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My ACRB extraction

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^^ AR, its all about bark quality and efficiency with extracting. Alright, to the juicy part! Finally got around to emptying the FP dish and have a nice amount in there, as you see the defat

Some xtal porn, I decided to re-crystalize slowly and grow them. So far I have some nice blooms started.

If you have the spare change a set of these is good to have for extractions! Then there's my badass 100ml glass syringe with 8" needle, for serious naps sucking, lol.

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7 hours ago, Mushinist said:

Its definitely good to have around, but I warn it'll become a bug, I have so much glass now it takes up a lot of space so after I'm done I have to store it away in boxes. Other than that I say go for it!

Now you can say nice jugs, lol.

I suspect that I am still on the federal watch list from when I used to cook meth all the time, so I can't be using glassware again yet lol

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Holy smokes bro!!! I'm all giddy and shit, lol.

So you're just leaving the WB to soak over night? Or do you have solvent in the jar?

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Real quick mushinist, can you recommend an online store where I can get those pyrex bottles with the cap? I really wanna get one I can roll for doing deem extractions. Thx :)

Looking great btw. I can't wait to see the defat step.

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