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Making a bigger cake from BRF jars

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I had 2x nicely colonized BRF jars so before I left on vacation and I crumbled them into some field moist sterilized substrate made of cpoo, verm & hardwood mulch.

I used a 6QT tub lined with a thick black plastic bag.

Here are the results after about 12 days.

This is an experiment and I'm a noob so please keep that in mind....

My whole point in doing this was to see if I could make a bigger "cake" (its now a 4" x 13" x 9" brick) out of the 2x much smaller BRF cakes....

It looks like its working...

is this fully colonized or should I give it some more time? let it pin? advice? any temperature/humidity advice?

When its done, should I dunk it to re hydrate the brick and then case it with a 1/4" layer of verm?


IMG_1772.thumb.JPG.d12d338860b05731d6d8b6ec8ca84ed8.JPG put it back in the black liner then case the top about 1/4"?

My camera sucks.



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Looks good.

At 12 days inc you can case it, put the lid on it and fruit it.

After you case it, cut the liner down. Just be careful not to peel it away from the substrate. Leave the liner stuck to it.

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Thanks MM.

appreciate the assist!

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    • rachael47
      Not sure what your problem is but I am sorry u feel that way!!!
    • mushmouth
      Bullshit. One of your questions was,  "Does spores have magic in them also which makes them stronger?" Not to mention your inability to comprehend many replies.
    • Tripster727
      Lmao i will do that! The other tub is cased.. Just waiting for it to fruit!!! I got a huge ass mono that is almost colonized, im gonna put wax paper on top of the sub so i dont get plastic and what not and use a hot can and melt some holes and use tyvek double maybe triple tyvek unless i can get time n get polyfill or you guys think i can just leave the lid ofd centered and gapped? I can mist and fan if i have to... I will keep y'all posted lmk wat ya think  They do look bare without a casing.... Oh well 
    • rachael47
      Serious about what? I just wondered why they were stronger before the veil breaks. Trying to put things together. I guess it was a stupid question. Sorry
    • phish
      And I stand corrected on the generic Tyvek too Bro ! Lol Forgive the dumb question that I have to ask. You do have a one-hole lid, rubber side down, underneath those Tyvek lids right ?