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Grow Oyster Mushrooms Using Psilocybin Methods?

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Having so much fun growing, I want to try growing some gold and pink oyster mushrooms.

To be very generally, I typically do a G2G transfer bulk grow for my cubes. Does this same technique work for oyster mushrooms? I know some mushrooms need very specific grow methods, ie. Chanterelles need to be near the roots of certain trees.

Info about any other edible mushrooms would be great too! I just have a source for oyster mushroom spores.

As always, mush appreciated! 

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Absolutely you can do G2G transfers. Oysters are a very versatile mushroom that can grow on a variety of substrates. 

Very aggressive myc and easy to grow really. The myc doesn't need buried by roots or anything.

Check this area out to start.


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    • Researcher
      I hope I did not miss out on this post. What the study above means is not enzymes for all unfortunately, but rather... They have identified those enzymes and used DNA sequencing to locate where on the genome the genes that encode those enzymes are exactly. Nowadays we can cut and paste DNA, and if you now know where to cut you can remove precisely the genes that make these enzymes. So once they have these DNA fragments, they can then insert them into Aspergillus nidulans genome. If you want me to go into more detail on this let me know, I thought I would save you the boredom and leave it out. And then it reproduces and grows in submerged culture while they are feeding it precursors to psilocybin. So unless we get our hands on a genetically modified A. nidulans strain, we are out of luck. Production options for psilocybin – the making of the magic https://www.pubfacts.com/detail/30011099/Production-Options-for-Psilocybin-Making-of-the-Magic Also it has been found that the paper that this thread is about, sequenced the DNA of P.Serbica and called it Cyanescens. Convergent evolution of psilocybin biosynthesis by psychedelic mushrooms https://www.biorxiv.org/content/early/2018/07/25/374199
    • Yoshida
      Basic grow log to keep track of progress and look back when something messes up feel free to offer tips and suggestions on how to improve things this is just a collection of random thoughts and ideas ; nothing is real everything is fabricated even the fabric!   so i recently had some issues with trichaderma  ive thrown out most everything bought a ozone generator sprayed everything with bleach and pulled out all my hair seriously had to scrub the walls and everything ( or maybe i just went crazy but im not loosing to this green menace ) if youve been through it you know, if you havnt you dont, throw that shit outside first sign!!!    i believe the A+ LC i made is contaminated and i lost all traces of my GT strain , so i went back to a LC i made last year of psilocybe cubensis B+ strain started with whole oats boiled for 30 min, dried for about 6 hours , PC for 90 min inoculated 12 jars with LC and saw fuzzies within a couple days <3 the good shizzz with OBVIOUS RHYZO shook the best looking 2 waited for full colonization of one and split that into 12 gonna split the other one up tomorrow everything already looks 100x better im pretty sure i just didnt notice a contam before and put it into production screwed everything up for a long time   
    • Stipin
      Thank you. I will get one done for everyone. I may buy all new and start over for the tek. After I finished I realized a few steps that I could improve on. 
    • aqudoc
      Looking forward to your tek
    • Stipin
      Yes is does