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New time grower here, and I plan on making a tea this week but I want to make sure I do it right the first time. I know you are not supposed to let mushrooms get over 160 degrees F or they risk losing potency so should I make sure my tea water has cooled before dousing the mushrooms in it? Also, how many grams do you generally use to make a potent tea? Is it better to grind the fruit up before making it into the tea? I'm working with Cubensis B+ and they are bruising a beautiful dark blue but my cakes have not been very fruitful lately. I just want to make sure I don't waste my precious mushrooms by trying to brew a tea without any information. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.  :)


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You could use a tea strainer or infuser.

1) Place however many dried mushrooms you would like inside the infuser with a tea bag of your choice (ginger should will help with nausea though). Place infuser in a cup or mug or whatever you want to drink out of. 

2) Boil some water in a pot for at least 10 minutes. Turn off heat and let water stop boiling, doesn’t take long. You could check the temp of the water if you wanted here with a standard meat thermometer.

3) pour hot water over your tea infuser with the tea bag and mushrooms in. Let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. 

4) remove infuser from cup, empty contents in a coffee filter and squeeze remaining juices out, careful not to rip or tear the filter. 

5) add sweetener (honey, sugar, etc..).


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Mush Zombie

Mushrooms do not need to be dry to make tea. I prefer them fresh. You can chop fresh mushrooms and follow the same instructions. 

Tea bags are also optional. You can use coffee filters, etc or just strain the mushroom matter out of the water after it is a good temp to drink (not mouth burning hot) with cheese cloth, etc. 

I do it like this:

boil water

put desired amount of chopped fresh mushrooms in a cup

pour water over the mushrooms

let sit until it’s not too hot to drink

strain mushroom matter


repeat with same mushroom matter

I use about 100 grams of fresh mushrooms per cup which will equate to about 10 grams dry. 

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