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Which would work better for flow hood role thing

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Tump    1,779
Void425    231

A HEPA filter is a HEPA filter.  It does not matter the brand, size, price....they are all the exact same since the definition of a True HEPA filter is it filter out 99.9% of the particles.  The only thing that matters is your ability to get a perfect airtight seal between your blower fan and the filter you purchase.


However, be careful, some manufactures call some inferior filters HEPA-like or HEPA when they are not a True HEPA filter...be sure to do a little research  on the particular one your looking to purchase.

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Mushpunx    59

"  The only thing that matters is your ability to get a perfect airtight seal between your blower fan and the filter you purchase." 

 Not exactly. Not if he wants to build a laminar flow hood... sterile air blowing at your work will just blow contaminants around. It has to be blowing in  laminar flow.  For this you need 100FPM evenly across the filter. You need to do the math to match the proper blower, and build the correct plenum behind the HEPA.

For a filter face of 24 x 48 you will need to match a blower that pushes at least 800CFM @ 1.2 SP (add .2 SP for your prefilter). You will also need a plenum equal to or greater than the depth of the HEPA filter to achieve laminar flow.

Tump that's a really good price for that filter, it would make a very big FH, but I would get a little more information on it. It says its used, who knows how long it's been used and what its been used in.. If its been scrubbing all day for 10 years it could be toast by now. 

More importantly, find out how deep the filter is. 12" deep filters are not preferred for flow hoods. They can work but they are very heavy and bulky, not to mention you would need *at least* a 12" deep plenum on an already very big hood.

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