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The Official No Soak No Simmer Wbs Tek

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Mush Zombie

Section 1: WBS PREP


Measure out how much WBS you will need. For this tek here are the measurements:


400ml WBS

200 ML water


So if you are going to make 7 WBS jars (which is how many will fit in a 16qt PC) you need to use 3.5 jars of dry wbs.



WBS is some nasty stuff. So the most crucial part of this tek is separating all the crap out from the wbs rinsing the WBS. We are rinsing it to get all the dirt out, and all the other crap that makes for sludge soup in your spawn jars. Here is an example of how nasty WBS is:



Just look at all that crap in there! No wonder you have to shake your jars three days in a row using the old method of this tek! That crap turns to mud!!


Seperate the sunflower seeds and all the other twigs and crap

Pour all of your wbs into a pot in your sink or whatever you will use to rinse the wbs (bathtubs, back yards, whatever). Fill the pot up until water begins to pool over, and continue to fill it with water until all the floating crap is gone. Reach your hand down in there and stir it up to get all the other floating crap out.






Rinse the WBS

Pour the wbs from the pot into a strainer. Rinse it out very well with VERY HOT water until the water runs clear. Let the wbs drain for about 5-10 min.



Fill your jars

Fill your jars up with wbs to the 400 ml line. Fill the jars with water until it gets to the 200 ml line (DO NOT ADD 200 ML OF PREMEASURED WATER!!)



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Mush Zombie

Section 2: Making Lids and Sterilizing WBS


Other than the need to rinse your WBS, the lids play a very important role for grain spawn. The lid will need to provide some gas exchange (not a lot) yet not allow contaminants to enter while colonization is in progress.


Make your lids

To make your spawn jar lids, simply put the lid on the jar as it is supposed to be installed, center a phillips head screw driver in the middle of the lid, and just lightly tap the phillips head screw driver with a hammer until it goes through the lid. You do not need to use much force. If you do you will likely lose your jar.



Make tyvek filter disks

Using tyvek filter disks will prevent contaminants from entering your spawn jars, once they are sterilized. Tyvek is free at the post office. If you cant find tyvek, move to another country of figure something else out. :P


Simply trace a lid on they tyvek, and cut them out to fit. Make sure they are not too small, so cut on the outside line.

Posted Image

(pic borrowed from Beyond2, thanks!)



Create Self Healing Injector Ports (S.H.I.P.) with RTV

Install your lids, tyvek filter disks, and tighten down the jar rings. Find the holes you made in the lids through the tyvek and mark them.



Apply RTV silicone to the mark. Add a good dollop.



Rip up a few peices of paper that are a little bigger than your RTV dollop and put the paper on the RTV. Flatten the RTV very gently with the paper, so that it just has a flat surface.




Pressure Cook Your WBS

If you dont have a pressure cooker, get one. Pressure cook your WBS jars for 90 min @ 15 PSI.


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      A big gap.  It was a story about ayahuasca and antibiotics that got me wondering about mixing the two being a bad idea.   Thank you for the input.  
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      Intriguing and harrowing case report of someone who injected themselves with mushroom (P. cubensis) tea...spores included. He nearly killed himself doing this, and was on ICU life support for multiple-system organ failure for some time. He had bipolar disorder type I and had been researching ways to treat his opioid dependence and depression, and was intrigued to give psychedelics a try. One very weird take away from this: "...the species of mushroom he had injected was now growing in his blood". Not only did the mushroom spores survive boiling, but they germinated and started growing in his bloodstream according to this. Curious about the wider evolutionary implications of this pertaining to the mushroom...given how tough and resilient mushroom spores appear to be, it calls into question the hypothesis put forward that psilocybin acts as a repellent...perhaps it more likely acts as an attractant. Makes me curious about the association of P. cubensis with bovine dung, perhaps bovines are ingesting spores and helping distribute them...I wouldn't put it past those crafty fungi. https://www.vice.com/en/article/v7mp74/man-injects-magic-mushrooms-they-grow-in-his-blood Study: Giancola et al. (2021) A “trip” to the ICU: intravenous injection of psilocybin. Journal of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry, In Press. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S266729602030015X
    • Samwise
      Thanks guys. I inoculated the LC via an agar wedge. Although the mycelium in the LC looked a bit lackluster, it does seem to be colonsing jars of rice/dung without issue. Time and heat definitely isn't an issue, the room the LC and grain jars are being stored in is nice and warm, and initial growth was rapid. Thank you for the recipe switch recommendation...I will definitely try this if I have issues.
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