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Gathering Supplies & Interaction Safety Guide

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Hello, just wanted to give something back to this community. Below is my own personal methodology for the safety of this hobby if you choose to partake in it. Everybody does things differently and is by no means some type of gold standard, but I especially wanted newcomers to have a resource they could draw from if they were anxious about potential consequences. Feel free to share and distribute if you'd like. No credit needed.


Purchasing locally

·       Always pay cash

·       For more common supplies such as polyfill and jars, purchase over a couple days. Never walk up to a checkout counter with all your supplies being put on one receipt. Even better, split the supplies between two different locations if possible.

·       For more specialty supplies such as Rye Grain or any other supply you may be purchasing at a local shop try not to have too much interaction with the staff. If you must interact to feel comfortable, come up with an excuse beforehand for why you’re buying the supplies if they inquire in a friendly way.

·       Never sign up for their customer loyalty programs. That means there will be a file with your name on it that has a record of all the supplies you’ve bought from them and when.

Researching/Purchasing Online

·       The first and most important thing to remember, it’s nearly impossible to be 100% anonymous on the internet. But with the proper precautions, you can dramatically lower the ability for anyone to track you.

·       Safest recommendation is to use Tor in conjunction with a trusted VPN client. The best clients will be paid services, invest in your safety and pick one you like. If this isn’t an option, do your research or make your purchase using the Tor browser and use the “New Identity” function after every session.

·       If you are going to make a purchase of spore syringes or even very obvious mycology supplies online there’s several precautions you’ll want to take:

o   Always use VPN/Tor services as mentioned above.

o   Create a fake identity (Use a search engine to find a plausible first and last name)

o   Never use a typical email address like Gmail or Outlook. Either enter a completely random email (If you’re okay without a shipping confirmation) or use one of many temporary email services.

Informing others/Communication

·       With each person that knows about your grow or intention to grow, your risk goes up slightly. Know your friends and make good decisions, if you wouldn’t trust them with keeping you out of prison, maybe it’s best they remain oblivious. Doesn’t mean you can’t share the fruits with them!

·       Don’t snapchat your grow. While the other user may no longer be able to access the file, it stays on Snapchat’s servers for quite a while. Why have evidence of a felony stored on a company’s server?

·       Additionally, if you’d like to reduce your risk even more, don’t talk about your grow over text message at all. No pictures or anything. I’d recommend using Signal (An encrypted messenger) to discuss and send pictures to anybody you might want to communicate with.

s"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you" - Joseph Heller





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    • MysticMadness
      Got it. I thought that was what you meant @phish but I wanted to be sure I hadn't misinformed someone. Thanks for clarifying that guys. Been a while since I've been around and I'm getting old so I could have forgotten or it could have changed either one.  
    • Mushinist
      Yes they are sponsor's, the only sponsor, but as phish mentioned we control no aspects of that part of the site. Phish couldn't have said it better, not sure what's going on with SOS!
    • phish
      SOS puts out a great product in the long run. But I’m the kind of guy that likes to keep a couple good vendors at hand for my supplies.  Some carry exotics or edibles that the other doesn’t, at different times. “Affiliation” was probably a poor choice of words. We have no working relationship, influence or or any sway of any kind with SOS
    • Mushinist
      Yeah my phone is old AF, but until it craps out on me I'm not buying another one. I know you can buy little macro lenses for them, since mine doesn't have a macro setting, but oh well.  Thanks for the info though, may just give that a try next time!
    • Tattooed Headshrinker
      Thanks for the replies. I was hoping their delivery times would be a little faster since it says 4-5 days on their website. I have everything I need for my first grow except the spores. Hopefully my order will arrive eventually, but in the meantime I might order spores from another vendor so I can get started sooner rather than later.  BTW, I was listening to Phish when phish replies to this thread.