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Hello! I'm a noob here with just a couple posts, and this is my first grow. Seems like this took years LOL!

To recap, my first issue was grain spawn progress getting stuck, which turned out to be because I had omitted Tyvek on my jars. Once it was pointed out to me that the myc was suffocating, I took a chance and poked through the silicone seal and hoped for the best. Out of seven jars I did this to, two became obviously contaminated. I dug a hole in the backyard, threw an old log into it and poured the tammed jars in and buried, hoping for a surprise later. Bottom line, don't skip the Tyvek!

Next, I took my five remaining jars and put each in a 6qt tub with coir, mixed it all up, made sure the surface was even but not packed, covered each with foil and put back in the incubator to spawn. Problem was, since my grain got stuck earlier, I was now running into the holidays with a planned trip. So after 14 days in the incubator (and right before my holiday trip), on the advice of @Mushinist (THANK YOU!) I opened them up for casing, intending to case and put back into the incubator for 4 more days until I returned. Opening each up I only had one of them tammed, it was also planted in the backyard with a log and a prayer. The remaining four looked healthy. I didn't say they looked good.017.thumb.jpg.9432eed6e24b00cb010098515cdea787.jpg017.thumb.jpg.9432eed6e24b00cb010098515cdea787.jpg

I think that my sub was a little too moist, and it was unevenly moist -- I had PC'ed it in a bag, and a lot of the moisture had pooled in the lower part of the bag, so getting the field capacity right was difficult. I wasn't off enough to kill it, but the surface of two tubs were very moist and it seemed like the more moisture there was the more uneven it got. Anyway, I cased the four tubs with the 50/50+ recipe using peat and verm and put them in the incubator until I returned from my holiday trip.016.thumb.jpg.1e60f7b9d750ff72b39f874aa7c4c3ce.jpg

A note on the casing: it was difficult for me to measure the peat as a volume measurement as per the recipe. I mean, the stuff is not dense. Are you supposed to mash it down? If so how much? What about all the stems and sticks? It seemed like after PCing the verm turned to mud with metallic flecks and the peat just disappeared, so my casing was more verm than anything. It still worked though, with some difficulties I will point out in a minute. Cracking open the incubator, things still looked good (i.e., no tam!) but some of the myc had just partied on the casing layer so everything was even more uneven. I dropped the temp to 68-ish and began fanning and misting. Soon I had pins (pencil is only for size reference, not pointing at anything).014.thumb.jpg.9901c89337c20a7a8e17176cc6efab7b.jpg013.thumb.jpg.cb4c736922792067a0a8feb8022fe0fe.jpg011.thumb.jpg.582970dbf399661182518a08b6fd43d3.jpg010.thumb.jpg.c1c7f7f9c08d3c5236fcf954f205c561.jpg

Then I had some mushies coming up. This was really just amazing to watch as a first-timer.012.thumb.jpg.a509de59c7caaaff7ebd442fb1667c48.jpg006.thumb.jpg.54855c5bc98076c0d4a70a873282919c.jpg009.thumb.jpg.97bf7edfd25358f6778117d680c74d25.jpg

Before I knew it, it was time to harvest. In each tub, some fruit was ready earlier than others, a lot earlier. I ended up picking those that had dropped the veil and were starting to drop spores, and fanned and misted the others to harvest no more than 12-14 hours later. This seemed to work pretty well as it gave the smaller fruits more time to grow and bulk up, which they did. 001.jpg.56751d3e285602084d35248fd4507300.jpg008.thumb.jpg.52b3dd0d91cbfac4279ae1f13d38cabb.jpg

Now here is where I had some trouble with the casing. I don't know if this is just part of the harvest for everyone, but the areas of myc that had broken through the casing tended to grow multiple stems on the same base, and these were difficult to get out -- the shrooms that had grown individually were relatively easy to twist and rock out, but the multiples always brought a good chuck of myc with them. Moreover, since the casing layer was heavy on the verm, the bases had these little paper-thin metallic verm flecks that were super hard to clean off. So much so that I really want to avoid verm as a casing material if possible! I got a toothbrush and cleaned them up as much as possible, but it was not a good time and I ended up just cutting a lot of it off. This photo shows what I'm talking about. Very messy.003.thumb.jpg.64b6c48764b5414db5f3e889f3a338ce.jpg

I don't have a digital scale (yet), but a kitchen scale showed yields (fresh) of about 14oz per tub, which at this point seems like a lifetime supply of medicine! (And in the meantime, trying to refine my technique I started another 7 jars. They are looking amazing, ready to move to tubs in a few days, but my timing once again is off because I have more flushes on this first grow to go...). I think I need to try some edibles or something so I can keep growing. Anyway, here is one final picture for you, cracker dry:Untitled-1.jpg.4820cc64635f2e56ad23c139bab77331.jpg

Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks so mush for all your help!


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You put the tubs back in the inc after u cased the sub? Those look pretty.

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Yes, I didn't *want* to put them back in the inc, I just had to leave town for the holiday and that meant I wouldn't be around to put them into fruiting. So rather than leave them in the incubator for 20-21 days, I took them out, cased, then returned them to the inc while I was away and started fruiting conditions right when I got back. This is what Mushinist suggested I do, and it worked out ok.

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They look good Blackstar, always nice to have a good haul right after the holidays!

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    • Newgrower222
      Thanks for the info. So I went on and tried to create 2 jars of LC. One with maple syrup and one with honey. I did them just like the instructions on this forum and was as careful as possible not to get contamination like sterilising the needle after each injection and so on. The jars you see in the picture are for more than 20 days ago if you look really close there are some tiny strings are visible in there but I'm not sure if it's mycelium. And the two jars of grains are a mix of grains and wild bird seed. It's been 5 days since I injected them with spore syringe but there is no sign of mycelium, not even a green mold of contamination. The syringe is b+ from Avalon . I'm thinking maybe I've got pure water inside a syringe. Give me some hope guys it's really frostrating to see the only hope of fun I had is going nowhere.😑😑😑 I don't even care about taking shrooms I just want to see mycelium grow... Btw I've been keeping the jars in a room temperature in the dark of course.
    • DonkeyHote
      Now that you have pins I would cut back on the fanning.  When my mush stays small, it's usually a lack of FAE. My setup is ultra low tek. I start sgfc with the holes taped up on sides and top. After I get pins I untape some/most of the holes to adjust FAE. It's kind of bootleg, but it's working for me at the moment. I usually average 3g per cake, per flush.    Congrats on getting those to finally pop.
    • Organix
      Thank you for the library of information & community! Questions regarding the Mush Zombie 60 qt monotub: During the "spawn to tub" (Section 3) 1)Do the holes need to be in place at this point? 2)Would it be ok to have the trash bag fully encapsulate the environment or does there need to be sufficient air exchange at this point? 3)If this is an issue during day 1 of 10 incubation, should one open the tub once a day to provide fresh air, or will it be ok for this 10 day period? The tub is in a 81*F bath (Cold House) & placed inside another tub to float on top. If all is good great, otherwise any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Again!
    • Sonshyn
      I don’t think you’ll be able to post anything without me reading it in Bill’s voice . 
    • Mush Zombie
      Welcome to shroomology