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Adding to substrate

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I've been curious about the molecule structure and I've been wanting to do experiments with the substrate.

First of all I was going to start with the PF Tek.  In one or two of my jars I wanted to add powderized Mimosa hostilis root bark. But now I'm wondering if it would be better to let the mycelium colonize first and then after add an outer layer of bark.

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You should do this with the bark...


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Wouldn't it be less expensive and less wasteful to use the building blocks of life (amino acids) like L-tryptophan to experiment with? If you are experimenting to try and make a more potent cube, keep in mind cube max out in the desirable alkaloids. I'm sure you already know this though and are most likely just having fun with the idea and to see for yourself if it can be done. 

Like mentioned above, save the bark for an extraction. But do try an add tryptophan to your sub at about 1% of the nutritional content of your sub by weight. It is a waste to use more than that because cube will max out on the % of alkaloids no matter what you add.

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    • Moonphase
      Peeked again today.   3 of the 10 Corumba jars appear to be 100% colonized or real close and may be ready for the fruiting chamber in 7-10 days.   4 of them have some, a failed to pack area, near the glass side and I am assuming that was due to me not wanting to pack them to tight while loading them.   The one I missed a noc point on is the farthest behind obviously and I'm hoping it doesn't stall out before fully colonizing.   The A+ are coming along slowly.   No signs of tam.   Next Sunday I'll know more at the 3 week point.   So far so good.  
    • Moonphase
      Only one way to find out for sure.   Mix it with a good substrate and see if it colonizes cleanly.   If so case it and put it into fruiting conditions.  
    • Mushinist
      Yum, the bottom looks like it's full of bacteria hence the gooey looking grains, and if it takes 2 months to get to that weak looking myc then something is wrong. With GT it should look more like a big cotton ball. 
    • DonkeyHote
      It looks ok to me. I would proceed to the next step of your tek. I assume you're going to mix with a bulk substrate.
    • AmySorg
      So I bought two grain spawn bags (from shroom supply). They took forever to grew the mycelium (almost two months). The first one was very weird so I just threw it away (sadly). The Second one is weird so I'm not sure if I should proceed with it.    There's white all over it but it doesn't look like mycelium but it doesn't look like mold either.    Can you guys help me please?