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    • MyllowMan
      Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for all of your advice.
    • Tump
      Went hiking with a old friend and found like 20 typles of different mushys in the forests.  I will also give my first cost a Rica print to who can name each type in the pictures according to my field guide.  
    • ljacve55
      I suppose that ahoud be done in very sterile condition,right??? I now sclerotia is relatively easy to grow but getting the fruits is not so much. Poslano sa mog SM-A300FU koristeći Tapatalk
    • Void425
      Your vermiculite has to be field capacity before you add the grain spawn to it.  You can not just add x amount of water.  You need to add water...test it in your hand, then either add more water or more vermiculite until it is perfect.  The whole process pretty much hinges on having perfect field capacity.  The more off you are in either direction, wet or dry, the more complications you may have with your grow.   In this tek, under the substrate video, you will learn how to get field capacity.  This specificly starts around 3:50 in the video. After you put the foil on you leave the lid on the container.  DO NOT OPEN for 10 days under any circumstances.  You are trying to trap the Carbon Dioxide in to promote your spawn to run the substrate.  Fresh Oxygen at this stage will cause problems.  Once the time is up you remove the foil and then move it into fruiting conditions.
    • RiK
      It's grain I believe, after crumbling case it? Thanks mm! appreciate the info.   verm good enough casing?