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Dunking help. Mixing new cakes with second flush

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I would like to dunk some cakes I'll be birthing tonight with a cake I just finished the first flush on. Could this be bad for tam rates? Should I keep them separated?

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I would keep them separate.

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    • moxieshroom
      Great job for only your second grow! 
    • magicman
      The trick to successful bag grows is having a lot of air circulation in the room. I think the fruits have a tendency to get a little bigger too cuz the high co2 levels. The filter patch don’t got nothing on a hole stuffed with poly as far as fae goes though.  Nice work man!
    • DirtBagDan
      Im making chocolate bars
    • moxieshroom
      I dunno, personally, I'd see if the coir is still moist and try to get the gt growing. Then make up a little more coir to see if the aa will grow. Got nothing to loose. Maybe grab some for some g2g or agar if your equiped.
    • moxieshroom
      If your cake smells that bad... Its got contams. Throw it away and start over. The biggest thing you can learn from all of this is to be steril... The cubes know what to do when its steril. If you are growing bulk, its best to have a substrate PH that is slightly high. But steril. That's when it matters. Beyond that, the agar will be fine with no other additives. Cakes, there are a lot of recipes that others have had great success with, same goes with bulk substrate. Just my 2 cents