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    • Fungi2b
      made my heart skip a beat.
    • Fungi2b
      Looks like your off to a great start.  Studying beforehand was the best way to start off.  Now hopeful you already have a grasp on the basics of how they grow, and what it entails. You said you received your spores from 2 different site vendors, I'm only familiar with s.o.s as the site vendor. May I ask  what the other site was and who referred you to them?  Was it a 'ology  member?  
    • Fungi2b
      Just wait and see. Post a pic of the "black".
    • TheRaven
      I agree with this 100% man.  Not just because I'm posting on here either.  I truly dug through site after site from r/shrooms to anything I could come across that decent information.  I saw a lot of helpful threads on here with many a newbs like myself asking the same question over and over again and not a reply that said "just read the sticky."   Well done gents.   Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of one of the jars.  I try not to pick them up and mess with them if I can avoid it.  The dry Verm layer is a lot lower than in the tek but I believe that's because of how fluffy the sub was when I filled the jars.  Over the past 10 days it seems to have settled and there is about .5 cm of space between the lid and the top of the verm, layer.  That space wasn't there during inoculation.  
    • Palpitation
      3rd tub was harvested last night. This tub did pretty amazing, I would have gotten them a little sooner, but I wanted to see how big they would get. This is the most I have gotten from a single tub, from this grow and my last.