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    • Fungi2b
      @Tump sorry bud but I think your wrong..... I'm not trying to be a dickhead man but it's a running theme with you. Those blobs are knots man they are forming caps inside. I wanted to wait to say this till I did some reading and rechecked the tub. Here is a pic I hope you can see the difference from yesterday.I think you need to read more and maybe grow more before giving advice to new people man. Some of us have been talking and agree you give really bad advice to new members and new growers when it is able to be comprehended. I know @tomentose was reprimanded for pointing this out on someone's thread, but I'm gonna have to agree with him. It's awesome your so into the hobby and into helping others but I think you should really let ppl who know how to grow and teach take care of new growers. Man I got no hate for you at all, your very entertaining in fact. I hope you take this with a grain of salt please.  If I was the same fungi that started here I would have dumped that tub prob for fear of tamming my other grows. In the beginning man I made so many choices based on things you told me and I wish I didn't man.
    • Fungi2b
      @GRayt_ray Well the print I chose and the section I took noced up a few half pints I didn't let them grow out tho I just wanted the myc. It was mainly tomentose growth so that's what I isolated, it looks real good for only one round of isolation to me. So far none of it has Tammed but I pitched the other jars b-4 they finished. Let me know if you want a print back after I fruit a full canopy of these weirdos, and show you what's up.
    • GRayt_ray
      I feel like if I had the room and no job I could do something like it. But fuck that lol
    • GRayt_ray
      Awesome I was worried it would be dirty cause my first time ect ect. Excited to see how it does, will be mad if you get a great flush lol
    • Fungi2b
      Well that's one angle I didn't look at @Tump.  Guess we will wait and see. Do you think I got a case of bubble guys? And cubes do overlay all the time if r.h is too high. Eating casing is the same as overlay right? And how many ppl per month ask how to stop cubes from doing it?
    • Palpitation
      I have another vendor I am also trying out, but I did my first grow with SOS syringes and ALL 12 jars I nocced produced. And I have to say, after taking the same amount of the stuff that I made with SOS compared to "off the street", these were SIGNIFICANTLY stronger. Lastly, I was in a similar situation as you are now, the owner wound up in the hospital and it took a while to get my order, but IMO it was fully worth the wait and as long as SOS is open and supplying I will continue to buy from them.
    • Fungi2b
      @Tump why "poor p.b" man? Iv still got the o.g print that Gave me that weird grow. Maybe I can repeat it. 
    • GoAuto6
      Got another bunch plucked, Hoping for a better second flush. On the mono.
    • Fungi2b
      Iv been a vicious supporter of s.o.s (still am b.t.w) great genetics and clean samples, finding both these in one vendor seems hard. Iv not needed to make a order for awhile and the last I talked to "the boss" he said he was gonna update the site so I could order a bunch of stuff he didn't have up on site but had on hand. Well as we know the site never got updated, and ppl been having a few problems getting samples. Most of these vendors are one or 2 person operations and health problems and family issues get in the way.
    • Brody
      I agree with @Tump. Their syringes are superior. I’m new to the hobby and ordered from a different vendor my first time around. My jar loss was 80%. My next order was from SoS and my jar loss was 0. I know there’s a high failure rate and a lot of error in the beginning but I honestly believe that if I’d would’ve ordered from SoS the first time, my loss would have been diminished and may have never happened. I mailed in another order on the 2nd and have heard nothing. I’m worried that the owner is still ill but I know the company will take care of it as soon as possible.  You have to click login and log in from there - it does look different. If you click “my account (after login)” you’ll get the 404 error. Here’s a link to my results from both vendors:  
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