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Growing Medical Marijuana In and Out

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Hey magic have u looked into tissue propagation for cloning ?it looks like a pain but the plant u propagate is the same age as the tissue u use to clone .that could be cool .

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I've been growing MMJ for about 5 years now. The 1st 3 years I grew indoors with 9,ooow of HPS lights in my flower room. I saved my money the last year of that and bought 40 acres of land in the middl

Outdoor update. The plants are coming along, but still need plenty more time. I upped the watering to every other day, and 10 gal per plant every watering. They are smelling great already!!! It's gonn

Indoor plants came down today. There was one that was fluffy and started to herm a little, but I didn't see any mature seeds, and it didn't effect any of the other plants  (phew) I got creative and hu

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On 11/3/2017 at 11:12 PM, tomentose said:

do you think this light is a good deal/ would suffice for growing about 5 plants indoors in soil? thanks


I have 2 of these there good for about one plant each. I have them mixed with a few others. they are cobs mine are 2 200 watt chips but actual wattage is 265.


This is my pride and joy tho 440 actual watts



Pulled s few 14 ounces small compared to magic but keeps me in meds.


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18 hours ago, MycoDan said:

HPS for the win!!!!

Hps and mh are inefficient, led's are the way to go, dialing in spectrum for exact needs. More bang for your buck.. Sun shine is the top dog, but some of us in the south can't grow outdoors it is just to hot.

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