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    • Moonphase
      Round 2.   Ding ding ding.   Let the games begin.    Rolled the last 5 cakes this morning and put them into the new "virgin" FC.   The one cake I bashed by accident is now the "damaged" one in the the cake world and it'll have to work harder to be accepted as an equal by it's peers.   Bruising?   How about bashing!   We'll see how forgiving Mother Nature is now that's for sure.   Mist and fan for the next 10 days and no action, ie. fewer posts unless calamity strikes.   Peace.     
    • Moonphase
      Excellent lesson MZ.   Thank you!   
    • Mush Zombie
      Since the question of potency at various stages of growth has arisen, and most people dose by weight, I will leave this here, even though its also in various places around the forum. Dosing by weight is inaccurate. For all intents and purposes it can be considered that once the mushroom starts to produce spores they do mostly stop producing psilocybin. The window of production closes rapidly. The mushrooms do not lose the amount of psilocybin in them that is already there, but for those who dose by weight, instead of numbers of individual mushrooms, the potency does seem to decrease, with the maturity of the mushrooms. Because there is more mushroom matter on the scale, after a mushroom has grown to full maturity and released its spores, and that mushroom matter now contains less psilocybin, gram for gram, it seems like the potency has been diluted, and it has. Bigger absolutely does not equal better when it comes to mushrooms. So to answer your question, yes if you are not going to print your mushrooms, and you want high quality mushrooms that seem to be very potent, if you dose by weight, harvest them as soon as you see the veil start to tear.
    • DrRJWood
      Went really well, thanks for asking!! Ended up with over 150g dried from the 2 flushes. Included some pics. 
    • rl8857
      This was an awesome read,  should be published