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Nicholas Sand has Passed Away...

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I watched "The Sunshine Makers" the other nite.:thumbs_up:

Wow. Crazy to think of the scale of what they were dealing with. True Pioneers!


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Thug life? Face palm......I dunno maybe keeping it illegal is bad. look at the This kind of chemicals prohibition this has led to. Why are the safe beneficial and natural things outlawed?  It seems education is important nowadays! Look at the opiod epidemic. Many psychedelics have shown to help these type of addictions and many other things. At least we need to change the law about natural plants...Come on....

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    • Crackeddoor
      After mixing together a bunch of wbs jars with substrate,I underestimated how much it would make, I've been trying to do away with the big monotubs because it's hard to hide so I've been doing bags ,well I ran out of spawn bags so i put the remainder of my spawn in 4 one gallon ziplock bags that i cut a hole in and taped tyvlek to. The problem is the substrate is 4 inches thick in these one gallon bags . I let them colonize for 12 days, during the spawn run the mycelium went nuts , it even grew through the tyvlek patch , its strong and healthy looking growing up the sides of the bags , and it's already pinning. The thing is  I cant  possibly see how it could work with the bags being so full of substrate , I was just kind of rushed and didnt want to waste anything so I threw it in bags not really expecting it to work . The bags are so healthy looking I hate to throw them out , but I'm not sure what to do . Any suggestions? Two of my bags are just verm and the other two are cmc, coir ,and verm... any help would be greatly appreciated ... thank you 
    • Chuggychow
      I just ordered the 23 quart presto pressure cooker. Does anyone use this type for sterilizing jars or bags? I’m thrilled that I can start doing my own substrates now but I’ve never used a PC before is it pretty easy? 
    • Moonphase
      Pulled a gallon bag of substrate out of the freezer.   I'm going to spawn some of the Jalisco jars this next week.   See what happens.    
    • BlurryFace
      So today was a busy day! Transfered ropey strands from the fully colonized GT and KSSS bags to Petri dishes, really hope that some beautiful ropey myc comes of it.  Dycorotic and rizomorphic growth is beautiful.Just a quick peek of a Thai strand going into the dish before we finished up there and went on to start setting up the tubs to spawn to substrate 1 to 3 ratio. This is the Golden Teacher just placed and not spread out yet, ready to be foil wrapped and moved into incubation for 10 days.Volcano at around 10 days and will be getting the casing put over as well today along with two others to be shown later on this day. A wonderful picture of the inside of the greenhouse with what we have started and growing bigger everyday lol. And the final picture showing the humidifier and fan in working order. Would always be welcome to any ideas or different ways to look at things in getting them to grow better! Thank you  
    • Tigerlily
      How did your albinos turn out? Sorry for using old thread. I'm doing albinos rn and cant seem to find much info
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