't want anything adding heat to my makeshift prehistoric Martha residing in the SW desert. Imagine 1/2 A frame built from styrofoam insulation board with sheet plastic covering the open front. Those were the days.
  10. Grow Log #3

    See I asked about this before about coir thinking it was structure and was told coir is slow nutes. I would say let's get our ducks in a row, but would hate us all chasing the wrong tangent. Perhaps some collaborative testing? Just not sure how to go about it. Any ideas?
  11. Grow Log #3

    No. My understanding is they simply provide some form of nutrient to help pull the mycelium growth through the coir substrate. Fruiting is a response to starvation and evaporation from what I understand so the less nutrients the shorter the time to fruit. How much time should you wait after adding lime to take a new Ph reading? I would assume adding untreated coir to high Ph coir would bring down the Ph level to an acceptable level. If I am wrong in this assumption let me know. If I should toss it let me know that as well.
  12. Thankfully bugs haven't been a issue here. But damn, how to rid a dwelling of powder mildew(if that's what I'm seeing)? Already tossed the house plants it was found on. Afraid I may need to vent the tent outside.
  13. Grow Log #3

    Do the grinds buffer high pH?
  14. Zac Lee. It's hard to pull the plug on your babies
  15. Let me know how my tub looks. It is sitting at 90 rh and 70f. Keeping in my closet misting once per day. Seeing rapid growth, hoe does it look? Smells like very earthy and very clean at the same time. When I spaced it it smelled like very strong mushrooms but after a few days the smell kind of went away and now just smells like a bag of fresh leaves or something lol. Does not Snell sour or sweet or anything it just smells like nature.
  16. The shack

    No coolmist https://www.walmart.com/ip/Vicks-Filter-Free-Cool-Mist-Humidifier-V4600-White/29765911?wmlspartner=wlpa&adid=22222222227021726463&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=40753910672&wl4=pla-78605136872&wl5=9032963&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=8175035&wl11=online&wl12=29765911&wl13=&veh=sem&gclid=Cj0KCQjwkoDmBRCcARIsAG3xzl8DyOrLT3nDyKkr8p0O80jjQNzCmKa9pO9vE5mYFoIbuGOcbjTl4R4aApZlEALw_wcB This is my 2nd martha, tweeked a little from the first model plus this one has a flap up top in the back to aid in venting I have another just for inc.
  17. The shack

    Is your humidifier warm mist ? Looks slick @aqudoc
  18. Less and less, sometimes I was using cmc in bags and some were brf cakes . You can keep getting flushes they’ll just be slower and less productive . IME
  19. Grow Log #3

    I have a batch the other day that I accidentally spilled some lime into :/ so I just said screw it and put a tablespoon off fresh coffee grounds in. And now we wait .
  20. Good to know MC. Found this guy in a different room but not far from houseplants . He’s all I’ve seen this week
  21. But what is the weight of the successive flushes? Diminished returns either from moisture loss or nute depletion should be considered and planned for. It would really suck to realize spring break is upon us and next flush would be inadaquate. Fuck, pretty sure I spelled that wrong.
  22. AA+

    Started this grow on 3/2 from non-sponsor MSS noc'd to rye 2 grain jars. In a 6Q shoebox I introduced one jar to sub of CCR, coir, verm and hydrated lime on 3/30, sorry did not get pic of the jar. The other jar remained in the gh and was introduced to sub last weekend. After 10 days in GH @ +/- 80F the sub was fully colonized. I have 3 grows going now and apparently I also did not get a pic of this tub fully colonized, sorry again. Here is the tub 4/20 first pins. Here it is yesterday I'll keep updating w/ progress and the next tub if/when it comes out of other gh colonized
  23. Grow log 1 AKA Trials and Tribulations

    4-20 I really need to keep the work and postings together but I am working with the time I have. The plan was to put about 8 lbs of spawn to sub but I felt the 2 bags weren't fully colonized yet. Good news is no more tams in any of the bags or plates and 1 more bag should(might) be ready for sub. Plus the 2 bags of lion's mane spawn will be looking for a new home. Can someone please tell me why(the dreaded why) I want to taste LM and I don't really care for the standard mushroom flavor. Fuck you shroomology. Damn I love this site.
  24. Grow Log #3

    Test it again before using the saved stuff. My guess is it will still peg the needle but you should remember that pH adj is a chemical reaction and takes time to complete. You should give it some time between mixing and reading it BEFORE adding more. Alternately if you are low on supplies, you could try adding some acid in the form of vitamin C or possibly even vinegar(careful of field capacity) to bring the pH down. Note: the last bit about adding acid could be just the ramblings of someone that thinks he understands chemistry better than he actually does.🙄
  25. Texas PE6

    I started this grow on 3/2 by noc'n non-sponsor MSS syringe onto rye grain. I noc'd 3 jars, sorry I didn't get a pic of the colonized jars, they took 4 weeks. After the jars were fully colonized I introduced to sub of CCM, coir, coarse verm and hydrated lime in 6Q shoebox tubs @ 4:1 ratio sub to spawn. I staggered days between making all 3 tubs b/c I also started other strains that varied in grain colonization times. I set the tubs into gh and here is is the first after 10 days @ +/- 80F 4/8 Here 4/20 Yesterday This AM the first couple in front opened.
  26. Substrate

    Tempted to hydrate some coarse verm and try a 50/50 mix on 1 of the 3 tubs as a comparison experiment. Already PC'd the substrate though so I'm going with the straight coir with spent coffee grounds substrate. Trust the teks. Maybe I'll do a side by side comparison in the future?
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