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  2. I haven’t tried either how did you get them hydrated ?
  3. Soo it’s looking like I got some great initial growth starting right off the bat!These were inoculated 1-17-20 . Anyone have preferences for one over the other?The ratio was 1:1 btw.
  4. Very nice! Great job realizing you needed more fae.
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  6. Nice looking grows! Looks like you’ve got plenty to sample.
  7. Super proud of this bulk grow using a 6qt shoebox set-it-and-forget-it tek. Got 33g cracker dry from the first flush of one tub and 19g cracker dry from another tub’s first flush (and that one has 1/4 of the first flush still growing!) Started our with blobs but after adding a couple of small holes (or tweaking the lid slightly), the beautiful primordia we all know and love emerged and the blobs went bye-bye (so it would appear that blobs tend to form when there’s a lack of FAE and/or too much moisture, right?) Anywho, lemme know what y’all think! Thanks! -Yukon Cornelius
  8. yukoncornelius

    Tigers & Lions & Blobs! Oh my!

    Since I got at least one person tuned into this little endeavor I’ve written about, I will go ahead and continue to update. Here are pics that show the tubs a few days before harvest and at harvest time, as well as pics from the first flush on 5 of the 6 tubs, 2 of which have been dried to cracker quality, while the other 3 are in the process of becoming cracker dry Tub 1: ~33g* Tub 2: ~19g* (only 3/4 of fruits were picked; the other 1/4 needed more time to grow) * = CRACKER DRY (The posted weighs are only recorded once they’re cracker dry. I don’t know what their weight was when they were wet) Tubs 3, 4, & 5 coming soon. Tub 6 is taking significant longer than the others but it’ll get there. I remember the RGS used wasn’t fully colonized and sort of stalled at about 90-95% so that could be why it’s slower than its sibling tubs. This is what Tub 6 looks like: Lemme know what you think! Thanks Sonshyn!
  9. wilspeak


    😊Yes it's a great way to preserve your mushrooms also it's healthy and nutritious
  10. DonkeyHote


    If you didn't buy that jar of honey, they wouldn't steal it from the bees..................I😁 I"m messing with you man. I wish I had seen this post earlier. I have a couple oz's of dried mushrooms I'd like to try it on.
  11. Buffalo really did spell out some of the details I was pondering . Going to have to try to find some millet or milo while I’m out and about .
  12. This is the one I used almost exclusively. Tried a couple other nsns teks but I didn’t like them as much as this. I actually really liked using millet. I went to a bird seed store nearby looking for milo but they didn’t sell it, they said it wasn’t as nutritious for birds and it’s mainly a filler ingredient. So I went ahead and bought the 40 lb bag of millet. It was very clean, spent zero time cleaning out unwanted seeds, etc. I also liked the size of the seeds, although I would like milo just as well. I noticed that the hydration was so-so, I would always find a few grains that burst, but it was never a problem, even going through two of those 40 lb bags. I would also get a few smaller clumps that I just couldn’t break up, but that was never a problem either, just not ideal. Same issues when using wbs. Definitely shake the jars right away when the PC drops pressure. And yes, shake the jars regularly over the next couple days (you can do less time if you want.)
  13. yukoncornelius

    Tigers & Lions & Blobs! Oh my!

    UPDATE: well, the experiment was a success! The addition of either some 1/4” air holes (1 in each corner, 2 up high, 3/4” from the top & 2 down low, 1/8” above substrate), or a popsicle stick taped to the edge of the lid (so as to inhibit the lid from snapping shut completely) resulted in the development of some pretty beautiful fruits that are coming along. Not sure if anyone read this, but regardless, it’s an addition to the grow log. Here are some pics of the new pins that formed shortly after the alterations (12-24hrs from time of original post) + some more recent pics 48hrs+ from time of original post)
  14. I don’t have any pics right now and can’t access them for a week . They weren’t too clumpy when I went to noc them up but still had some clumps like a quarter sized . I guess we will see how they do and if 90 minutes is enough in the pc for a larger size and volume . So when you did NSNS wbs they bottom half that was sitting in the water was super moist and soaked after the pc and then you shake them and it redistributes the moisture to the other grains over the next day or two right ? How was the millet NSNS ? Thinking about trying that or milo .
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    2020-01-18 13.22.56

    Treasure Coast
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    2020-01-18 13.22.03

    Treasure Coast
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    2020-01-18 13.20.24

