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First grow, turning out well...?

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Hey guys! First grow and first post. Just curious if these guys are looking the right size and such. I already tried fruiting without soaking at first and got enough to play with but then went for the dunk and roll (only in fine verm) and obviously saw a big difference. I'm wondering if I was fanning too much because I read today that it can cause smaller fruits. I was fanning 3 to 4 times daily after reading that the white fuzz I encountered was likely myc with not enough fae. The fuzz receded well doing this and I haven't seen it come back, but now I'm just worried I didn't treat them well enough to get them to grow larger. 


I am fruiting in a myco bag with a .5 micron filter. One of my others is producing some larger guys but I'm not entirely sure what the factor is causing this much of a difference.  Both were noc'd the same day and with the same syringe of the Guad strain, one was ready about a day later than the other.


There's so many variables involved,  I'm wondering how some of you fine folk get the most out of their fruits and flushes doing brf cakes. 


I'm planning on working up to my two big tubs everyday when I get this down. I have a smaller (6 qt.) opaque tub that will be the next fruiting strategy. I want to see the sub absolutely taken over by these guys. 


Such a fascinating hobby, quickly becoming my second big passion (first is dmt extraction and work :p)


Anyways here's  what they're looking like after I plucked  the first cake. The ones closest to the bottom of pic are Guadalahara, the top are from a golden teacher cake I am soaking now.



I'm leaving the bigger ones in their bag to finish their cycle,  they haven't started opening up much yet. 




Oh and I'm not entirely sure how long to soak after the first flush. Been searcbing for some info on that. Just the same as the first flush, 24 hrs? 


Aaaand sorry last question, did I coat the cakes too much in verm? The tops aren't wanting to pin much. I got a couple good ones from the tops of the cakes but the majority is coming out the sides.


So many awesome people here by the way! Much Love to fungus community! 


Peace and L.O.V.E. - Living as One Vibrational Entity 



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Some of them do look on the smaller side but sounds like you've already found the most common trigger of this - too much FAE. You should see some bigger fruits second flush.

I can't see the cakes too well but from what I can see - verm looks fine. The side pinning is pretty common with PF tek/BRF cakes, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. 

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Sweet yeah I realized too close to work yesterday that I did not post any cake pics lol I plucked my big ones last night because the caps were very ready to print so I've got my biggest one doing that and gave the second biggest to an extended brother of mine...buut I foolishly forgot to do measurements (or take pictures, was too excited to eat the little buddies ha) on the biggest before printing and we indulged along with another brother. The cap probably is about 2.5 inch though. Beautifully mellow come up from the fresh guys, I've not ever had a chance to eat them like this, really digging every part of this lol

Anyway here's some cake pics of what they're looking like now,  I kmow you said they look alright from what's showing but it's only right that I actually provide the pics I had asked about :P


This one is soaking for second flush,  should I reroll in more casing or is it enough left behind that wouldn't rinse off? I do plan on getting the stuff needed for a nutrient rich casing. I could just wait for that. Also wanted to maybe just grate this one up in a small tub with case layering and see if the second flush produces better switching it up. 

This one had the bigger ones on it but the small ones weren't looking ready


wasn't sure if I should still pull off and soak again so I'm letting it go..unless that's a bad idea lol I guess I haven't looked up much in that regard.

Going to scour around and see what casing option I'll go with. I only have 20 bucks left and I want more (and coarse) verm, the casing and I'm going to get some pp5 containers. 

I appreciate the response! It's really reassuring knowing there's a whole community of safe and amazing people to go through this with! Thanks in advance to this whole forum for imparting the wisdom to come :)

Peace and L.O.V.E.

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I’d keep fruiting them until they’re spent or contaminate. Good job!

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    • OldManDan
      Pretty crappy quality pic, but, everything was white.  Started GT spores on agar here 6 days ago.  Took pic in still air box, may be contaminated now but who knows, I'll find out soon enough.   Cut into 6 pieces.  1 went into a jar of LC, 5 went into WBS jars. Going to be doing another round of WBS and 1 LC in the next week or two, whenever my PES hawaiin spores get here from different vendor.
    • Tripster727
      Beautiful! Congrats 👏
    • Tripster727
      I'm back. Nd yeah absent thoughts i got a super nice pinset going now no casing layer! on 3rd flush, also made a super clean LC. Strain is PF CLASSIC. I did make a print from the GT i doubt the sterility of it though so im not wasting any time with that yet.. Things are moving along 
    • OldManDan
      Parts per million and electrical current of the water.  Measured before you feed and after(after is measured through runoff).  You can buy a meter to test water with nutrient solution.  Although there is a K.I.S.S. method that wirks fine amd you dont need meters and a lot of water testing.  Just get Maxibloom and weigh out 7 grams per gallon of water, or use flora Nova bloom as directed.  With a ppm/EC meter you can fine tune exactly how much nutes your plants are getting for perfect dosage of the nutrients if you will.
    • Dr. Trip
      Dude myco, those things are pretty af! Quick question though, you said " PPM/ec (Going in and out) " idk what you're talking about here, PPM parts per million? of what?