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    • mtdorashane
      I would love to swap you AA+ prints and ill throw in one of the mystical non growing syringes lol   If you have ever looked back at any of my grows AA+ is my all time favorite !!    Is the coffee being suggested  because its an old print or because its just a hard starter ?    just fired up the FH, going to make new aa+ syringes now..   thanks for the advise guys !!
    • Palpitation
      If you do decide to try it out, maybe take away from the water, what you put in with coffee. If you dont want to risk waisting any more of your supplies on something that may end up doing nothing, toss it and try a comparison grow. Do two batches side by side, one with the added coffee and the other your normal way. If the one with coffee needs less incubation times, and if it doesn't make any difference, you walk away wiser for the knowing. I can't really say I think it would do it any harm in either case. But to be honest, I was merely trying to interpret someone else's words on face value.  Edit: Two replies happened while I typed mine, so I think you have your answer lol, just took a phat dab and my brain is a little bit on the slow side atm. I wanted to make sure it read properly, lol
    • Fungi2b
    • magicman
      Yes. I do it once in a while, seems to help speed up colonization a little, but who knows. I'd say make new syringes from a different print.
    • Fungi2b
      My words come out like that also man. I think your one of the more polite members. Coffee is a great additive to your grain soak I use it and recommend it. I don't measure anything out just make a normal pot of strong Maxwell house. I have even dumped the grounds right into the mix with no I'll effects that i have noticed.  Seeing everyone add it to sub mix's lead me to add it to the grain soak. You know I'm new bud, but I'd kill this culture after you try your last time.  I'd gladly try your syringe also, I doubt I'll get a different response but I do mess with everything....a lot.  I have been able to pull off some odd things at times.  Would you like a different Aa+ (s.o.s) Or one of my others? Pink buffalo, Matisse Romero, alacabenzi, pesh, t-2, t-1, Burma, Ajax, I got a few more strains if your looking. I can offer 2nd gen prints of anything I have, or prints from later generations and isos.