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    • Moonphase
      Cakes aren't over yet.   The 7 left are still producing.   One of them has a grouping of 3 and others show some pinning.   Interesting experiment.   Today I order everything I need for project 2 which will put my sterilization techniques to the test.   Hope I am worthy.   
    • Moonphase
      It won't if there is a lot of air movement or what you put in isn't clean to begin with but it worked the first time and I don't want to go to the trouble or expense of a lamina flow station.   Now if you are going commercial or bulk instead of personal it would be a wise investment.   
    • Moonphase
    • phish
      No def not PE you have there. Quality of potency doesn’t decrease when they sporulate, if that’s what your asking.  They hold together and look more “ presentable” once dried,if they’re picked just as the veils start to break. At that point , Psilocin and Psilocybin production has ceased . Your fruits will still grow some, but active won’t. So in a sense, larger fruits are weaker by volume. A heavy sporulation all over your substrate can decrease the quality of your next flush too. So try to grab them before they make a real mess.
    • Mushinist
      Well keep track of them because I would like to see that again when its all filled in to see any variances. Good find on the screen btw, I need to get one myself.