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    • Twotails
      Hey guys, I was at home depot and picked these up, cool thing was the guy maintaining the tropics room and cacti was a hippy/stoner/psychonaut, and came to chat plants seeing if I need help. Had the hallucinagenic cacti wiki page open and he must have glanced it, took me right over to this guy Pachycereus pringlei and said I think you may like this one, I googled the name (its listed as edibal/psychoactive, although not sure of alkaloid content) and I just kinda looked at him, and he kinda laughed and told me you would be surprised what they some times get in shipments. Took out his phone to unleash a amazing image of a room filled with all cacti and and a few massive pots of Peyote buttons (I'm guessing) he also had some grafted.   I think I ought to keep my eyes peeled at home depot lol  My other cacti is a prickly pear cacti.
    • Tanelorn
      Thats brilliant, i think i'll try that bag idea. Thank you
    • NineInchNails
      You would probably be better off using a humidity controller to manage your humidifier instead of a timer. A humidity controller (humidistat) will turn your humidifier on and off as needed to maintain the % humidity you set it for. There are other really cool features you can program, for instance you can set the controller for how many % humidity you want the FC to drop before the controller kicks the humidifier back on. That's a nifty feature because that allows for some evaporation which is said to be a very good pinning trigger. Timers turn the humidifier on and off by fixed intervals you set. The problem with timers is that they run the humidifier when they don't need to be running. Sometimes they don't run even though the humidity is low. Pins are good, even if they don't appear to be growing during this flush. Often the following flush consists of mostly of those pins that continue to grow. Aborts are different. Aborts are pins that literally die and are of no use to a flush.
    • NineInchNails
      PF cakes would have been the way to go if you intend to fruit from a fully colonized jar. This is not a quick hobby. Having a plan from the beginning is important because how you begin, PF cakes or grain, determines how you fruit. You asked if you can PC grain and bulk substrate in a large jar, inoculate, let it colonize then fruit straight out of the jar. Yes you can, but it may not fully colonize. Think about how difficult it would be to thoroughly shake/mix a large glass jar or how difficult  and how long it would be for the MYC to make its way completely through the entire jar. It sounds to me that the closest method to what you are describing would be the following: 1. Place properly prepared grain in the bottom of a grow bag . Place properly prepared bulk substrate on top of the grain. Use whatever ratio of grain to bulk you prefer. 2. Sterilize the bag/bags. 3. Inoculate the grain within the bag/bags through a self healing inoculation port. 4. Allow the grain to become 25% colonized then by hand mix the grain that's on the bottom of the bags. 5. Allow the grain to become 100% colonized then mix the entire bag and leave until 100% colonized. 6. Once the bags are 100% colonized you can fruit right inside of the bags.
    • phish
      Beautiful work man !!