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Utilized-Space Fruiting Chamber

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    • Samwise
      Hi y'all, I'm hoping to get a grow on in the near future, and am rounding up the necessary supplies. I was going to get some of these 90mm synthetic filter discs from Fungi Perfecti which I have experience using years previously: http://www.fungi.com/product-detail/product/90-mm-synthetic-filter-discs-set-of-100.html I am trying to track down the appropriate jars (with a 90mm diameter opening) and am having trouble doing so, here in the UK at least. My best bet (from past experience) seems to be wide-mouth Ball or Kilner jars, but here in the UK I've not been able to track down any jars with the right sized opening. I've found some jars with a 86 or 87mm diameter opening, I'm wondering if anyone knows from experience of working with these filter discs whether they will stretch or compress to fit these dimensions? Does anyone know of any models of jars that will work well with these filter discs? Any input appreciated! Many thanks  
    • PsychoNanoNaut
      I'm waiting for HB to chime in, fingers crossed.
    • johnwayne1357
      holy balls i see mescaline in your future senior. if i were to plant a san pedro anywhere i think itd have to be at a place named san pedro haha and id tell no one. lol whoever did it will know when they see its been trimmed i bet theyll  smile a little lol
    • thadragonmaster
      Nice!! Hope your grow goes good!!
    • CaptainRabbit