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Cambodian Pf Tek Help please

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Hello all! New to this hobbie and I'm already hooked..anyway I have a couple questions and any help would be greatly appreciated..Ill add a pic below.

I have pins growing at the bottom of my cake that is sitting on a lid..should I center the cake better to alllow these pins to grow past the edge of the lid?

Also how often should I mist and fan during this stage?


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    • Moonphase
      Peeked again today.   3 of the 10 Corumba jars appear to be 100% colonized or real close and may be ready for the fruiting chamber in 7-10 days.   4 of them have some, a failed to pack area, near the glass side and I am assuming that was due to me not wanting to pack them to tight while loading them.   The one I missed a noc point on is the farthest behind obviously and I'm hoping it doesn't stall out before fully colonizing.   The A+ are coming along slowly.   No signs of tam.   Next Sunday I'll know more at the 3 week point.   So far so good.  
    • Moonphase
      Only one way to find out for sure.   Mix it with a good substrate and see if it colonizes cleanly.   If so case it and put it into fruiting conditions.  
    • Mushinist
      Yum, the bottom looks like it's full of bacteria hence the gooey looking grains, and if it takes 2 months to get to that weak looking myc then something is wrong. With GT it should look more like a big cotton ball. 
    • DonkeyHote
      It looks ok to me. I would proceed to the next step of your tek. I assume you're going to mix with a bulk substrate.
    • AmySorg
      So I bought two grain spawn bags (from shroom supply). They took forever to grew the mycelium (almost two months). The first one was very weird so I just threw it away (sadly). The Second one is weird so I'm not sure if I should proceed with it.    There's white all over it but it doesn't look like mycelium but it doesn't look like mold either.    Can you guys help me please?