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Diy Flowhood W/ Pics

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what was the total cost?  thinking about putting one together, my glovebox works and all, but it is a pain in the ass...

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Sorry for the delay on this guys, I got distracted this weekend, and then when I got it all together the PS didn't work, so I've gotta get another. I think I have another one out in the shed, just gotta go dig it out....





what was the total cost?  thinking about putting one together, my glovebox works and all, but it is a pain in the ass...


Total cost was only about $65 for me, but I already had the fan and a power supply ( I hope ). If you have to purchase the fan, it will be in the neighborhood of around $125 - $175. Here is a link to the fan I'm using.



And there are some more suited for this application on this page. Can't purchase them here, and I'm honestly not sure of an inexpensive source for this type of fan.




Here is a link to the gallery with all of the pics, I'll organize them into a tek and update the first post once I get a good PS on it and can verify that everything is working properly. Enjoy!



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    • jamesmoody513
      TT, I'm asking same question about a pe swab. If u find out anything definite, be sure to let us all know.       Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk    
    • tomentose
      Got my PE today thanks!

      First time working with a swab based innoculation vector, Agar and LC are not options atm, are they any methods i could use besides making a single Grain jar then doing G2G?
    • Fungi2b
      All that stuff can be found in the salt water fish section. You would have to read what is used in the ph adjust kit.
    • jamesmoody513
      U should definitely not have any snakes calling over ur sub. I once read that diatonicmaceous earth would scratch reptiles belly plates & cause them to dehydrate. That's what it said.lol   Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk    
    • Mush Zombie
      Read my teks. None of them use gypsum at all. Then look at the results. I'm positive I can grow many species of mushrooms. Not just cubes. It can definitely be skipped! Although you do need to adjust pH with most bulk substrates. You can use gypsum to adjust pH, I just prefer using calcium hydroxide for that since it instantly adjusts pH. Gypsum is a pH buffer meaning it helps keep pH stable, but this is not effective against mycelium, as mycelium does excrete acidic enzymes as it decomposes the substrate. But because it is a buffer it doesn't really increase pH as much as calcium hydroxide will. It more so just keeps it steady in dirt.