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    • tomentose
      Same here, time to talk to the mushrooms.
    • Samwise
      Interesting. Still early days with these species but my suspicion is that the amount of blueing may be a fairly reliable indicator of potency of the mycelium grain...it isn't necessarily fool proof (as P. mexicana and P. semilanceata don't really blue on bruising and are more potent than P. cubensis gram for gram which does blue). That's interesting that the sclerotia producers blue noticeably (especially as the mushrooms...all sub-strain variants of P. mexicana according to genetic analyses...don't really blue at all). So it seems like there could be differences between the mycelium and fruit bodies of the various species in terms of alkaloidal composition and potency.
    • Viridis420
      Cool read thanks for posting.   I've noticed how dark blue P semperviva grain spawn bruises. I haven't seen P zapotecorum or P caerulescens grain spawn bruise the way P semperviva does.. Also the sclerotia producers all bruise very noticeably.    
    • Samwise
      A friend and I sampled some Caerulescens mycelium (on rice)...it was only 6 weeks old following inoculation. We started off with 4 tablespoons of the grain gently simmered, and ingested in the form of cocoa...this first dose produced subtle effects so two hours in we had a top up, of another 3 tablespoons...so 7 tablespoons in total, but staggered. In my case, it boosted the experience a little, but it was still quite subtle...but my friend had a relatively short lasting, but immersive and powerful experience that she described as feeling quite reminiscent to her of ayahuasca, based on her prior experiences with that. Clearly our sensitivities vary! I appreciate incubation time wasn't long so this may well have impacted potency, but it seems like your experience was not a great deeper than mine. The Hoogshagenii/Semperviva seems to be a great deal more potent by weight in mycelium-grain form.. It will be interesting to compare eating grain vs tea consumption...the tea certainly seems smoother on one's system, but my feeling is that ingesting it may yield a longer lasting experience. It will be interesting to see how the oats compare. I'm in the process of inoculating grain jars (rice, oats and rye grain) with Azurescens, Cerulescens, Mexicana, Hoogshagenii/Semperviva and Zapotecorum. My hunch is that the Mexicana won't be as potent as the Semperviva, and I'm quite intrigued about the Azurescens and Zapotecorum. I'm also making up a load of lion's mane LC, keen to experiment with this in the mix too Don. 🙂
    • wilspeak
      Hello Gemini, Thank You for the information. Yes all of these jars were shook. 
    • Gemini42
      Sterilizing sub is not always the best.. Pasteurize is better.
    • Gemini42
      I add a cup per 2 quart verm and 675gm coco coir. Dont sterilize and add gypsum after the heat has broken the coir and verm.1 hr latwr or so. Then add gypsum and stir... Only pasteurize for 4-6 hours and use when subs around prime temp. I do like 83 or so. This has worked and depending on your spawn should hold through a few flushes..   No. The jar looks like 80%. I'm sure you already shook it right?
    • Gemini42
      I am not sure...but maybe the BRF had enough nutrients in it to allow hyphae. To propagate.. It may not be the best quality but you should definitely try spawning on logs or sawdust. Lions mane spawn on WBS or rye like all other. So maybe this is the same
    • Mycomeso
      I was inoculating some cakes here recently and wanted to see what happened when I inoculated the Wood loving sapprohictic Reishi species into a simple BRF cake formula.I assumed nothing because of the lack of said wood that isn’t present but lo an behold I do have some mycelium growth after a week!!!It doesn’t seem to be the strongest by any means but my question was this....If I do by chance get the reishi mycelium to throughly colonize can I use to transfer to a bulk substrate consisting of wood and what not so as to bring about proper fruiting conditions or is this a experiment bogged down in irrelevancy???
    • Dalton
      Looking to start a new strain anyone have info on KSSS looking for a spore syring for research please add pix of your success 
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