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My nooby introduction:

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Hello! I think it's time I introduce myself and tell you how I got here. 

So the love of my life recently passed away just after turning 30. It was unexpected and he left a lot of unfinished plans that we talked about a lot.  With his passing went also a living encyclopedia on mushroom growth and other entheogenic plant information. I decided that as a way to keep him close, I would carry on with his plans. I tried to recall the incredible amount of information he shared on technique but not having witnessed anything like it, it's difficult to know how he would approach this or what I'm doing in general. 

He left behind 500 grams of acacia root bark which I spent a good week processing and extracting its beautiful alkaloids. That was an experience that I enjoyed very much, and I think I actually may have outdone him! Now I'm on to the closest to his heart operation of growing mushrooms. 

I've also started a cactus garden that I think he'd have been very excited about. 

Anyways, I started my grow before creating a profile here, and a lot of information I was looking up seemed to bring me back to this forum. I feel like I'm meant to learn from you as a community, and I'm glad to, so thank you for having me.  

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My body is the humanimal and my electric charges running through it are "currently" human being.  

Sounds like a plan still.

They are alive and fruiting. :D Exhilarating







They are consuming my life as fast as they consumed the substrate.  😂


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Mush Zombie

Hi, I was here for 3 days. Then I fucked myself with a carrot. Then I tried a cucumber. Then I went to the bedpost, then my car bumper. I forgot what I was doing and stopped posting here. My iPhone makes me a better person with push notifications that I shove in my asshole.


/end tranqsmission < spelled incorrectly for bitches that think their spelling and "superior education" make them amazing beings on this plane of existence. 

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