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Diy Flowhood W/ Pics

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what was the total cost?  thinking about putting one together, my glovebox works and all, but it is a pain in the ass...

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Sorry for the delay on this guys, I got distracted this weekend, and then when I got it all together the PS didn't work, so I've gotta get another. I think I have another one out in the shed, just gotta go dig it out....





what was the total cost?  thinking about putting one together, my glovebox works and all, but it is a pain in the ass...


Total cost was only about $65 for me, but I already had the fan and a power supply ( I hope ). If you have to purchase the fan, it will be in the neighborhood of around $125 - $175. Here is a link to the fan I'm using.



And there are some more suited for this application on this page. Can't purchase them here, and I'm honestly not sure of an inexpensive source for this type of fan.




Here is a link to the gallery with all of the pics, I'll organize them into a tek and update the first post once I get a good PS on it and can verify that everything is working properly. Enjoy!



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    • Don_Shadow
      Hey I found some of these telephone brand packets in an Asian market yesterday. They advertise as 25g but when I weighed it they come to a measly 17g, just fyi Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Don_Shadow
      The tyvek envelopes are the same thickness as the tyvek house-wrap used for waterproofing buildings. The suit tyvek works but it is extremely flimsy and a major pain to work with. I would suggest having a member from the USA send you some envelopes, or do some research to find out what grade or thickness of tyvek is used for house-wrap and buy it online. Your most economical option is probably to ask someone to send you envelopes. Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • mushmouth
      Dam. I've never seen it in cool sheets like that. I'm not sure. I would imagine it's all the same but I know the envelopes I use are very different to the suits other people use.
    • Samwise
      Hey mushmouth, thanks for the input here, guessing the tyvek will give me more options regarding jar opening size as I can cut to fit? I can definitely get hold of Ball jars. Are these sources good on the Tyvek front, is this the stuff I'm after?? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tyvek-Fabric-by-the-metre/dp/B00JBBOAM8/ref=pd_sim_201_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=DS324T5MT3YHYRRFS1CJ http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tyvek-Fabric-Pack-of-10-A4-sheets-Tyvek-Fabric-43-gsm-/272517007214?hash=item3f7347876e:g:YDwAAOxy7vJTdTXn
    • Mushinist
      Yes, sounds like you know what I'm talking about. Its actually "Earthwalkers mini a/b" from over at the nexus, and it works wonders for cleaning up acacia extractions.    Yes, I would try to break it down somehow then do some freeze thaws. Then while its in the strong basic soup use something like a potato masher to break it down further. You just want to be able to lyse all the cells to retrieve all the goodies, if you don't get it broke down enough you may not get it all out. There's nothing wrong with letting it soak in the soup for a day or 2 to break down either, the longer, then the further it'll break down.