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Rescheduling psilocybe fungi potentials.

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Reclassification recommendations for drug in 'magic mushrooms'

If phase III clinical trials are successful, researchers suggest categorizing the drug as schedule IV

September 26, 2018
Johns Hopkins Medicine
In an evaluation of the safety and abuse research on the drug in hallucinogenic mushrooms, researchers suggest that if it clears phase III clinical trials, psilocybin should be re-categorized from a schedule I drug -- one with no known medical potential -- to a schedule IV drug such as prescription sleep aids, but with tighter control.


No Magic Mushrooms On The Denver Ballot This Year. Supporters Are Looking To 2019


Denver voters won’t have a chance to “free the spores,” at least not during the 2018 midterms.


The grassroots campaign behind a proposed ballot initiative that would decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms — known by their scientific name psilocybin — ran into a series of hurdles when it came to getting approval from the Denver elections division.

As of this moment ballot language still hasn’t been approved. Kevin Matthews, one of the people behind the Denver Psychoactive Mushroom Decriminalization Initiative said he’s not worried. The group hardly has time to collect the required 5,000 signatures before the city’s mid-August deadline. Instead, now they’re aiming for Denver’s May 2019 ballot.


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    • rachael47
      Not sure what your problem is but I am sorry u feel that way!!!
    • mushmouth
      Bullshit. One of your questions was,  "Does spores have magic in them also which makes them stronger?" Not to mention your inability to comprehend many replies.
    • Tripster727
      Lmao i will do that! The other tub is cased.. Just waiting for it to fruit!!! I got a huge ass mono that is almost colonized, im gonna put wax paper on top of the sub so i dont get plastic and what not and use a hot can and melt some holes and use tyvek double maybe triple tyvek unless i can get time n get polyfill or you guys think i can just leave the lid ofd centered and gapped? I can mist and fan if i have to... I will keep y'all posted lmk wat ya think  They do look bare without a casing.... Oh well 
    • rachael47
      Serious about what? I just wondered why they were stronger before the veil breaks. Trying to put things together. I guess it was a stupid question. Sorry
    • phish
      And I stand corrected on the generic Tyvek too Bro ! Lol Forgive the dumb question that I have to ask. You do have a one-hole lid, rubber side down, underneath those Tyvek lids right ?