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Hey guys. So I'm getting to the fruiting stage on one of them and I was wonder what kind of fogger and humidifier to get. Also, how what kind of light should I get. I have a mini green house and i figures that some LED strips would do the trick. Thanks

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When I did my gh, I used a teardrop coolmist humidifier. Worked great

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    • phish
      The 3 Matias Romero cakes have finished their first flush and they all did great I wish I’d taken more photos Fruits are drying now in the dehydrator. Here’s one cake-
    • phish
      Don’t panic. Your jars will be fine. You can actually wait till they show pins in the jar to birth them , if you have no idea when they’ve finished up. 
    • phish
      Those halogen lights are hot af. Are you sure it didn’t get too hot and dry out and kill the mycelium? I think anything in the mid 90’s+ can be heading for big trouble, but I’m not certain . But it still doesn’t look close to being ready to put in fruiting conditions, and has likely stalled a long time ago It shouldn’t take 3 weeks to colonize that tub though. It could be contaminated beneath the surface too. Im thinking it has just stalled out, it’s junk after almost 5 weeks, and I would start over. But maybe someone else will chime in with another idea  Sorry man, my deepest condolences.  Get a couple syringes from Source of Spores. Get some Pennington’s Wild Bird Seed from the super center,Composted cow manure and Coarse vermiculite to start , and you’re in business. Follow a tek closely,in our Bulk Grow forum for sure fire success.
    • KnowledgeisPower
      Yeah I incubated it for about 3 weeks by placing entire tub in 2 black trash bags and used halogen shop lights to maintain temp. l forgot the casing layer😬, what to do now? These are Burma strain from non-sponsor vendor, I wasted the azurescens sadly, they never even colonized the presterilized grain I paid neary 35 bucks on, they just all mushy and slimy 🤕🤧
    • Moonphase
      Wow those are awesome looking!   Blue!   Are those APE.  Had to look it up.  PE is next on my list.   What got me started on this was some Mexican but couldn't tell you if the were cubensis or cyanescens.  But it was great!   Let us know your feeling on potency comparison.