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  2. Me an Abner gone pasturize cuz folks is always yellin at us ...Sterilize 'Em Sterilize 'Em Ive pasteurized more than a few times in the past. About a 50/50 success rate. The pita process alone is a fucking spirit crusher. Sterilization is so easy and has given me way over 95% success over the last ten years and I can easily count the failures on one hand.
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  4. Mush Zombie

    Cube Cambos Again

    YoU hAVe tO pAsTUeRizE sUbsTRaTe. iT mAKeS mAgIcaL sUBsTrAtES tHaT knOw WhAt yOu WaNt tO gROw, KiLLs mOLd aNd evERytHinG eLsE, aNd cHanGeS yOuR beDShEeTS fOr YOu tOo.
  5. mushmouth

    Cube Cambos Again

    BTW, I got a print of this Cambo strain in 2014 from Al. I couldn't tell you how many of these tubs I've put out but it's been MANY. Did you know that I've never pasteurized anything in my life? JS
  6. Mush Zombie

    Contamination forum

    To be deleted
  7. mushmouth

    Forrest foraging finds

    They always look so tasty!
  8. Mush Zombie

    FAQ forum

    To be deleted
  9. Mush Zombie

    Sponsors forum

    To be deleted
  10. Mush Zombie

    Forrest foraging finds

    Mushroom soups are (almost) always great!
  11. Mushinist

    Forrest foraging finds

    Sauteed or fried, I havent tried them in a soup, I'd bet they would be good in Phish's cream of mushroom soup and may have to try it.
  12. El_Piraña

    Forrest foraging finds

    Looks like you have a great spot! Those are some nice pics! do you have a preference on how you cook morels?
  13. Mushinist

    Forrest foraging finds

    Havent posted in here for a while. Recently got back from my yearly Illinois trip to my shroomin spots there, the mushrooms gods were generous to me this year! Total I'd say was around 15lbs.
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  15. Danger Zone

    My Flow Hood

    if your stuck with going with a furnace filter get MERV 13 or better real hepas are not cheap and most off the shelf products arent what you need. a HEPA for laminar flow would be a minimum of 6 inches thick and rated for removal 99.7% of all particles under .3 micron that furnace filter would be suitable as a pre filter for a HEPA but won't do enough on it's own. also if thats a charcoal prefilter and not just a foam sock I would not use anything with the chance of inducing particulates as a prefilter it will reduce the lifespan of the HEPA. if im not mistaken MZ had a f
  16. Also unfamiliar with the tek but assuming the bag is resealed and the only hole covered with tape allowing gas exchange is the small needle hole that's definitely not enough FAE. the mycelium produces CO2 but it will stall growth in a high CO2 environment allowing other competitor molds and bacteria to colonize the substrate first
  17. thejuggalo

    long time no see ... but glad to be back

    what a difference a day can make ... I'm really liking this hautla strain
  18. thejuggalo

    long time no see ... but glad to be back

    got a little auto greenhouse setup ... glad to be done with fanning tubs ... lmk what yall think I'm loving this pinset too ... not gonna lie these are some of the best I've seen personally
  19. Groot


    Hello to all members new and old I am groot It has been awhile since iv been on I'm doing a mcrow grow in a dubtub and 2 out side grows I'm having a hard time navagateing threw the site trying to figure out how I can post my picks I am using my phone so it harder for me Any tips please help thank you I'm looking forward to posting my pick It's good to be back thanks to all members
  20. MycoDan

    AA+ tubs

    Fat Chonkers looks good
  21. Watch out I tried to re use some plastic ones and melted them in the PC
  22. Your intuition about the rhizomorphs on the outside was correct. You’ll be able to minimize the number of phenotypes by taking the culture from the outside. The bigger the dish, the better, for that reason.
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