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    • phishphan
      Do not birth them now. IF you wanna follow tomatoes advice, draw a line with a marker along the border of your mycellium, to be sure they haven't stalled, and check them in a few days.If they are still moving forward , which they likely are, let them finish. Your cakes will not fruit until the mycellium has consumed and run through the substrate. Just be patient and let them finish. If you birth them now, you'll be sorry, trust me.
    • tomentose
      Aww a was expecting a badass named cube lol   If your impatient you can birth them now, might have trouble getting them out because they haven't ran out of room and started to shrink away from the glass.   Make sure you atleast case the side that's facing down currently
    • DirtBagDan
      Welcome bro, great info and interesting conversation is abundant here.
    • Microbe77
      Caution: I noticed my post and it was suppose to read NOT idea to use alone as a filter and that it should have a layer of micropore tape on it.

      My point was don't use silicone just tape in on and kill 2 birds (efficiency and adhesion) with one stone. I looked at a piece under a scope on a calibration slide and figured a not exact, but estimate there are gaps exceeding 1 micron.

      The minimum acceptable efficiency for spawn production is .5 micron. Every piece and every sheet is woven differently and all sections or sheets will have various efficiency ratings.

      I only looks at 1 piece and I suppose I should have done many to come up with a mean but it really wouldn't matter because the gaps can exceed 1 micron and that would be enough info I need to start layering tape. 1 piece is fine for grain jars.

      I switched to SYD because I did get sick of seeing tape residue on my lids and they do get very wet in the PC. Because using tape, it can only go through 2 or 3 PC cycles before needing to change the tape but eazyfelt (that's not a typo that's the trademark name) is so cheap, around here I pay 1.07 after tax for a 12"x14" sheet or close to that anyway so I don't even try to save the felt I toss the entire filter.

      SFD's are better IMHO but eazyfelt is made of the same material. They both are matted woven polyester fibers but SFD are more tightly woven increasing it's efficiency . Side by side the thickness pretty much the same, at least the ones I purchased.

      Another good point to make is silicone is a pain in the ass to work with IMO and does fail on occasion. Loctite makes a glue called KO2, I think is the name and even though it specifies a working temperature far less then sterilization temps, the shit works great with a 5 minute set up time. Requires 24 hours to cure but the shit is like concrete. It's a much cleaner look and easier to work with. If you would like to see a picture of my lid I will post one.

      Sorry to get long winded again but I was at the bus stop waiting on the slow ass bus driver who is always 15 minutes late, perhaps she will become more efficiency and get there in time if I layer some micropore tape her -

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    • Zeppy
      Been lurking here for a bit and frankly like this forum. Seems to be my kind of folks here. So time for introduction. Really excited to be starting down a new road of exploration! Single, soon to be 72 years young, building a yurt to become my primary residence. Guess I am a bit of a Ludditte -- just starting to get used to cell phones (LOL). Gathering knowledge and forming plans to cultivation. While I know no question is dumb, I will try to keep them intelligent.