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"How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World."

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Im sure most of you viewing these forums is or will be familiar with a man by the name of :

Paul Stamets

I was introduced to his work by non other than MushZombie back when I nocced my first BRF jar, Ive since than consumed as much of his writings and publications as possible, although not understanding everything he talks about at first, its facinating to read his thoughts and interviews.

I was recently browsing the net and came across a site that hosted an interview via podcast with Paul Stamets, I found it quite interesting, this is the first part of the interview copied from that page...I am just spreading knowlege, if ive over stepped my boundries by copying and pasteing and directing you to the site, my apologies and please remove this topic, if not then please read this interview, if anything you gained another piece af an interesting topic in life

"Meredith Medland: Hello, and welcome to ‘Living Green’. I'm your host Meredith Medland. In this episode we are going to have a lively, provocative and deep discussion with Paul Stamets, author of ‘Mycelium Running - How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World’. This book is a 21st-century manual for healing the earth and creating sustainable forests through mushroom cultivation, featuring mycelian solutions to water pollution, toxic spills, and other ecological challenges.

In our show today, we are going to have a yummy mushroom tea filled with Paul's greatest adventures. We are going to learn about Daryl Hannah's visit to his mushroom farm, why billionaires are flying into Paul's hometown to invest in any company he starts and why fungal intelligence provides a framework for understanding everything from string theory and modern physics to the structure of the Internet.

Paul Stamets: When the Earth formed 4.5 billion years ago and coalesced out of stardust, the first organisms first appeared in the ocean. The very first organisms on land were fungi. They marched onto land 1.3 billion years ago and plants followed 600 million years later.

Paul Stamets: If there were a United Organization of Organisms, otherwise called Uh-Oh, if every organism voted, would we be voted on the planet or off the planet? I think that vote is happening right now. Unless we pay attention to preserving biodiversity, the very organisms that give us life will be destroyed.

Paul Stamets: I am a mycelial messenger. If anyone gets anything out of this, it is the role and importance of mycelium in nature.


Here is where you can find the rest of the article:


Hope you enjoy the article/interview as much as i did

Peace From The East


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Those Who Were

Thanks man, same here dude after I heard about him I read anything he writes, I have 2 of his books...:rolleyes:That's for sharing dude.:ph34r:

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I had to add the link to the rest of the article...lol, you faster than fast BS

Good to have a soldier watching the forums, makes for a safer battlefield



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