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    • phish
      You gotta pick those fruits immeadiatly then. You’ll be ok, as long as you haven’t used chlorinated/ flouridated tap water (it’s a destroyer in my experiences). If it’s pure water , let that water soak in for a few hours or so, then do your best to carefully dump it out.Maybe lean the tub on end for a bit.  I always recase my subs with  fresh 50/50 Casing Layer, because I’ve washed away my prior casing with my Dunk process.
    • EatTheRichPlz
      Thank you Phish!!!!  I may have of fucked it all up by dousing the whole thing with water already 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm letting a pretty high powered fan blow into the tank rn. 
    • phish
      Keep an eye on those fruits and pick them when the veils begin to break. Likely within the next day or so. Don’t expect any more pins on your first flush. That’s it.  Mushrooms are 90-92% water weight. A heavy flush will leave a sub depleted of moisture and drier than a popcorn fart. You, my friend, don’t need to be concerned with that with this flush. I would do exactly like MZ says with the spray bottle on that sub. That sub should have a lotta Wooooo left to go 😉👍
    • Wareskank
      So yesterday I injected them and now I guess it's a waiting game. Is it cool if they just chill on my shelve? Also does the dark/light thing really matter? They will probably be in the dark 80% of the time in the closet. Temp in here is 72. I'll mix the myc at 30% and 70% then once fully colonized I'll mix it with the substrate in the bag. Then move to a monotub to fully colonize. Then throw a cs on top 1/4th . Same one in the bulk tutorial. Think itll work? 
    • ed61874
      I change mine once a week done it so much it takes me like 2 mins. but I use my coils for months just burn and dunk then brush them lol