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Possible G. lucidum

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 From what I've read, it doesn't seem like G. lucidum should be growing on my lawn. Red, shiny stipe. Cap was white when forming, now brown with white rim and bubbly texture in the center. It doesnt form a full circle centered over the stipe; the stipe kind of merges along the rim of the cap. Brown spore print.

Pretty neat.


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Just saw identification rules.
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I thought Luciderm was strictly a tree lover tho? So is it growing off some dead bark that fell off or just an oddity?Thats pretty cool tho what you plan on doing with it?I couldn’t find any possible dangerous look alike that may be taking the shape of it so that’s a plus it’s deff not dangerous just odd to be growing from ground like that.Id almost bet some good genes are in it for it to be doing all that id make some clones if your into that sort of thing.Im growing some rn as well probably gonna grind and make into some capsules or tea bags.Good luck with your adventures mate!

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