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First Time Flow Hood Attempt

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I figured most would contam to be honest I mean I already have 50% casualties. Should I leave them at room temp now that the survivors have actual growth or put them in a mini fridge? I'm off to the lc section to read.

For My LC's I refigerate after the 18th day after initial growth(I start my day count when i first see the Myc starting to form)so about 21 days total, unless its an aggressive strain I then refergirate after the 13th day...But really, just look now and then to try and notice when growth stops, then put it to the fridge Peace **D**

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Thanks Dozzer I will check them saturday to see if growth continued if not its fridge time cambos are supposed to be fast colonizers so we shall see.

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Beautiful LC's, and Kick Ass Flow hood! That's a nice filter there for the price, eh? B)

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    • Iraqvet08
      THANK YOU EVERYBODY. The issue was the natural anti-fungacide. I figured several boil-offs should release them and leave the wood as a food sourcem   Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk    
    • Queen Isabella
      That Jack herrer auto is looking nice..
    • jamesmoody513
      That stuff I mentioned previously is klinesblenzes at cnc .it's about 30.00 I've never personally used it.really I did but they never ua'd me. But this friend of mine was on intensive & had to ua twice a mo. & he never failed. I've always passed by staying clean for 4 days & hydrating pretty well. Personally I think u r in good shape.   Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk    
    • Mushinist
      Good news Niidaho! Glad you passed
    • phishphan
      Like MZ says above, try a variety of Oyster . They're pretty happy to grow on just about anything, even upholstery and coffee grounds. If anything is gonna grow on Cypress, it's gonna be an Oyster