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The good shit—outdoorsy grows

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Hey new friends. Springtime at last!

I’m thinking about an outdoor trial run with spore syringes or some such. I have access to basically all kinds of poops (and hays/dirts/spaces) via an animal rescue farm. What are your best tips for outside poop grows? Substrates/methods of collection/staging, etc. Also, keeping animals away from said configurations.

Poos to choose:








Middling success with cannabis out there. Not a ton of trees to break the wind across super flat agriculture. However, there are plenty of out buildings and shady spots around. Your tips, tricks, and musings are welcome. Thanks!

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I’d just throw my used cakes or tub subs near some of the poo . Maybe shovel a little on it too. Let the last flush you’ve got on  it drops spores on your sub before you through it out 

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    • MagicalCriminal
      Sorry Mp, my phone is off it's axis. Just saw your question. You wait until pH stops changing. I know that isn't very helpful, but adding more of acid or base until you have a stable reading will cause you to overshoot which is what I think happened to peg your meter. 
    • MagicalCriminal
      I used a cool midt many, many, ah hell too long ago to count, on cakes. I didn't want anything adding heat to my makeshift prehistoric Martha residing in the SW  desert. Imagine 1/2 A frame built from styrofoam insulation board with sheet plastic covering the open front. Those were the days.
    • MagicalCriminal
      See I asked about this before about coir thinking it was structure and was told coir is slow nutes. I would say let's get our ducks in a row, but would hate us all chasing the wrong tangent. Perhaps some collaborative testing? Just not sure how to go about it. Any ideas?
    • MagicalCriminal
      I had to look.🙄 And now I regret it.😉
    • Moonphase
      No.   My understanding is they simply provide some form of nutrient to help pull the mycelium growth through the coir substrate.   Fruiting is a response to starvation and evaporation from what I understand so the less nutrients the shorter the time to fruit.    How much time should you wait after adding lime to take a new Ph reading?    I would assume adding untreated coir to high Ph coir would bring down the Ph level to an acceptable level.   If I am wrong in this assumption let me know.   If I should toss it let me know that as well.