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Cambodian Pf Tek Help please

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Hello all! New to this hobbie and I'm already hooked..anyway I have a couple questions and any help would be greatly appreciated..Ill add a pic below.

I have pins growing at the bottom of my cake that is sitting on a lid..should I center the cake better to alllow these pins to grow past the edge of the lid?

Also how often should I mist and fan during this stage?


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    • Sonshyn
      I’m going foraging a little ways from Maryland in another week or two 
    • Moonphase
      Learning a lot reading your posts keep it up. 
    • Mush Zombie
      Oh I apologize I was confused as to which thread I was commenting in. My last reply was about actual fruiting chambers and conditions. You are incubating. You need to maintain 77-80* air temperatures during incubation but do not sit your bags directly on a heating source. 
    • Iamchefmo
      Makes sense. So do you recommend that I put the tote away from the heater so it falls back to room temperature? I know contams are higher risk at higher temps but I also read it promotes healthier mycelium and faster colonization times. I thought I'd give it a shot since my other bags failed on the shelf   
    • Mush Zombie
      That is due to a phenomenon known as dew point. The air in the fruiting chamber is much warmer than the plastic of it. This causes the moisture in the air to condense on the walls. Like brining a cold can of soda outside during the summer. the goal is to cool the air in the fc to about that of the plastic. 68-72 degrees.  Condensate almost always indicates temps too high