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  2. Haha I 'm pretty sure I learned that from reading your posts about it. It's really a great way to do it, so thanks for the pro tip!
  3. Is this good advice?

    Thank you.I didn't think this seemed right.time bulk casing I use comes from non-sponsor vendor, sms it seems really good.this Will bye muy first dedicated monotub grow- I've only done cakes so far. Dip,a little feast sms a lot of questions seem to be right in line.it seems maybe the person telling me this isn't real grower material? I've never seem any results from him, and I guess I can see why. I appreciate all your input, and I'm really grateful for your time.thank you so much. "Nothing says trouble like a woman laughing when shit ain't funny" John c. Mcginley Man,i wish I could spell. Thank you, seriously.I appreciate the input. "I used to drop acid. I still do, but I used to, too." -mitch hedburg
  4. Is this good advice?

    No perlite. The substrate in a monotub is large enough to provide it's own humidity and if you prepare your substrate at proper field capacity it won't be too wet that it would need to drain thru perlite. Either line the tub up to the top of substrate with a plastic liner (trash bags are too thin, they stick to the wall via water tension instead of holding up tight against and shrinking with the substrate. I use thick 3 mil plastic painter's drop cloth, it's very cheap for a roll, 2-3$. It prevents the microclimate where side and bottom fruits like to form and you can lift your substrate in and out to harvest. Or just go without a liner and really make sure your surface conditions are dialed in on point. Don't do what the above poster said. Prep the sub at proper field capacity and dial in your tub. Start with the bottom holes stuffed very tightly with poly fill and the top quite loosely. You should aim for a nice healthy layer of tiny water droplets across your substrate surface. If your tub is too dry, give it a nice mist and restrict FAE by tightening the bottom poly more. If it's too wet, and you see puddles, give it more FAE by loosening the poly fill. You want to find a balance. Give it the most FAE possible , without drying the surface out so that you have to mist much by hand all the time.
  5. Stellar, stellar work Blackstar 😎🤙 Exactly the way I like to roll I’ve used some after 3+ years and they still kicked our ass
  6. You want to mist the cakes directly when they are dry, never the walls. And no need to try to control the humidity in the FC, the only humidity you need to worry about is at surface level. If you plan on growing cakes regularly, I suggest you build a SGFC , to spec- it's just a clear tub with 1/4" holes drilled on all *six* sides, in a 2 x 2" grid pattern, with 5" damp perlite in the bottom. The bottom of the tub is raised up off the surface by bricks or soup cans at the corners. But for right now , I would keep on doing what you are doing, cracking the lid for frequent air exchange like you are, but I would dump the water out of the bottom and mist the cakes instead of the walls.
  7. Is this good advice?

    No it’s not a good idea. That’s the first I’ve ever heard of that. Use a thin layer of Vermiculite instead to soak up any excess moisture from your substrate.
  8. Bulk grow

    Microdosing from what I’ve researched is recommended as being done in a 3 day cycle. One dose, then skip two days, repeat. With measured doses taken,not to be to the point of experiencing a noticeable effect. Tolerance will quickly develop with a daily dosage. Ive got capsules that contain 250 mg. One of these gives me a general feeling of well being just barely under any perceptible feeling of effect. 2 caps just creates a lingering subtle anxiety. And when I want that wallop ... that’s another story for when I’m in tune with set and setting . 2 successful dubtub,easily producing two good flushes will give you over 100g cracker dry. Do that once or a couple times and I’m thinking that would suit your needs. You can do all that with a Liquid Culture created from a quality vendor MS syringe, under clean conditions despite what Mushpunx believes. I’ve been doing it successfully for years. Weve had that endless debate in the past And I also work with Agar in front of a flowbox when necessary and often inoculate my LC and grain jars with Agar wedges.
  9. Blobs

    Well my penis envy is still fruiting blobs... a few little mushies are starting to grow and a few pins... on the bright side the blobs are loaded with psilocybin!!! Here’s a couple pics of what my PE is doing... so on the bright side I’ll have plenty of mutant blobs that are extremely potent and hopefully those pins grow into some nice penises!! If they don’t curl in on themselves like the others have done like you can see in the pics... I think I should take advice and try rolling this in verm so I can get one good flush.... I’ll let these finish growing then strip the mutant blobs and then roll it and try making it fruit again and hopefully it will only grow proper mushies so I can show em off! But I already ate the equivalent of 1 dry gram of blobs and it was awesome!!!! So fingers crossed and any more advice greatly appreciated.... I’d hate for these lovely spores to only to grow blobs... I want big penises!!! Big meaty penises!!!😜 please no offers to share your penises! 🤪
  10. Bulk grow

