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MZ Monotub General Questions

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Hi All,

I'm a long time lurker, first time poster here to shroomology. I've tried several different teks, and have done MZ's monotub design around 8 - 10 times (with varying levels of success). I'm about to start another round, and had a few questions that arose from my previous experiences:

1) In the Monotub tek, under the substrate preparation, it says to use "1/2 brick of coco coir". Does anyone know the exact measurement of coir to use?

2) During my spawn run, I've found that once I remove the aluminum foil after 10 days, there's a puddle of sitting water on top of the colonized sub, along with shrinkage along the sides of the tub. I've read some conflicting information, so I was wondering: Is this from too much or too little FAE? I've also tried to use as little airflow as possible during the 10 day spawn, but have ran into contamination. 

3) When picking the fruits, where does the mushroom end and the substrate begin? I want to make sure that I remove all of the mushroom so that they don't rot, but I also don't want to rip out a bunch of the substrate

Thanks in advance! let me know if more info is needed

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    • Tigerlily
      I've got mine fruiting next to my GTs hopefully they come just as beautiful!! How long did it take you to see pins on the albino? I've had mine in fruiting conditions for 3 days got some hyphal knots going but no pins yet! Good job on yours! You are now the object of my envy haha
    • Tigerlily
      Hmmm... that makes sense. Wishful thinking I guess lol
    • Mush Zombie
      No. By breeding homozygous penis envy x homozygous penis envy would result in 100% homozygous penis envy. By breeding homozygous penis envy x  anything else would result in 100% heterozygous penis envy and 100% anything else, as long as anything else was dominant. If it was homozygous co-dominant or homozygous recessive then it would be 100% heterozygous penis envy and 100% heterozygous anything else. You would not see the mutation again until you produce more homozygous penis envy. Breeding them back to each other to strengthen it is not a real thing in genetics. 
    • Tigerlily
      See? I was thinking the same thing. If you could somehow breed or grow the genetics back to each other to where they both have it then take a baby from them wouldnt it no longer be recessive in the offspring? It should by logic strengthen it and cause it to become common. Then couldn't you take that gene and make it stronger until it becomes dominant?
    • Mush Zombie
      Any homozygous mutation is still a mutation. I’m not sure how to answer your second question. 
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