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The Kraken Cub

Multi strain, mono-tub madness

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The Kraken Cub

Title Kinda states it all,

Have multiple strains Knocked up By MS, bad weather destroyed all my cultures so i am restarting. 

Should all be ready to go in 2 and 3 weeks.  Using WBS and Rye grains to look at differences in times and potency, takein the golden teacher to Agar as too the MS syringe is tamed. 66qt tubs,  not much more to be said at the moment either than, this will be a large grow and will start posting pictures of progress for educational purposes  when my master jars are about to be G2G.

i have 16 master jars and plan setting them all to 10 jars (160 Qts of spawn).

lets see if we can get pans to run strong in a mono, thats really all i care about,

spore prints of the cubes will be available for trade or just for fun , Pans are up in the air as to experimental on my part 

Ask questions ill answer to the best of my ablity if your curious, until then, you wont here back from me

happy trails 

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