    Maybe I should also mention I want the easiest laziest possible tek... kinda like set em and forget em as much as possible until fruit time I am gonna start micro dosing daily for my mental health so I need lots of mushrooms I can put into the freezer and basically grow enough for the year in one grow if possible... micro dosing meaning between .5-1gram doses so basically 365 grams plus extra for the weekends so I can get lost for the day on the weekends....
  11. I’m doing a very basic FC because I used all in one bags... and they had already fruited tons of pins... too many pins were growing on the sides so I cut the bags open and left a couple inches of bag on the bottom... my FC is as basic as they come, a large plastic tote and I’m just using water in the bottom to keep the humidity levels high... I read about this from another grower... so I mist the walls several times a day and took this tip I found of leaving the tub slightly open for air venting... so it’s a tub that I close tight all night and then cracked open during the day... not the ideal but I’ve seen others have success doing the same thing so right now that’s it.... I will be making a better FC soon as I want to start a bulk grow... but so far it’s working fine except the extra fuzz... but like I said I have over 100 mushrooms growing on that one! So yes it’s very low tek but passable for this flush... I have already harvested about 200 grams from the other cake of Cambodian and they’re in the same tub... so they’re doing well but I wanna do better... but the holes are kinda unneeded as I’m paying plenty of attention... maybe I should leave it vented longer to bring down the humidity a little? Do I have any worries about the extra mycelium? Should I worry about the humidity for future flushes? i feel like I don’t need to worry about a better FC with my all in one bags but when I do my bulk grow I will prolly do it to the tek specs
  12. Is this good advice?

    Is lining the bottom of my monotub with a 2" layer of perlite a good idea? I've heard that it's good, but it just don't seem right? The specs are Cambodian, 6lbs spawn,10lbs bulk casing. It's twice the size of my last run, which I did in cakes. I simply can't find any info in this. Truth Is I'm a really New grower and Will be grateful for all the hello I can get.thank you all. "Be wary of unearned wisdom" -carl jung
  13. Is this good advice?

    Is lining the bottom of my monotub with a 2" layer of perlite a good idea? I've heard that it's good, but it just don't seem right? The specs are Cambodian, 6lbs spawn,10lbs bulk casing. It's twice the size of my last run, which I did in cakes. I simply can't find any info in this. Truth Is I'm a really New grower and Will be grateful for all the hello I can get.thank you all. "Be wary of unearned wisdom" -carl jung
  14. Bulk grow

    So far I’m hearing go dubtub... mushpunx your advice is great! Still waiting to hear from others too so I can get some pros and cons of the different tek... so what are the pros to the dubtub and what are the cons to it? I’m super interested to hear from more people just so I can understand more before I begin
  15. New but not brand new

    Flawed will be along any second now to take care of business
  16. Total newbie

    Hey Porkrind Ninja, I'm pretty new to this too, so take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt. First, careful with too much fanning/misting. Three times a day should be plenty. As I understand, the myc likes to "feel" the evaporation, so that is really the point -- to give the myc evaporation and a little fresh air, not too much moisture. Second, for fruiting I try to keep my air temp real close to 68* (I don't have a way to measure the "soil" temperature) as per the information I've read. Lastly, with my first grow I used an Orissa variety which seemed to pin and fruit quickly, with large fruits. My second grow I used a different spore ("Deep Delta Blue") that took way longer to pin and gave smaller fruits. I don't know that the difference is in the varieties, or in my technique (I am still learning), or both, but just be patient. Anyway, consider those things I mentioned, and maybe someone else with more experience can correct my tips if they are wrong. Everything else you posted looks solid to me, and even without my tips you should have success.
  17. Bulk grow

    The M&F 6qt dubtubs have worked well for me for my two grows, though not without some challenges. As phish says, best bang for the buck, and somewhat forgiving. If you have a PC and understand sterile technique, it's pretty foolproof. Just follow the tek exactly, and I mean exactly, and if there is something you don't understand just ask.
  18. Total newbie

    They do, man.in my very minimal experience it takes up to14 days to see pins. At this point, I'd say you are on track.if anything ( again, note my very, very limited grow experience) you could maybe introduce light At 6500k for on/off cycling At 6 hrs to promote pinning.again, this is a suggestion.....meaning there's lots of folks who know more. Patience is the key. Be willing to wait.. "Be wary of unearned wisdom" -carl jung
  19. Make sure you drop your casing in as level as possible I wouldn’t pat it at all
  20. Total newbie

