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    • Moonphase
      Only one way to find out for sure.   Mix it with a good substrate and see if it colonizes cleanly.   If so case it and put it into fruiting conditions.  
    • Mushinist
      Yum, the bottom looks like it's full of bacteria hence the gooey looking grains, and if it takes 2 months to get to that weak looking myc then something is wrong. With GT it should look more like a big cotton ball. 
    • DonkeyHote
      It looks ok to me. I would proceed to the next step of your tek. I assume you're going to mix with a bulk substrate.
    • AmySorg
      So I bought two grain spawn bags (from shroom supply). They took forever to grew the mycelium (almost two months). The first one was very weird so I just threw it away (sadly). The Second one is weird so I'm not sure if I should proceed with it.    There's white all over it but it doesn't look like mycelium but it doesn't look like mold either.    Can you guys help me please? 
    • Sonshyn
      So the tek says you need an oven bag with a blue ship about 1/3 from the bottom  of the bag, and a tyvek patch 2/3 of the way to the top of the bag that you tape on or use rtv.    My my question is it says to cover the patch with foil so the tyvek doesn’t get wet ... so just tape some foil over the patch or??? 
    • k3llcor1
      The 2 kits I tired had straw substrate. The first kit I had dozens of pins that stalled and one clump that grew quite nice. Big, tall, healthy specimens. I had some mold issues that ruined the 2nd one entirely. The pic I attached was early on kit 1.  Since I bought those kits, I've started reading and researching on this site and a few others. I've now got a few jars of grain PC'd and innoculated. I'm on day 3. I have all the other supplies as well and it cost me less than what the kits cost. HOPEFULLY, I'm on the verge of doing small bulk batches.  Stropharia Cubensis Cuban is the strain that was in the colonized jar that shipped with the kit and I managed to keep some of the spawned grain from it that I've used for the other jars I've started. My own version of g2g, I suppose.  I quite liked the strain, very mellow an warm, not too potent. 
    • Blackstar
      Hi all, I'm pretty new around here. I got into this hobby for several reasons. One main one was to explore microdosing. There is a 2017 video where Paul Stamets proposes a nootropic "Stack" for "Epigenetic Neurogenesis" (about the 27 minute mark):   I'm wondering if anyone here has tried this stack. I have, for about 5 weeks now. I took the dried mushrooms from my first grow, ground them up and put them into #00 capsules. I did this for consistency of dosage, as well as ease of use and a less conspicuous form of storage. I've seen reports of people getting up to 0.5g in #00 capsules, but I couldn't get anything more than 0.4g, with most being between 0.33-0.38g. Since I am 215 pounds and Stamets recommends between 0.1 - 1g for a 154-pound person, I figure one capsule is a reasonable microdose amount, and it does seem to be -- no hallucinations, normal functioning, etc. Then I bought some Lion's Mane powder online since I am barely a novice and LM looks like a challenge to grow. I got some from two different sources, but the kind that I really like is from a Canadian grower with a seemingly good reputation -- organic, water extraction from fruits. I encapsulated the powder as I did with my home-grown psilocybin, with the same 0.33-0.38g average. Stamets is suggesting a rather large dose of LM (~5g - 20g! -- is he trying to get rich selling LM lol?), and I tried 5g for a few days but.... I also bought some Niacin, 100mg tablets. I've taken the stack with and without Niacin, don't think that it has a discernible effect for me.  So I can take the psilocybin alone and pretty much not have any noticeable effects with my daily function. But combine .35g of psilocybin with ~1g of Lion's Mane and things get weird. What's up with that? It isn't a psychedelic experience, rather one that is hard to describe -- a certain alertness that comes with a certain edge to it. Furthermore, if I only take 1g of Lion's Mane (without psilocybin), I still feel something. It isn't a psychedelic experience, more like that indescribable edge, but way less pronounced than when done with the stacking. I can still function with the stack. It isn't psychedelic, but there is something going on. I feel like somehow the LM amplifies the Psilocybin and vice versa. (I also bought some Reishi and some Cordyceps powders from same Canadian supplier and have encapsulated them as well; not part of my daily regime, trying to keep the variables smaller, so nothing to report yet.) So, has anyone here tried this particular Psilocybin/LM Stack? Or any other stacks? How have you felt combining Psilocybin with LM? Has anyone noticed perceivable effects from taking LM alone? What about Cordyceps and Reishi? Do you have any general experience microdosing you could share? I would really appreciate your experience. One thing I am learning is that mushrooms (and not just psilocybin) are not to be taken lightly....
    • Mush Zombie
      Topic locked. Don't continue this trend of behavior on this website towards other members. It is unnecessary. PS I mentioned that I've been buying and selling spores for nearly 2 decades. No one has ever asked me for a customer list. No one follows me around. If this doesn't answer your question, then hang it up or buy some and find out for yourself.
    • njheaz
      It almost looks like the mycelium damaged the pin as it pushed its way out, might be psilocybin. It's not getting any worse and that little pin has gotten bigger since the first time I saw it.  Putting your advice into practice. I'll post again once I see some changes.
    • Moonphase
      Welcome to the Mycoward.     
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