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So this is my first time growing and everything is going great so far. I'm on day 11 of fruiting and I am starting to see pinning. With that being said I just found some mold in one of my tubs and I'm positive I know what caused it. This got the ball rolling for me asking the questions I've been accruing since I began. I'm trying not to get too bogged down with perfection but I'm curious what other people do. 


  1.  Is the black trash bag used during the spawn runs only purpose to block out light so the mushrooms know grow up? I believe I've seen people use black duct tape on the outside of the bins? 
     -The reason I ask is because when I just checked my tub and moved back a crease I found mold where the trash bag bunched up. 
  2. Is the tub I found mold in toast? Could it contaminate my other tubs?
  3. How much misting and fanning should I be doing? How long should I leave my fan running on my tubs at a time? Should I mist then fan?
    -I've read a lot of different things from different people. 3x times a day, 5x times a day, more fanning then misting, 
  4. How important is sterilization during the fruiting stage?
    -I typically wash my hands and put on gloves before I touch my tubs to mist and fan but that's about it.
  5. Is the risk of eating contaminated mushrooms?
    -This questions just popped in my head.
  6. Is a gap between my 2 tubs a worry? Should I use tubs that lay together better?
    -I noticed a gap when I put my top tub back on after I did a mist and fan. It's because the tubs I'm using are kinda thin and shitty. 
  7. How important is the light I use in my fruiting room?
    -I realized I never changed the light in my fruiting room.

P.s. I was freaking out that nothing was going to grow then BAM!!! I start to see some pinning!!! Super excited for the coming days and to perfect this technique. 

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Good info moonphase peeps like u are what make this site so great.

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OMG. @Moonphase 

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Also after pinning I’ve seen people cut back on the duration of fanning and barely mist . Anyone else do this ? 

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    • MagicalCriminal
      See I asked about this before about coir thinking it was structure and was told coir is slow nutes. I would say let's get our ducks in a row, but would hate us all chasing the wrong tangent. Perhaps some collaborative testing? Just not sure how to go about it. Any ideas?
    • MagicalCriminal
      I had to look.🙄 And now I regret it.😉
    • Moonphase
      No.   My understanding is they simply provide some form of nutrient to help pull the mycelium growth through the coir substrate.   Fruiting is a response to starvation and evaporation from what I understand so the less nutrients the shorter the time to fruit.    How much time should you wait after adding lime to take a new Ph reading?    I would assume adding untreated coir to high Ph coir would bring down the Ph level to an acceptable level.   If I am wrong in this assumption let me know.   If I should toss it let me know that as well.   
    • MagicalCriminal
      Thankfully bugs haven't been a issue here. But damn, how to rid a dwelling of powder mildew(if that's what I'm seeing)? Already tossed the house plants it was found on. Afraid I may need to vent the tent outside.
    • MagicalCriminal
      Do the grinds buffer high pH?