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After Casing Layer...fruit immediately or colonize more?

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Arasa    369


Just wanting some advice.  Once my bulk sub is fully colonized, should put my monotub into fruiting conditions immediately after casing, or should I let the casing layer colonize a bit before fruiting?  I have seen Tek with both ways.  Tell me what you guys think.  Thanks.  

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magicman    4,973

Agreed with capt, case then fruit immediately.

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    • Tump
      3m more plastic typle for jars and paper typle of monos
    • Dr. Trip
      Hey gents, quick question. I was wondering if I can get some clarification on which micropore tape we are supposed to be using. I need to buy some more, but I remember seeing a post from someone saying that there is for sure a difference between brands and kinds but I don't remember what it said and I can't find the post again. So any help is appreciated.
    • GRayt_ray
      starting to see tiny spots of myc poking thru casing. Normal? Do I need more fae? Temp stays in low 70s around 70 degrees.
    • Cue
    • Tump
      Unmodified monos do great. Just til the lids and bam huge fae all the time. Being lazy sure saves a lot of work in short your fine. Go with it