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Trichocereus Cactus Grow Log

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I just obtained 2 Loph cacti, or Peyote plants, one is 5 years old, the other is 6 years old and came with a seed pod that had 6 or 7 seeds which I will be germinating ASAP and then I plan on grafting

I have seedlings! A bunch of the T. Bridgesii and T. Peruvianus have sprouted, and I even see 1 Loph seedling popping up. I am surprised that the 4yo cactus seeds are so viable. I will have more seedl

My 7yo Peyote cactus put out a flower! That means I should get a few more seeds soon  

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Last night I grafted the last remaining Loph seedling to a Pereskiopsis and put it in the GH. I also planted the rest of the Loph seeds I had into 13 more slots made up of half cactus soil on the bottom and the top half is Zeolite. Apparently it is hard for algae to grow on the zeolite. I think this time I will try to graft the seedling when they are young and healthy, maybe 3-4 weeks old.

I did get a bunch more Perskiopsis cuts too I keep neglecting to plant...






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Some of the Loph seeds sprouted, I do think some of them got washed down under the Zeolite. Here are the ones that are showing.





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