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DMT Extraction STB

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Don't want to hijack your thread but I have a question for you most experienced guys. I heard Coleman camp fuel is 100% nap. Have you guys ever used it or know a reason I shouldn't? Naps is a controlled thing in my state and those around me. 

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Just be aware that it does usually contain other solvents in it as well, like cyclohexane, heptane, pentane etc, so I wouldn't say its 100% naps . 

You can use it, just do a small evap test on a mirror to make sure nothing is left behind, if there is don't use it of course.

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Thank you. :) I will test it first, if it doesn't look good I can just burn it

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    • rachael47
      Not sure what your problem is but I am sorry u feel that way!!!
    • mushmouth
      Bullshit. One of your questions was,  "Does spores have magic in them also which makes them stronger?" Not to mention your inability to comprehend many replies.
    • Tripster727
      Lmao i will do that! The other tub is cased.. Just waiting for it to fruit!!! I got a huge ass mono that is almost colonized, im gonna put wax paper on top of the sub so i dont get plastic and what not and use a hot can and melt some holes and use tyvek double maybe triple tyvek unless i can get time n get polyfill or you guys think i can just leave the lid ofd centered and gapped? I can mist and fan if i have to... I will keep y'all posted lmk wat ya think  They do look bare without a casing.... Oh well 
    • rachael47
      Serious about what? I just wondered why they were stronger before the veil breaks. Trying to put things together. I guess it was a stupid question. Sorry
    • phish
      And I stand corrected on the generic Tyvek too Bro ! Lol Forgive the dumb question that I have to ask. You do have a one-hole lid, rubber side down, underneath those Tyvek lids right ?