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Hypothesis for Faster Cheaper Psilocybin Production

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Making LC rn

looking at these two links:




In the FBI report they studied the strain psilocybe cyanescenes and found that psilocybin is only found in the fully grown mushroom. NOT IN THE MYCELIUM(or the spores or the mycelium knots). The report also states that there are however 4 different families of mushrooms with many different species within each. The test was just on cyanescens.


these two points by MZ are super critical!!!!

3. The paper identified the shroom grown (PF race) as a Psilocybe Cyanescens. Everyone knows that the PF race is Psilocybe Cubensis and not Psilocybe Cyanescens.....What the scientists did was to ignore what PF said about the identity of the shroom and went to the books and keys to do an objective ID, and what they obviously saw was that the PF race shroom looks more like a Psilocybe Cyanescens than a Psilocybe Cubensis. They refer to it as a "variant of the species". This is more vindication of PF's new concept of spore race as opposed to the common designation - "strain", which falls short of describing these various races that do not mate, but stay unique and separate.
4. They found no drugs in the young mycelium. This is very surpising, because after ingestion of "tea" made from boiling down mycelium engulfed grain, a slight "psilocybian buzz" can be felt for a brief time. The answer is that the lab equipment could not detect an amount of psilocybin that the human psyche can!
(first the strain was actually likely to be cubensis, not cyanescens, which could be important, I’m not sure tbh)
second, very important, people have gotten high off of mycelium! It does contain psilocybin contrary to the report!


Is there a psilocybin species in which psilocybin is found in the mycelium?

(or at least larger amounts)

sidequestion:of those of you who have had mycelium tea(sounds nasty :P); did it work and what strain did you use?



LC is composed of mycelium and that shit is quick and easy to grow. No one wants to eat liquid mycelium but if you were able to use PF’s crystal of the gods technique on an LC that did happen to contain psilocybin, than you would be able to produce psilocybin(NOT ShROOmS) with a much much faster, much cheaper, and much simpler process. In fact you would get to skip all the grain, dirt and FCs and go straight from Spore syringe, LC, PF god tek. A process that would just take a week and could be done on scales of tubs or vats to up production even more.

you would have a one week process with only one chance for contam instead of the month long or so, and more risky process(not to mention time consuming)of growing the shroom themselves



a species with psilocybin in the LC mycelium might not exist( or at least not in high enough quantities to be worth it)

if so...Feelsbadman


the nutrients(Karo, malt, honey or whatever) could get in the way of the PF Tek which calls for dried shrooms instead of sugary liquid

(maybe you could let the LC dry out first?)



If anyone thinks such a species could exist share that shit, that could really change the way people produce an get high on psilocybin 

behind the walls of intelligence life is defined

peace god




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Mush Zombie

Don't waste your time. There is no quantifiable amount of psilocybin in mycelium until primordia formation, and even then it is negligible. Primordia formation doesn't really occur in lc very often. Even if it does, you will have to have a virtual WAREHOUSE of mycelium, because there will still not be very much psilocybin to extract.

The mycelium in LC looks dense, but it is not. There is actually very little mycelium in an LC. You will need dense formations of mycelium (like a mushroom) to produce any significant amount (after primordia formation). LC won't work for this.

Also, you don't know if you are growing mold or mycelium in LC since both mushrooms and mold produce mycelium. Mold produces mycotoxins that can make people really sick and in some cases kill people. NO ONE produces pure cultures 100% of the time. Just imagine having spent $3000 on grain alcohol to extract all this crap then you wind up in the hospital because your throat is swollen shut or something like that.

I do not believe everything pf (or any person on the internet) says. He ran a business selling spores. He had something to sell people. Maybe it was dreams lol

Good too see someone thinking regardless. I like logic.

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