    Sooooo...you think that they look good for being in the tub now since the 9th of February? Maybe it's the whole 'watched pot' effect...if I keep staring at it, it will never 'boil'? Thank you for the encouragement!
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  22. New but not brand new

    You just need to be patient.the stewards Will look through and approve postings.they take a while on mine, too. They are tasked with protecting the site and the members.much like growing, patience is everything. Give them a little time, it's worth it.
  23. I saw that someone had asked what the recipe for agar in the post “easy agar dishes” would be in T- Tablespoon and t-teaspoon form. This could also be for people who don’t want to get this stuff all over their scales . This is in the pc right now and will update later on as I get some fresh tissue in the agar . 11g agar -2.25T .5g yeast - pinch . It’s literally smaller than my smallest measuring spoon which is 1/4t . So smaller than that by at least half . And the 1/8t organic flour is already weighed out for you in that tek. Mix the ingredients above together and add 450 ml of COLD water . Mix malt with 50 ml warm water 6g dry extra light malt- 1.25t now mix it all together in a quart jar and PC @15psi for 25-30 minutes If someone already did this feel free to delete this post .
  24. Bulk grow

    If you are going to start working with grains, learning agar work is an absolute must. Spore syringes are inherently dirty by nature and grain is not forgiving to them the way BRF cakes are. It's possible to grow spore to grain, many old school folks did/do and many uninformed new growers do, but it's not sustainable. You don't want to lose a 5, 10, or 25 tub grow because of bad spawn. So first thing is first, to become proficient in sterile procedure, working in a still air box properly, and using agar to obtain a clean culture. Next would be learning agar to grain inoculation, and very importantly grain to grain transfers. Monotubs are the best way to go IMO, either with the 6 holes stuffed with poly fill or completely unmodified tubs, both do very well. There is a proper way to do things in spawn preparation and bulk cultivation, and the way we do things at home really isn't much different than what is done in a professional spawn lab. You will need to invest in a good PC if you don't have one, if you can't afford to invest in an AA (which is a lifetime investment with high resell value), go for the Presto 23qt. It's the biggest you can get for under 100$. I would also invest in some sleeves of disposable pitre dishes for your agar work, I say start out with them rather than no pour plates because you learn to pour agar that way and you get a better view of your cultures. I also suggest buying one piece autoclavable plastic lids for your quart jars from somewhere like Fungi Perfecti (they are dirt cheap), along with a set of 10-20 Synthetic Filter Discs of the same size so you can just drill a 1/2" hole in the lid and pop the SFD up underneath. They last a lifetime and make work so much easier, again they're dirt cheap too. If you can't afford SFDs at least get the plastic autoclavable lids, you can stuff the hole with polyfill and it will be one piece. So you will want: Agar agar (I use Telephone brand) and light malt extract or instant mashed potatoes, unseasoned. Disposable pitre dishes 1 scalpel and wire inoculation loop Propane torch (Or alcohol lamp. Go with the torch) Pressure cooker Case of wide or narrow mouth quart jars I suggest Plastic Lids and Synthetic Filter Discs from Fungi Perfecti Rye, Oats or Wheat (I suggest Rye. You can use bird seed too but Rye or these others are much better). 1 big clear plastic tote to build your Still Air Box. And lastly, for a bulk substrate I highly suggest bricks of coir. Coir bricks are dirt cheap and require no pasteurization or sterilization, just heat treatment with boiling water in a 5 gallon bucket. If you are growing cubes, all you need for your tubs are clean grain spawn and coir to mix together.
  25. Damn. Wish I had thought of that.
  26. Bulk grow

    Mist and fan 6qt dubtub are my favorite bulk Tek. Best “bang for the buck” imo. Low risk, good yield, easy to move and conceal if needed, easy to soak post flush. 1 good quart of grain spawn to 4 quarts of substrate (ccm/coir/verm) = Perfection😎 You’re gonna look at the tubs a couple times a day anyway so why not give em a little mist, a minutes worth of fanning,and a kind word 😊
  27. What is your fruiting chamber like? You are misting when the cake looks dry yes? Fuzzy feet can be from high humidity, which might probably caused by low FAE depending on your FC, I'll be able to tell you more when I know how it's designed.
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