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  3. Hey guys, Iv'e been sorta practicing with agar(in 1/2 pt jars), I've isolated a few sectors from a couple cube varieties and am growing each isolate out to see which gives big flushes/fruits, and I'll take clones and make a mono culture for the genetic strains I like and make master cultures. That's my plan, but I already have like 15 "donor" jars(I'll be buying petris eventually) that I took sectors/fruited from, so what do you "real mycologists" do with all the damn extra mycelium? I couldn't possibly noc-up and fruit out all these globs of myc I have, but I hate to kill it by tossing it. if anyone can think of some cool ways to use it for experiments or a way to utilize it for fruiting out in a huge tub, or layer it in straw, or preserve it, please post your ideas in this thread, I hope to see some creative ideas posted on here! Winter is cold as hell where I live, and if I toss it in my garden compost, maybe it would survive the cold and go dormant until spring, then thaw out and colonize the compost in my garden. I have thrown old cakes out there and they started pinning then frost killed em, could mycelium survive freezing outside and then thaw and live? Thanks, "real mycologists".
  4. Are the possibilities endless? Or should we be boring and stick to what we know works... Some of this stuff probably has potential!
  5. First Try

    At my local Lowe’s this was the only brand of peat moss they had. Is this ok to use or not?? I don’t wanna fu** up, I’m to close.
  6. As title says, I'll try to keep it short.SWIM has a couple of Ready-to-grow kits in pinning fase and a recently made SFGC. It's understood the SFGC will do a much better job than the plastic bag they supply. So should he transfer them to chamber leaving them in their container? Only problem is SFGC temp is 19ºC and in their bag they remain a bit warmer 22ºC aprox, would it still be better to transfer them?And last thing would be, he also has an inoculated bag almost ready, what would be the best course of action with it in regards to the SFGC?Would crumbling it up with vermiculate and spreading it thin accross a tray be better than a square container?Thanks in advance!
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  8. First timer here

    I always put it in upside down. I want the side that was on the raw verm tammy barrier down.
  9. First timer here

    Got it short periods of time in the sgfc. This might not make a difference but I need to ask anyway. Which way do I put the cake into the sgfc? For some reason when I put the cake in I turned it upside down from what it was. Could this be hindering fruiting or does it not matter? Lol
  10. First Try

    Just a lil, dunk action goin on.
  11. Holy smokes, so the 1 i cased, has over 100 pins, i was thinking it may have been screwed because thats the first tote i made and had no fruits till today, i see why you case now!! The 1 i didnt case well yall see the pics, super uneven. I literally checked the tote yesterday because the casing layer was bone dry gave it a good mist and wake up this morning to fan it and noticed hundreds of pins, so i do realize it does take its time and you cant force it move along any quicker... With exception of like agar liquid culture g2g, you get the point Check out my innovative fruiting chamber. Its a matress bag that zips up, i it had a hole already so i put tyvek over it. Also has a handle which is pretty nice.
  12. You mean you don't trust the ole "wreckless tek"? Lol. I'm waiting on this corn to show signs of something bad, but it hasn't... It'll start filling in by tomorrow morning. I need more corn done soon, but I won't have a PC by the time I need it. So I may just repeat what I did...if the moisture content is tunable with a microwave like how I did it just might be useful even with a pc I'll be looking into all of it, if I haven't already... As far as the PC, technically I'm still looking. Haven't seen what's in stores around here yet. But it'll be here eventually...
  13. Did you go with the 16QT old fashioned? They're the best IMO. LC will colonize MUCH faster. Definitely the way to go. I like malt/karo personally. See this tek: But I use the lids from these to avoid the filter syringe. It's just easier for me but mainly a matter of preference.
  14. With my spore syringe. The same one I shot the jars on the right with. Do all of your grain in the pc or you can't really trust it.
  15. Thanks for the input. I was trying to weigh my gut feeling against being too hasty. I should have pulled them a day or two or ago when I initially suspected. I salvaged what I could, guess ill learn from this, hopefully works out better next time.
  16. Pulling em is probably the best... Hopefully second flush will be just as full and you won't take off skiing. I'm no pro, but sounds like to me, if it had gotten warm you wouldn't have had any mushrooms at all... They'd be mush. Literally... When you start drying them tonight, you'll see, if not the next day, how they dry... They might turn all dark n take forever to dry if they dry at all.... That's how the wild ones always we're. The older ones looked fine initially but they never dried properly, so they'd get tossed. But I'd never really know until drying... Alot of mushies are like that. If they're past prime the just don't dehydrate worth a damn.
  17. Damn that's amazing. I'll get there... Seems pretty straight forward. But seeing the side by side is much more convincing than reading about it. How did you start the lc?
  18. Damn you autocorrect ,where it says if it's LC
  19. Colonized tray went in the monotub 23 days ago, so a couple weeks since initial pinning. It built up a great pin set, but the size of them has changed little in over a week. When you handle the caps it feels like they wiggle on top of the stem, like the stem underneath the cap is rotting below it. Im pulling them all now, they are really squishy. its like they just stopped and never opened, but quit their life cycle at the same time. Ive been searching a while and havent been able to find an occurrence of this happening in such an established grow. Weird
  20. Well done sir. My advice is make an lc when you get the pc. I will show you why.... Mss on left and if on right. Shot them up the same day. On the right is already shaken and almost fully colonized.
  21. Heard. Looking at a 16gt. But the plug in ones are tempting although they're small. This whole project was really just to get me started... Call it mistakes on purpose so I don't do them on accident later I really hope they work out, but I know the green from my oysters... It's nasty stuff. By no means am I staying with the ... Let's call it... "Wreckless Tek". Anything goes...lol. I'll get er dialed in n right... Just gotta mess around a bit n have fun doing it too ... Following strict instructions isn't really my bag. But the PC is otw.
  22. You really do need a pressure cooker. Those corn jars are likely to look awesome till you try to fruit. Then green green green. Open air grain to grain might somehow work once but it's not really be reproducible. It only costs like 40$ for a cheap pc. You make your money back on your first bulk harvest. I experiment a lot too but not with sterile technique.
  23. Two unlabeled syringes

    Got the fan moved over to get some fea Picture #2 shoes micro pore tape, I have had mixed answers on weather it should be on there or not, any help here would be great.
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