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    • OpenBar
      I use a closet for my incubator with a small space heater. here is a pic. not the same closet i use now but you get the idea.  
    • OldManDan
      Pretty crappy quality pic, but, everything was white.  Started GT spores on agar here 6 days ago.  Took pic in still air box, may be contaminated now but who knows, I'll find out soon enough.   Cut into 6 pieces.  1 went into a jar of LC, 5 went into WBS jars. Going to be doing another round of WBS and 1 LC in the next week or two, whenever my PES hawaiin spores get here from different vendor.
    • Tripster727
      Beautiful! Congrats 👏
    • Tripster727
      I'm back. Nd yeah absent thoughts i got a super nice pinset going now no casing layer! on 3rd flush, also made a super clean LC. Strain is PF CLASSIC. I did make a print from the GT i doubt the sterility of it though so im not wasting any time with that yet.. Things are moving along 
    • OldManDan
      Parts per million and electrical current of the water.  Measured before you feed and after(after is measured through runoff).  You can buy a meter to test water with nutrient solution.  Although there is a K.I.S.S. method that wirks fine amd you dont need meters and a lot of water testing.  Just get Maxibloom and weigh out 7 grams per gallon of water, or use flora Nova bloom as directed.  With a ppm/EC meter you can fine tune exactly how much nutes your plants are getting for perfect dosage of the nutrients if you will.