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Could be a lot of things why it didn’t colonize right. Did you add lime to your sub to balance ph? If it was over or under field capacity that could affect colonization, or a few other possibilities. At least you got fruits, good job!!

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I could've been more descriptive. No lime, its just a rez tek plain verm. Nd yeah maybe the verm dried out or was too moist, i thought that too. This has happened a few times. I do it to field capacity and still... Either that or i added too much sub to spawn ratio? Doesnt matter now i gor plenty of fruits. Also just had all my jars contamintate on me. I have to now figure out if my spore syringe is crap or what the hells going on... Getring morw projects going now, but this is my first rub with contam and its discouraging :  (  that wasnt the final pic either there was a bunch more mushies 

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    • Moonphase
      Only one way to find out for sure.   Mix it with a good substrate and see if it colonizes cleanly.   If so case it and put it into fruiting conditions.  
    • Mushinist
      Yum, the bottom looks like it's full of bacteria hence the gooey looking grains, and if it takes 2 months to get to that weak looking myc then something is wrong. With GT it should look more like a big cotton ball. 
    • DonkeyHote
      It looks ok to me. I would proceed to the next step of your tek. I assume you're going to mix with a bulk substrate.
    • AmySorg
      So I bought two grain spawn bags (from shroom supply). They took forever to grew the mycelium (almost two months). The first one was very weird so I just threw it away (sadly). The Second one is weird so I'm not sure if I should proceed with it.    There's white all over it but it doesn't look like mycelium but it doesn't look like mold either.    Can you guys help me please? 
    • Sonshyn
      So the tek says you need an oven bag with a blue ship about 1/3 from the bottom  of the bag, and a tyvek patch 2/3 of the way to the top of the bag that you tape on or use rtv.    My my question is it says to cover the patch with foil so the tyvek doesn’t get wet ... so just tape some foil over the patch or???