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    • Mikey
      Aaaaaahhhhwwww shheeeiiit... look what I found 👀 
    • Dr. Trip
      Fungi is right man. From what I have seen so far in this thread I can tell you haven't done your homework. Because of this you are missing very very important steps. Go to the tek section of the forum and read the dub tub tek, the z-tub tek, monotub tek and really any other tek that you see from MushZombie. Specifically you need to read the 6qt dubtub tek it's the most in depth and thorough tek that teaches everything from start to finish. Even if you don't plan on actually doing a 6qt dubtub you still need to read this tek. I'm sure me and fungi both probably read this tek like 10 times. And of course once you get into the reading, pick a tek and stick to it 100% for your first several grows. My recommendation is to not try the Monotub. I tried it as one of my first ones and it failed miserably, hell I'm almost a year in and only have 50% chance with monotubs.

      So to summarize, do your homework from what has been written specifically for new growers doing so will help you dramatically.
    • Dr. Trip
      Did you say your doing them 2 and 3 times a week? If so thats the issue. The body builds up a tolerance to shrooms after just one dose and it takes 7-14 days for that tolerance to reset.
    • Mikey
      Boooo-rrrriiiinggg.. lol so you think it’s not worth the trouble huh? I picked up wbs and jiffy today too, I got a 23 qt presto coming to my door tomorrow and myco bags coming on Sunday. So yea, I’m switching earlier than I thought I would.. I’m all in baby!! So even for penis envy you think it’s better just to fruit them as cakes?
    • Mush Zombie
      Just fruit the cakes as cakes. Spawn grain spawn to bulk sub.