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Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark STB

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Total yield drying from 6 pulls.

Dude, @PsychoNanoNaut sent me this for free!, I'm gonna suck all the naps and some WB and do anothe pull with xylene and finish this jar off

Man, you guys are awesome. I have had nothing but positive experiences from MHRB crystalas with this tek. This is a new batch of mimosa, we will see what it's personality is like... The jar on th

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6 minutes ago, Maddhatter420 said:

Is there a tek for doing this with lemon juice?

For what exactly?

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On 07/28/2017 at 8:00 PM, Mushinist said:

For what exactly?

..... To not have to use caustic substances? Ive read on some posts either here, shroomery, or mycotopia about using lemon juice or vinegar in place of lye.

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These methods shown here are straight to base teks, using an acid is not going to do you any good unless doing an acid to base tek, or a clean up step.

You still have to raise the pH of the soup to freebase the dmt so it will move to your solvent. 

I can assure you that if everything is done correctly, there will be no lye in the end product, but if it bothers you that much you can use CaOH (pickling lime), which is food safe to base you soup, it just does not readily dissolve in water as easily as lye but should still get the pH to around 13ish.

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All this is so over my head I'll probably go to my grave without getting to try all the goodies out there Dam,what a bummer but like is said,can't miss what you haven't had. Lol Love hearing about it though.

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