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    • Gemini42
      My normal 10 qt Tubs I do my regular sub prep and add 2 qts spawn to the 10 or maybe 16 (unsure) tub. I duct tape all the holes and put in black trash bag. So far this seems to work as long as I let the bag air out and not suffocate the tub. I think the lid to my tub is loose enough to allow air flow. My mini zombie tub I sealed all the holes but the duct tape is quite loose so I think proper FAE can ensue. I like how you left space and then put micropore tape over. I think I will do that. the larger mini tubs do great so far no probs but this is my first mini-mini zomb mon tub..
    • jamesmoody513
      Pushed wrong button, again, The first time I made wine it was from Welch's concord juice . It also ran away in the closet of my parents brand new house, & that was before "stainless " carpet . I use to trade with a co. Called defalcoes. I believe they're still in biz & even way back they handled everything. Some hippy community out in Cal. Copper ed 3 different sizes of stave barrels. I've had 3 myself & they r such a pain to maintain. I started bottling long necks , but opted out to putting it in cold duck wine bottles . I'd buy those nylon corks by the gross ,pound them in with a rubber mallet & then put a wiring harness on them to keep them from blowing their top a stack them in the old time wood cases that king size cokes came in . I can still remember the blue smoke that use to spiral up when I use to bust the top on those Suckers. I'm gradually getting back into it again . I did trade with a co. That went total mail order . Hearing all this brew talk kinda gets me geared up to take another swing at it . I've always wanted to cold brew an ale type beer. It's all pricey to get set up though. That peach /mango sounds interesting. Buy the way , can u send photos on a pm. ? Later Bro.😎 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
    • naturehiker
      Yes, it went from tissue clone on MEA, then plates were blended in autoclaved blender. The blend was added to malt powder in 2800 ml flask that was autoclaved. Trust me no contamination it creates clean bags of spawn. Usually liquid culture separates as heavy colonies sink and liquid stays on top. Here the culture is so thick it has trapped the air bubbles from shaking and that causes the colonies to float. The growth on top is from it sitting in mason jar and exposed surface is myceliating from exposure to air. You would not see if it had bacterial contamination as you suggest, but you would see the effects of that contamination. And assuming it was contaminated you would likely see other contaminates such as trich. I use heavy LC rates of 50 ml to 150 ml on grain spawn because I produce a lot of LC and I achieve full colonization within 6 days with this wild variety. If it was contaminated I doubt that would be possible. I have included a picture of Wine Cap at 6 days of shaking with similar results from a syringe, non wild. If it was left for 10 days it would have achieved the same thickness. I have also included pink oyster from syringe and more wild oyster from wild variety. Results are the same. Orbital shaker creates a different LC then you are used to seeing with stir bars. Colonies are allowed to colonize faster with more oxygen and less cellular damage. Colonies can grow to large sizes because they don't get smashed by a stir bar as they pass between the bar and the bottom of a flask. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
    • Tump
      Dam that looks contaminated to he'll. Anything wild should be agar tranfered clean before massive production. Looks like it's fight bactira on the bottom. Then dieing then growing on its dead stuff until it grow to the top. Lol this is awesome sauce
    • elfstone
      Kathleen Harrison presents a wonderful talk here on the Big Species: Much material worth discussing. For one, she touches upon the Mazatec tradition that each species of mushroom with a history of traditional usage has its own qualities that are unique to it. She also points out that the Mazatec people do not view the mushrooms as a "drug," but as a living being you enter into a relationship with. And, for yet another topic of interest, she points out that the real work has always been done in the underground, at the folk level. Through our work with the mushrooms we are cultivating awareness, developing relationships, caring for one another and our environment. That the medicine is being looked at by our professionals is wonderful, but, as I am sure you all know, we are light years ahead of them in the work and understanding we have been doing over the past 40 years. The cutting edge is right here, among us, as we cultivate a living relationship with the spirit in the mushrooms, Los Santos Niños. γνῶθι σεαυτόν Gnôthi seautón Know thyself