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Help - getting migraines around my substrate jars

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So....this hasn't been a great first timer experience. I went and checked on my jars today and immediately started feeling nauseous and had a headache. Should I just toss the whole set of jars?


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Yes. If you did not feel well toss everything. What though made you feel that way? 


You can always start over 

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It might be all in your head. Some people who work in office buildings say that the smell of sprinkler water gives them headaches and they have to leave. At this point, it's just something to laugh at.

Try to be brave, my friend.

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Coincidence.    Don't be paranoid.   

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Normally my migraines are triggered by barometric pressure changes or I get normal headaches from either dehydration, lack of sugar for X amount of time, lack of caffeine for X amount of time. 

Psylocybin is used to treat cluster headaches, so it may actually help with your migraines.  I'll let you know if it works for me once I have some ready.

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    • MagicalCriminal
      The casing keeps moisture in. It's not needed if you can maintain 90-95% rh. If you have occasional problems with your humidifier, casing would be insurance.
    • Moonphase
      Great looking.  Enjoy.  
    • dzdzdz
      Oh true so you would want to hit them right at cloning stage? Did to more sugars at the roots 
    • keebles124
        *****Sorry i posted twice, not sure where was the best place**** Hey all, straight to the point.... Got Burma fruiting.  Pins started off brownish and now are tinted blue.  I believe the substrate did dry out a little bit when pins started to appear, but i added a little water on the sides of the tray just so it would wick some water up into it, which it did,  then i poured off the excess, being gentle as i did so.  Humidity(old humidifier) wasn't consistent after casing, now it's stable at 90% Temp stable. (68-72) Growth consistent daily No ugly contams anywhere.   My potential fuck ups: -Forgot plastic lining in tray - casing too thick maybe (50/50 peat/verm only) maybe 1/4in thick, will go thinner next time - over misted to add moisture during early humidity issues. (Slowed down misting after humidity fixed)   Questions:   -Are they still good? -Is it bruising from errors or the potency stuff that is talked about? -do i even need casing next time, since they grew from the uncased sides of the tray? -oh yea, most importantly, are they still good?   Thanks in advance.
    • Baphomet
      That looks ready to me!