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Absolute sterile Glovebox STK Tek

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PsHey there guys i‘ve been starting out with my own Cubensis Mexicana cultivation.

I‘m a med student and tried to make the procedure as sterile as possible at any point eventhough i obviously didnt invent any of this techniques 😜.

Pics of my final box can be seen in the end of the post and i also have some questions in the end regarding my shrooms in the end ✌️.

For my setup you will need:

- A Plastic container with at least 50-70l, preferrable with seals already installed but you can also get some yourself.

- 2 long plastic containers with appropriate closing and sealing mechanism that has a smaller hight than the cultivation container itself (pls measure because this might cause problems in the end)

- 2 syringes of 2 component epoxy glue

- Bathroom sealing silicone pistols

- Hot glue and a hot glue pistol

- in case your container wont have sealings, a 5m of door or window seals

- WD 40 spray (its a oil with a specific prayhead that uses a very tiny pipe to reach specific places) (ill attach a pic in the end)

- A CPU fan

- An aquarium heater

- A bottle that is big enough to fit the aquarium heater but still fits your main plastic box!

- 2 preferrably extra long, resistant to acid gloves in your size or better a little bigger

(2 in casesonethibg goes wrong and take first your size and anothe with a size larger than yours... i needed the larger ones even after measuring my hands)

- 2 metal clamps with screws to mane them smaller that are larger than the pipe diameter you chose before!

- 3x Sterile and surgical compresses

- Duct tape or the transparent tape to seal a package is also just fine

(you will need it to close your gasexchange hole and in case you dont have a sealed container to avoid contaminated air leakage from the lid)

- Surface desinfectant or if you cant find it or you wanna go a little cheaper, use 70% alc or isopopylalcohol.

- A aerosol desinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs 😂

- A pipe with a lenght of at least 20cm and a diameter your hands easily will fit through

- A Hygrothermometer

- A light bulb or 2 with 6500k (pls led)

-  Waterproof marker

- Drill with 0.5 cm diameter + machine ofc

- A cutter\ carpet cutter ot the thing you use to break edges

- A lighter but your gas cooker or bunsenbrenner will do way better

- cables.. 2 wired so 1 plus and 1 minus cable

- sandpaper not to fine...

-5V charger ( of any snartphone will do fine...)

- a nail for the decontamination orifices

- thick needle or medium nail————————————————-——-

This was all about the setup of your growth environment.


Other than that you will need:

-All the stuff for the PF tech method...

- obviously spores or mycelium

-Pressure cooked Perlite and water or a small vaporizer to keep up the humidity...


Okay lets rock:

So the biggest pain in the ass will be to cut out the holes...

So place your big plastic box on a table and look where your armholes will be most comfortable for you. 

Now mark the position with the air od your pipe.

use the inside diameter because you will be everytime able to take away material but it will be quite a challange to replace it.

use your machine and drill to render the hole FROM ITS INTERIOR DIAMETER!

- Measure the form and location for your decontamintaion boxes (the 2 extra boxes you purchased) and mark the location (in my case the most convenient and fitting to make them fit appropriately) 

- Mark your interior CPU Fan diameter and substract it by 1cm

- Use your drill and machine to render all the openings as accurate as possible...

- Start with your pipes (will be easy and give you some reward after its done)

-> After the holes are there, push the pipes through (hopefully with a very small gap between box and pipe) and before you glue anything, put the gloves and the metal clamp so it will be easier.

LOOK THAT YOU CAN REACH AS MUCH OF THE BOX AS YOU CAN... if you want more get longer gloves or get an impermeable sleeve to add material.

the clamps have to fix the gloves ofc... sorry for that but i understand that there might be some difficulties if you enjoyed some previous shrooms before 😂😂

after use the epoxy glue and merge the pipes with the box ( 24h to be 100 % dry)

Best dont touch again ( even if you are as unpatient as i am 😂😅)

- Next cut the bottoms of your decontamination boxes and glue them !!!!within the corrsponding hole in your container!!! with some silicone with a paper underneathe till the next morning... as the silicone is dried push them so your desired position (the less space in your main container, the better) and seal the previously siliconed sealings with hot glue to keep them flexible but not to easy to break. 

- Regarding your gas exchanges...

-> Make a hole 1 cm less in diameter than your CPU FAN in your main container and roghen the surrounding with sandpaper... take off fatty  remains with some toilet paper and your high percentage alk and use eather some epoxy or hot glue ( i used the latter because it doesnt take ages) to attach your cpu fan. 

-> Regarding the location: I used the back center of my box but you can also use the place directly behind your later heat bomb to do the job.

You will now have the end cables hanging arround in your box right now. use your good old teeth and bite of the isolation of the + and - ends and DONT ATTACH THEM TO YOUR ELONGATION CABLES!!!!!!!

- Use some - screwdriver and heat it with a bunsenbrenner or some other good heatsource for a while and burn 3 holes in your main box (big enough to fit the cables your bought for the gan and to fit the cable of your heat bomb.

 Cut the ends and reconnect them professionally with a lötkolben\soldering iron  or sinply intertwine the ends and glue them with hot glue and secure them with tape...

I had a machine but i lend it so i used the latter mathod and it works just fine 😉👌

No1: Glue the fan to the place you considered to be best with HOT GLUE, alternatively you can use screws to support it first and glue it after to seal holes....

No2: Use your FITTING BOTTLE and look wheather the aquarium heater fits or not, if not,,, take a bread knife and check where you suspect it will be and start cutting. 

-> As you make the heater fit, wash the bottle, take alle the moisture with paper towls, fill it with water till the end, fit the heater, absorb all remains of splilling water and GLUE IT THOROUGHLY WITH  HOT GLUE ( the majesty glue 😜😜) take care there is as less air inside the bottle as possible...

- Put the sealings in the lid if you dont have a lid sealed container and LOOK THERE ARE NO AIR COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN THE OUTSIDE AND THE INSIDE THE BOX.

Finally... choose one location in your box and decontamination chamber to place your aerosol desinfectant orifice. 

I used close places. And i cut the pipe in 2 so i have 1 for each... ( take care your use the uncut side for your sprayer head - side..) 

i hope you understand what i mean...( im german...)

Absolute finally place the sterile compresses, used sterile so as fast as possible after takkng out of the package and tape them from all 4 sides ( not more than the hole pls) to the outside of the box) 


To keep humidity up in the box after puting the hygrothermometer... use the perlite in sterile pressure cooked abundandly moisturized form to keep the humidiy up to threashold...


Regarding sterilization: 

When nothing is in the box i use the pipe small red pipe in the main box to kill all life there but after sterilizing it by hand with high % isopropylalc thoroughly. 


And as everyting is sterile and in place, meaning your cakes are there i just use wipe anythibg i wanna inteoduce into the box with high % alc, seal the chambers and introduce aerosol desinfectant which i keep there for 30 min (NOT CONTINUOUS INFLUX!!) so anything is absolutely dead if there was anything... 

What i dong know is in how far it mitht affect the miceliun itself after being 100% overgrown... i experienced i could grow it there feom thw beginninh wo inoculation iside the box...


My questions...

1:Do you have any upgrades to add to my method?

2: My Cubensis mexicana spores cultivated the same way as up in a sterile urine container wont fruit till now... even after casing layer.

any idea why this is?

enjoy and i hope you will give me some negative feedback so i can improove my method ✌️✌️!!!













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