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Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark STB

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1 hour ago, jamesmoody513 said:

All this is so over my head I'll probably go to my grave without getting to try all the goodies out there Dam,what a bummer but like is said,can't miss what you haven't had. Lol Love hearing about it though.

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Total yield drying from 6 pulls.

Dude, @PsychoNanoNaut sent me this for free!, I'm gonna suck all the naps and some WB and do anothe pull with xylene and finish this jar off

Man, you guys are awesome. I have had nothing but positive experiences from MHRB crystalas with this tek. This is a new batch of mimosa, we will see what it's personality is like... The jar on th

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I so wish I could find a domestic source for mhrb that isn't crazy overpriced nowadays I miss not having to defat

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