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    2020-01-18 13.19.07

  19. I like nsns but it can sometimes be a problem with grains sticking. Do you have any pics of the jars? I’ve downsized a lot and now I have just been experimenting with buying just enough grain for the jars I’m planning to inoculate. Used brown rice for some and wheat berries for others. When I tried nsns on the wheat it turned out pretty bad, really a sticky mess at the bottom of the jars, so I had to go with traditional hydration. I used to do nsns all the time with wbs or millet only.
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  21. wilspeak


    jack the fruit of all their hard labor ? I could see if I was taking TONS of Honey and wasting most of it, but 1 jr of raw honey ?? that is already in a jar and on the self in a store?? Come on man
  22. DonkeyHote


    What about the bees bro? You just jack the fruit of all their hard labor ? You're better than that. First we took the land from the Indians and now we're taking the honey from teh bees. When will the madness end?
  23. wilspeak


    I put the magic Honey in the refrigerator to keep it fresh, plus the spices (Black Pepper, Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Loins Mane, Sage) will help preserve it. It will not rot if kept Cold. As a matter of fact. I taste and smell it every few days and it's doing just fine. Also Placing undried (living) mushrooms🍄inside of Honey which comes from (Living) Beings called Honey Bees 🐝 is a WONDERFUL and BLESSED Idea.
  24. TL;DR: almost exclusicet blobs using a 6qt shoebox tek: why is this happening and what can be done to obtain traditional fruitbodies instead of these horrifying monsters (pretty sure it’s not genetics since it’s from a fruit body that displayed absolutely no deformities or mutations, in addition to the development of side pins that show typical fruit bodies) Aloha Shroomology Family! ‘Tis I, Yukon Cornelius, back with another inquiry for the people whose wisdom I so gratefully cherish so much... This time the question is about everyone’s favorite predicament: BLOBS!!!!!!! Heres the sitch... There are 6 shoebox style tubs (6qt) that have between a 1:1 and a 1:2 ratio of RGS spawn:Coco coir substrate that has colonized pretty quickly and appears to have some beautiful rhizomorphic growth (forgive me if this statement is inaccurate. I’m just going based off of the research and reading I’ve done, the total of which has been < 1 year but >9 months). Everything looked to be going swimmingly: there were hyphal knots forming, and soon after primordia... but upon closer inspection and after a little more time, it became apparent that the primordia/pins had no cap to them! This became more apparent as they got bigger. That’s when I remembered the discussions I came across about certain folks getting “blobs” rather than the traditional fruit bodies we all know and love and respect. I decided to read more, but I found myself getting more confused due to the numerous posts and discussions about how and why these blob bastards form, all of which either gave different reasons for this, or were involving set ups significantly different than the one in question (ie: blobs on BRF cakes, different substrate mediums, etc.). I decided it would be best to ask the Family for their expertise in this matter, seeing as how blobs are less than ideal, despite them being just as potent as a normal fruit body (or so I have read). As you can see from the pictures, pretty much every tub has blobs forming with the exception of one of them which has normal pins/fruits developing. When thinking about why this could be happening, I noticed that the one with normal development has an ill fitting lid which I imagine is the reason why they’re more typical, since that tub would be getting more FAE relative to the others which have lids that snap shut ( although they are by no means air tight.) The tek being used is a “set-it-and-forget-it” tek that proves to be suitable for someone who wants to participate in the hobby but is often called out of town unexpectedly. I totally understand that an ideal situation would require fanning and significantly more FAE, however that is not really an option for this set up, or at the very least, could not be performed on any sort of regular basis (hence the set-it-and-forger-it tek being used). Interestingly enough, as you can also see from the pictures, there are side pins that are normal fruit bodies! What the hell?! This is definitely the most successful bulk grow yet, but these blobs make it slightly less than perfect. So I was wondering: Does anyone else have experience either with this style shoebox ten or with blobs in general using a bulk substrate (specifically with coco coir)? If so, were you able to adjust your set up to grow normal fruit bodies? If so, how? As always your help & guidance is greatly appreciated and I’m grateful for whatever insight y’all can provide... Thanks fam! PS: it’s almost certainly not a genetic issue since it’s using spores to agar to RGS that originated from a fruit body that displayed absolutely no deformities or mutations, and one tub is producing normal fruits. -Yukon Cornelius
  25. To case or not to case - that is the question?
  26. Sonshyn

    Dropped fat pin on agar.. worth cleaning up?

    Nice my dried out guy is moving through his agar . Going to transfer that to a couple other agar dishes and pour some PCd grain on top of the original agar so I can run over that for some transfers while I wait on the other pieces to do their thing .
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